for pensioners and spontaneous retail I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Tron set your screen alight. this flamenco/opera vandalism; While Ed Byrnc is a Glasgow- Theatre. 7.30pm. £7.50—£9 (Li—£6). See version of the famous tale of passion has based Irishman who once rode out with Fri 17 and review on page 64. Theatre never been seen in the UK. The Mayfest the Young Gifted and Green posse. n ‘_ performances featuring the 32-strong I Loose Ends Tron Theatre. 9.30am (live ance I Beast Ramshorn Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 company are the only chance to see the bndeil-‘l 10—] laml- FWC. Ned Shcmnis I Maytest Discorama Championships 95 (£250). SW M0” 30- H show outside London. See preview. cheery chat and entertainment show goes SECC £6 (for both days). Sec Sat 18. I Beauty And The Beast The ()ld . _ out live on BBC Radio 4 iii this one-off Athenacum 7pm m (£3); tum”)- “ckcl FIlm Mayfest special. Contact the Tron's box {‘5' 599 F” 17‘ , . . _ , , I Blue In The Face (15) Glasgow Film office to book tickets. I Blood And Water lhe Aiclies. bpiti. £7 T} “I S 1‘ _ 0H,. Fr 1. . , I Sweet Fancy The lttn ()tt The Green. (£4). gm lg and renew on page ()4. .‘Ed fa * E‘Ikug‘ U i "iv"; m ‘5“"85-

MUSIC 7.30pm. £16.95 for dinner and show. See I the Glasgow Gms ()td HummwkcL worzzh 9"" v W 39

. . _ Fri ‘7. 8 )m. £7.50 (£5). Sec Hi 17' up Glasgow Film and Video I Gall McArthur Pizza hxpress. 9pm. £5. .i Gla ow Hard rickets (. . _ ,H V _‘ Workshop. 2pm. A chance to find out FFCSh OUI 0f BOSIOH'S BCTHCC Jill?- g so H m g H “Bully mm“ how community videos are made. who UliiVCTSil)’. MS MCArlhur l5 SUPPOT‘Cd by . i pm' i" i );. I“ ' I _ uses them aitd what people get front them. the Andrew Gordon Trio. I Celtic Grooves Renfrew Ferry. 8pm. I"? last Ame.“ C “ll-Cl.“ rik‘i‘llc- 5P”) pm m- Ccmcnurv week I Big Vern ’n’ the Shootahs Renfrew £l0..l‘v1artyn Bennett and other guests take ’3 lie-5m}- iik‘f‘i[\Vfi‘i‘fhl'l‘?‘ (1,“)an hil-‘L‘d I script wming' Group Glasggw Film and Ferry. ‘)pnt--late. £ l0. Glasgow‘s owtt part tn this evening of contemporary ("1‘ [list ['rl'fif‘mp‘ “if? film‘s llfllli’llf‘ I “dc” wmkshnp 25pm. A med” goodtime Blues Brothers tribute outfit Celtic sounds. Part of T he Big Fringe. Dudley; i 1%?th iiifleldmf .“e'illf'l “0 “.Urkghup (m “.mng SCIECWMYS for Short perform the usual selection of soul and I "-3- MW!” Quartetpmllflfi Bilr- 5.1”“ '3“, IIIJF'IL‘V 'V’,‘ ."I\“~“‘.h_“g”’~ .- films. pm me Cumin"). week R&B covers and offer some original 10.30pm. Free. ()tte oi the city s itiost irisl‘lml‘dfl italic it \liyc their show. I seaward The meat Ships/The Bowler material too. Part of The Big Fringe. exciting jazz combos. . ' \\ hich focuses on .( liatlotte s final I dud-[he Bunnet (p6) Glasgow Film I Dr Parkin’s Travelling Country Rock I london Community Gospel Chen The "Tommie “ill! its" lithium“; lliilns‘dtgtlt‘l) Thmw 8pm Sm. mm“. on m Film Medicine Show Rent-[cw Hwy 8pm_lmc_ Arches. 8pm.)? tit advance Ifrom The was shot by the Gestapo. See listings. ‘4 £3). An evening of countrv rock with Arches Box ( lice. ne o tie tnost I ' . . in]: John i'iillSiiL‘hJOOd Band and renowned gospel choirs in the country lift “‘9 “\th‘h- 73mm)- U) (U l- 313331?Liiiit‘l"3£1333“ hm“ iii:5533535réiéilt‘ififi’l m“ "h m” I No Expense snared chm hem- I little Nonetown Giants Adelaide's IiStraithavert Choral Society St Mary‘s I Under The Hammer Cottier Theatre. 7-3th)- £7--50 (£3.50)- Scc Fri 17 and Rig-v ‘3’fi‘ivtn‘i- *‘Irscih‘sjlki'ijiti-S‘ SmindS Episcopal Cathedral. 7.30pm. £4. David lptn. £6.50 (£4.50). ‘he Edinburgh-based WV'C‘V 0'} Wile 04- . _ a 'j'W'ji‘RrLt‘i‘l‘ 57“]:- Hattiilton conducts the choir through Saltire String Quartet present a The Tnc" '5 To get?!) Bieathmg 110‘” ‘1 <0 ‘4‘ g fig,“ *0)“ - - - Pm works by Parrv. Gabrieli. Bruckner and programme which includes Kenneth :_ll9;1;rc- 71-30le- i7--‘()‘L9((j4"im- SOC L' '~ "1' - ' L“ “t 1‘ - Liszt with accotn animent frotn the Dem ster‘s UII(/(’I' The Hummer. which ‘“ . 1"“ "CV‘C‘V‘QU Pill—"9 ~ RSNO Brass ()ctgt and organ. also gives its title to their new Cl): wigs? "09"" iii/U“ “101"”- SP'” I Turandot Theatre Royal. 2. 15pm. Ronald Centre's Quartet No./; and works 5 (L50). 590 i'” 17- £3.50—£‘45. Puccini’s incredible opera. for Strings and bagpipes by Glaswegian featuring plenty more where ‘Nesstin contposer Eddie Maguire. I Beast Ramshorn Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 Dorma‘ cante from. which tells the story . I Sweet Fancy Pizza Fspress. 8pm. £10 (£3.50). Sm. MO“ 30 of the icy Chinese princess arid her Fllm (pizza. coffee and show ); 8.30pm. £5 I Beauty And The 3835‘ The Old potential suitors. Kathleen Broderick and I Blue [n the Face (15) Glasgow Him (show ottly). See Fri l7. Athcnuwm. 7pm fl, (£3); rum”), ticket DC”? Si“:1thl’rmClPi‘l “"93- Theatre. See under Gl‘T iti Film listings. £l5. See Fri l7. . I Seaward The Greatships/Theoowler I The‘Glasgow Girls ()Id Fruitmarket.

