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l Performa 5320 £1,471 ..m 8/1.ZGb/CD/Modem/L 2 cache

Performa 6320 £1,471 um 8/1.ZGb/CD with 15" display

Power Macintosh 7200/90 8/500/CD £1,099 a var

Power Macintosh 8200/100 8/1 .ZGb/CD £1,499 0: var

Power Macintosh 8200/ 120 16/1.ZGb/CD/L 2 cache £1,799 u var

Power Macintosh 7600/120 16/1 .ZGb/CD/L 2 cache £2,299 ox vn

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Looks good enough to eat

In the beginning there was the gallery and then there was the gallery cafe. Which comes first now? Lucie McLean decides whether to peruse the catalogue or the menu.

These days, the exhibits in an art venue's cafe have become as important as those in the galleries to bring in customers. People want to feast more than their eyes while doing the gallery rounds. Naturally, the galleries have not been slow to put their ideas onto the canvas in the kitchens. Gary Linning. assistant manager of the CCA cafe, believes that by providing quality food and service, they have been partly responsible for the CCA’s success.

‘We bring people in here in the

,- fig; 2 e



Customers study the eye-pleasing menu at the CCA cafe

even when the gallery is closed between exhibitions. Meals on Friday and Saturday are usually by booking only and late night and Sunday opening are helping to maintain this success. The homely. peaceful tearoom of St Mungo‘s Museum of Religious Life and Art does its bit in promoting the museum by attracting custom from the Royal Infirmary and Strathclyde University. Manageress Leonie Veitch

Modern Art's restaurant have acknowledged the importance ol‘ restaurant facilities by making it an artistic exhibit itself. They enlisted Scottish artist Adrian \Viszriiewski to paint murals on its walls and assist in the l‘urniture design.

‘lt's got a unique decor.‘ says Vincent Taggart ol‘Cilasgow Museum and Art Galleries. 'lt's a work olart in its own right and much more than your ayerage

evening and that makes them come back during the day to see what else is

going on.‘ he says. However. the cafe‘s independent

appeal is evident in that it stays busy

says that she has seen a big increase in business in the last six months and has regular customers who come to the cafe and don't go into the gallery.

Now. the designers of the Gallery of

burger cal‘e.‘

Given the success ol‘ places like the CCA and St .‘ylungo's Museum, it‘s unlikely that (ilasgow art loyers would accept anything less.


Is the image on your computer screen really too big for an A4 printer? Whether you are using a spreadsheet or drawing package we

can print your data files at A3, A2, A1 or

even A0, in full colour with our large format

printers. Which ever software packages you use we can print it. Just save the file to disk,

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and we will do the rest. We can print overnight and deliver your drawings/ spreadsheets by 8.30 the next morning. Short runs and one-offs no problem.

If you need large printouts of your drawings/posters/spreadsheets, then we are the quick and inexpensive soloution.

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