I Female vocalist seeks to learn and rehearse with vocal or other musician/s. perhaps with intentions of performing later likes all sorts - funk. ia/z. folk. hallads. Tel (II-ll 946 S I05.

I Singer required rot .‘ollahoration with songwriting .luo. with a view to recording ind gigs. Phone til}! 22‘) I I I2. I Upgrade your strat! 1w: iMCi pickups. (‘risp. vintage strat tone; /ero noise? L'omplete .vired assemhly. will slot into my strat-type guitar. £220 new. rows for only L‘Itlt). Phone Iiordon 0| 3| 556 3447.

I Musicians wanted for funky- hluesy-rock 'n' rollahilly- tequila-harm? .1 In Sly. littnkadelic. Yardhirds. I’aces. Meters. Stones. .lorr Spencer. Chocolate Watch Band Iimphasis - Rockin', funk your- head-off grooves. Phone Gordon ()ISI 556 3447.

I Doing the biz (‘ommited creative persoritsi wanted. to help co-forni a tiianagenicnt and promotions company ttl the Glasgow area. Box .\’o 27ts‘/B.\l/I.

MANAGEMENT COMPANY offering a complete range of services from one-off gigs to ftill representation. currently seeking hands with potential.

Send tape and hiogiaphy to PO Box 13015, Edinburgh EH13 9YB.


httc: '/WWW.T*‘IUSICWPC.CO.LII< /"


Generate attention/advertise 8t sell merchancise/list tour dates with music samcles. chotos and animation.

High level. low cost excosure I300 visitors :er week) on the

World Wide Web.

Contact Paul Mustardé tel: GW- 223 367?

e-mail: cwmeeasynetcouk

I Keyboard player ttttti earthy/lIammoridcheese sounds wanted to complete four-piece noisy pop harid for gigs. recording and independent releases Influences include \'rolerit I‘etiimes’. Preatles. Supergrass. .Itilian (ope. Phone \'ic; (HS! 558 3.8M.

I Bass player wanted to vy ttI'Is with singer/guitarist on new. original songs. Into Pixies. Bow ie. .‘s'itvana. 'I‘r‘icky. l.ots of material. Please phone .lonnie (IIRI 554 10‘“).

I Versatile fiddler wanted rot tiew oftheat. trpheat. heat-tip coy ct's hand. Songs I‘.y \'I '. Pogttes. ('ohen. \Varts. Richard 'I‘honipson. Ktlt‘l Weill. I)tit'l\ l)ay. etc. liarn money .’ Have fun'.’ (all til-ll (155 .‘s't‘stt

BASS PLAYER desperately seeking hand,’ L‘tiiltzl‘til'ttlrtt's. Ilttti \VUI‘IIIC.

(Vukay. .\Ic('aitncy. Vicious. anything . . . We could he heroes ‘ltt‘t'Otltes'. (iod only knoyys what I‘ll do without you. 'I‘iriiev. asters w elconie.

Tel Steven 0141 4241953.

SAX TUTOR WANTED (must he patient - and fun - and iii Iidinhnrghi for No sassy (‘aridy I)ulfer waiinahes. into ftiiik and tau.

Please phone 0131229 6553.

I Guitar player seeks classical and/or jazz. orientated guitarist to form dtto playing a v. tde variety of music. Must he a reader. Phone .larnes (‘tnrati 0141332 7702.

I Shit hot female singer seeks competent. creative. cool collahorators for jamming/gigging I have own material. equipment. transport and demo. Influences: pt‘evitiusly soppy.’girlie htrt looking to do nieatrcr riiatcrral. Call (ll-ll 53‘) (I348.

I Vocalist/songwriter t'cqtttt‘.‘s collahorator with ahility. to arrange songs/hand. to work on original material tttielotltc. ran- like. pop). Time and commitment essential. (‘ontact Christina t)l_‘sl 555 25l7.

I Cheap publicity posters. llyers. T-shirts. (‘I)/record artwork. Quality design at very low rates. Also hand photography and press packs. Phone for a chat. Automatic Productions OH I 22 I (i047.

FEMALE MUSICIANS WANTED I-eriiale vocalist seeks other girls interested in starting all -girl punk hand. I)ori't care vy hat yott play or how good or had you are. ('all now.

Btix No 277/BM/1.

I Creeping Bents’ 't‘tte leopards need riiale,-’terii.tle hass player. (‘aII \lick on III~II 342‘ 5951

SAUCE, A SIX-PIECE COMBO HIV tilttstc‘ deglc‘L‘ \ttltleltls currently seeks trianagernent. ('atcl; tzs at King 'I‘tit's on l'ridav I‘Ith or call (iraliatri on

i 0141 638 4807.

FEMALE VOCALIST REQUIRED tor contemporary hand is rtir original material I ookitig for St I"tt:-rir::.*."liltindze type. pop vocal. ’l‘otuuig coiiiriatruent secured until July I‘I‘IT. Contact Keith 01506 436345, Stuart 01501 740701.

I Rhythm guitarist looking to form/join hand for ianniiuig \csslotts. [‘tisstl‘ly gigs. Looking to write own material. i Influences Beatles. I)titit'\. Dylan. ( )asis. Phone (‘taig .rttcr ()PHL Ill~ll (YYI 7575. i

TALENTED AND EXPERIENCED keyhoard player tyyith hacking v ocals'.‘) needed hy Iidinhurgh hand with NBR recoriimendation ('Iiest kept secret in Scotland' i. ()riginal songs. vaguely Pulp. .\'ew (irder. Stranglers. Practices soon.