and The Bunnet (PG) Glasgow Film I Carmen King’s Theatre. 8pm. £5--£20 8pm. £7.50 (£5). Sec Fri 17.

I Blue In The Face (15) Glasgow Film Theatre. 8pm. Sec under Gl‘T in Film (£5—£' I 5 ). There are ( ‘umtens and I Glasgow Hard Tickets (.‘ottier Theatre. Theatre. See under GFT in Filtti listings. listings. (‘urnit'tts attd ('ttrmt'its. Btit nobody does 8pm. £6.50 (£«l.5()). See Fri I7. I Les Diaboliques (15) Glasgow Filiti it quite like Coinpania Antonio (iadcs. I The l8$t Adieu Citizens” Theatre. 8pm. Theatre. 2pm. See under GFT itt Film Already the subject of a filtn so hot it‘ll £5 (£2.50). See Tttc 2] and preview.

listing" I Ma est Club ()ld Fruittnark 't.

I Seaward The Great Ships/The Bowler 1015:”. £2.50. 3.... Hi .7. “Eight; STRAT HC LYDE THEATRE GROUP PRES ENTS and the Bunnei (PG) Glasg‘m’ (“I'll Harmonica Jones attd The Pearlfishcrs Theatre. 8pm. See under GFT tit Film unplugged. . 3A new play

lis ings. ' ~ Events by Andrew Barr

lu . . .

c . . I DeSIgn Workshop Renirew Ferry. I Club Ecosse Caledontan Princess. I mm_(,pm. Sec Hi '7'

8pnt--~1ant (doors close lam). £6. Sec Fri

I7. I Mayiest Club ()ld Ft'tiitmarket.

l0.l5ptn. £5. See Fri l7. Tonight: Martyn

Bennei and the Tartan Amoebas. . ._ I Beast Ramshorn Theatre. 7.30pm. £5

(£2.50). This new play by Andrew Barr. presented by Strathclyde Theatre Group. I making Mic" "0mm" Rilmsmml looks at the dark tindercurrents of Them” i 11""1 3P”) B (£1.50) Thwer violence which exist below the surface of Works' new show by acclaimed writer suburban rcgpccnbility Stewart Brown is an enchanting I Beauty And The Beast The ()ld iliil'UdUCliUll [0 “YO liiCilirC. CSCIlpildCS [\[hcnacun]. 7pn]_ fulnil'y [ickc[ of Georgia and her friends (including £15. Sec Fri 17. _ Norman the cat) are imaginatively I Blood And water The Arch“. 3pm £7 . .~- -'» If”. 5." . brought to life through drama. music and (£4). Sec sat 13 and rm-iw- (m page ()4. mimc- I Laundry The Arches. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). SCC Fri 17. . I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Tron

I Mayfest Ceilidh Fast find Arts (‘entre. Thcmrc- 73W") iii-50"“) (£4"£(”- SW

8pm. £l t50p). A one-offhaslt tltat'll Hi 1711"“ "CViCW "'1 P311664 DlFECted B H l‘; c “cl 2. ' L W“ " ”‘~ Mus|c llllX llFHEE: [H4] 337 55"

Designed by Jacqueline Mayes

EVENTS I lucia Di Lammermoor (‘ottier Theatre. . . . 7.30 . ‘930 ‘7.5( 2 Sn ~‘-' 7. ,‘,flfi§'§"w1”f?',l°? .332)";heg‘.t.t.’.i..t::'52): Hflfflfiflfll’flilm415533439 . ptii. . cc ii 17. '

10.30pm. Free. Former [)arlingheart _ 2 t singer Cora Bissett has found a crooked ' niche itt this trio which includes cello.

double bass and various ‘foutid‘

instruments to hpr bttild a dramatic.

I Beauty And The Beast The Oh) folk)’ “mild.

Athenacutn. 7 )m. £6 (£3); fatnilv ticket '

£15. see Fri ti. ' film

I The Glasgow Girls ()ld Ft‘uittitarkct. I Blue In The Face (15) Glasgow l-‘ilin

3P”)- £75() (£5). See Fri 17. Theatre. See under Gl’l" iii Film listings.

I Glasgow Hard Tickets (.‘otttet- Theatre. I Seaward The Great Shipsz he Bowier

:tpm. £6.50 (£4.50). see it) 17. and rite Bunnet(PG)(;1;tsgow Film lgNMRSIIY 0" I Laundry Tht‘ ARTE-*1 7-300”). £6 (£3). Theatre. 8pm. See under Gl’l‘ iii Filtn ’RA’HUW” SCC lil'i 17- listings.

The List 17-30 May 1696 21