Tel 0131 477 4072.

THIRD YEAR B.A. APPLIED MUSIC STUDENT Seeks summeremployment. Interested in proriiotioiis. management and tiiar'keting. .v\varlahle mid-May to ()ctohet'. I‘or more itifo call Mark on

0141 333 0784.

I Guitar player seeks classical and/or tall. orientated guitarist to form duo playitig a wide variety of music. Must he a reader. Phone .Iames (‘urran ()IJI ‘2 7702.

INTERESTING 0R UNUSUAL music acts/hands required for special show in July. Rock. t‘ttt‘. c‘l;t\\lc‘ttl etc. till .\IyIL‘\ of music welcome.

Call Crew 0141 424 4241 after 6pm.

MUSICIANS with pop sensihiIity required to collahor‘ate with singer songwriter on special show iii .ltily. Is'eyhoartl player especially needed. also guitars. drums. strings. Call Crew 0141 424 4241 after 6pm.

DRUMMER AND BASS PLAYER required to form hand with singer /guitarist and keyhoard player. with own original songs. l.ikcs rnclude' Iieatlcs. lioors. ()tl\l\. Shiite Rtises’. Phone Kenny Livingston 01505 431338.

I Hammond XB-2 with case and swell pedal. lzxcellerit condition. never gigged. {Still oiio. Isl til it 2205771.

unttL further notice, there uLLL

be speCLaL reduced rates for ads tn our

BRNDS HND HUSIC cotumns. Ltneage up to 30 words QnLu £1 semt dtsptag up to 30 words QnLu gag FLLL tn the cLaSSLFted form on page 98

I Therapeutic massage with .Iim Stewart I)T.\l. Relaxes and revitalises. eases aches arid pains. creates a greater sense of wellheing. .-\t the Iidirihtirgh Ilolistic Health (‘entre. 2(i lnverleith Row. ()l3l 55l 5()‘)I.

I Holistic massage aromatherapy and Reiki liealitig can give deep relaxation and help for all health prohlenis. physical and emotional. I also teach Reiki. Phone Val Ciovan Ill 3 I 554 4803.

I Pentland Nutrition Consultancy Personal dietary advice from a fully qualified nutritionist 7 weight loss or gain diet programmes. Advice on

healthy eating. vegetarian diets. 3

sport and exercise nutrition. (ll 3| 44‘) 2953.


I Past lite and age regression hypnotherapy from a qualified hypnotherapist. Phone fora consultation OH] 647 2403.

UNBURDENING THROUGH REGRESSION/ traumatic incident reduction. personal development and success and achievenietit coaching. ()ver 2() years ewet'tence. The Centre for Stress Release.

Tel 01383 872086.

I lyengar yoga For details of evening and daytitiie classes in and around (ilasgow. tel (ll-ll 045 31)} l.

I Tai Chi and Cigong traditional ('Iiitiese exercises for health. energy and relaxation. New hcginners class. the 23 .-\pril. (i..‘~ttprri. Marcos leisure ('etitt'c. (ilas‘gow (ireen. Phone “MI 55‘) 7ll~l5 for details.

LOVE YOURSELF, HEAL YOUR LIFE Weekend workshop in (ilasgoyv. .‘ylay lS/l‘). £35 ttfitii. Tel: 0141 339 2168 for details/application form.

DEVELOP YOUR PSYCHIC POWERS learn to read 'I‘arot. introduction to crystal hall. tea leaves. tisvchoriictry etc.

om 632 sou; 0141 532 8515.

BODY PIERCINC by Jacqueline Ceddes at

the (ilasgoyy Piercing Studio. Inn 5!). Savoy (‘entre. Sattchiehall Street. (ilas‘gow

0141 332 1772/334 8687.

I l


MASSAGE THERAPY Relief from stress and muscular pain. Wliolehody relaxation. Enhanced sense of wellheing. Contact Michael Hastie BAITITA. S..\I.T.(). 0131 229 3374.

GESTALT THERAPY Experienced counsellor and trainee psychotherapist offers individual therapy. Reduced fees negotiahle for those on low income. Chris McKinnell 0131 667 9658. Scottish (iestalt Association mernher.

F.M. ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE can help asthma. hackache. arthritis. rheumatism. hypertension.anxiety. depression etc. Benefits include paiti relief. improved physical and mental health. improved ctr-ordination for sports. playing musical iristrutiients.

Telephone 0141 945 0474.

PERSONAL COUNSELLING Iri confidence. (‘Iaire Iidwards. Qualified counsellor.

0141 633 3626.

I Alexander Technique etc-true. gradual. learn to let nioveriient hecome freer. lighter. Introductory workshops. lidinhurgh. Sat I(ith March or Sat 20th April. 2-5pm. £I5. I‘or workshops. individual lessons. further information: t)I.iI 552 I41 I.


Small Bro.23.

the F out‘rh lvirts 7 On.

\_\/\‘./ \5,


I Abusive names for people of different race. gender. class and religion required for art exhihition iii .Intie. Please send tiariies you've heen called or have called others to Box No 278/Ii.\’/l.

N The List 3-I6 May I996