I laundry Tlte Arches. 7.30pm. £6 (£3 ). See Fri 17.

I la Expense Spared Chi/ens“ 'l'heatre. 7.30pm. £7.50 t£2.50)_ See l‘ri l7 arid review on page ()4

I Sex, Lies And Poetry Pearce Institute. 7.30pm. £2 (£1 ). (ioyatt And Paisley Comtntrrtity Theatre Group treat the immortal memory of Robert Burns with ‘an irreverence he wotrld no dotrbt have relished’ in this devised piece which takes the Bard's poertts as a starting poitit and moves or) to pose the question: 'political radical or penis with a poet at one end'." I Sweet Fancy Pi/za livpress. spit). £l0 (pix/a. coffee and show): 8.30pm. £5 (show only). See l-ri l".

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Tron Theatre. 7 30pm £7.50 £0 (£4 £()). See Hi I? and rcy teyy on page ()4.

I Witch Doctor ( ‘tit/ctts' 'l‘heatre. 8pm.

2 5”). See l il 3‘)



I Carmen Kings Theatre. 51‘”). £5--£20 (£5 £l5). Sec Tue 21 and preview.


I Bob Downe Renfrew l‘erry'. 8pm. £l0. .»\trstralia's least cotton»-friendl}' singling star with a raunchy repar‘tee all ltis owt). Part of The Big l'ringe. See preview.


I Fluke and Special Guests The Arches. ('.>\.‘\'(‘lil.l.l-'.l)_

I The McCluskey Brothers Adelaide's Cafe. 10.30pm. l5ree Second intimate date for Ken arid l)ave. who have just released then third solo album. which strays into particularly atmospheric territory.

I Tragedies Of Love (‘ottier‘ 'l‘heatr'e. 7.30pm. £().50t£4.5()). .-\ miscellany of operatic e\cerpts t efformed by postgraduate students from the Royal

Scottish Academy of Music and Dramas new ()pera course. under the direction of James Ross. The programme includes scenes from Gounod's l'tlllt‘l. Britten's Albert Herring and Puccini‘s l.u Boltentt'.


I Blue In The Face (15) (ilasgow liilm Theatre. See under (.il‘T in liilm listirtgs. I Cate Flickers Glasgow liilm and Video Workshop. 7pm. A selection of early arthouse films. including surrealism. dadaism arid expressionism; plus cabaret entertainment. Part of Centenary Week. I Seaward The Great Ships/The Bowler and The Bunnet (PG) Glasgow l-"ilm Theatre. 8pm. See under (ll-T it) l~'ilm listings.


I la Traviata Theatre Royal. 7'. l5pm. £3.50 £45. Scottish Opera’s elegant and powerful interpretation of Verdi's 'hooker' with a heart’ tragedy. created by Nuria lispert attd realised by Peter Watson. with Claire Rutter and Paul (‘harles ('larke in the central roles.


I Maytest Club ()ld l‘t'uitmarket. l0.l5pm. £2.50. See l‘ri l7. Tonight: Kitemorrster.



I Beast Ramshorn Theatre. ..)0pm. £5 (£2.50). See Mon 20.

I Beauty And The Beast The old .-\thenaeum. 7pm. £() (£3); family ticket £l5. See Fri 17.

I Blood And Water The .-\t'L‘lies. spit). £7 (£4). See Sat l8 and review on page ()4. I The Glasgow Girls ()ld bruitmarket. 8pm. £7.50 (£5). See Hi 17.

i. l

we 3-

l [{itln/tingl'tll iii-3"}: 'J

I‘I'It'u art 57;; [rho-t 5;)?"


lHHHit'IH/‘It lllt‘ tttttt‘iit-urit it: l\i:I\ 2l-25 "

I The last Adieu Citizens' Theatre. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). See Tue 21 and preview.

I laundry The Arches. 7.30pm. £6 (£3). See Fri 17.

I No Expense Spared Citizens" Theatre 7.30pm. £7.50 (£2.50). See Fri 17 and review on page ()4.

I Sex, Lies And Poetry Pearce lnstitute. 7.30pm. £2 (£1). See Wed 22.

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Tron Theatre. 7.30pm. £7.50—£0 (£4—£()). See l'ri l7 and review oi) page ()4.

I Witch Doctor Citizens' 'l‘heatre. 8pm. £5 (£2.50). See liri l7.


I Carmen King's ’l‘heatre. 8pm. £5 £20 (£5- £15). See Tue 21 and preview.

I la Tristeza Complice 'l‘rarttway. 8pm. £l0 ( £5 ). Something a little different from Belgiatr contemporary dance company Ballets C de la B. as thirteen dancers let rip to the music of a Purcell-playing. ten-man orchestra of accordionists. who sit on a raised platform throughout.


I John Shuttleworth Renfrew berry. 8pm. £ l0. Sourtd common sense arid good-natured ramblings from the Bontempi king. Part of The Big l‘t'inge. I One Word lmprov Citi/errs' Theatre. 10pm. £ l0. Tangential transvestite kiddie [Hard is joined by laconic Stephen Frost. inventive Neil Mullarkey and wild woman Strki Webster for a night of quick- \\ itted \\ itticistt).

Musrc I Jazz Quorum l’i/ra lixpress. 10pm. £2). 'l’r'umpet/llugelhorn player Jim Baillie is

touted by Douglas ()rr‘s .‘ylainstream Trio

for some mellow sounds.

I local Bands Event (‘astlemilk Youth Comples. 7.30pm. £1 (50p). This concert aims to showcase various bands who ltavc sprung tip frortr youth protects around Glasgow in a professional setting.

I Maytest Tea Dance ()rbiston Community ('omples. 2pm. £1 (50p). See Hi 17.

I Chris Thomson (The Bathers) arid James Grant (Love and Money) Adelaide‘s Cafe. 10.30pm. l’r‘ee. l‘tltttl instalment of the itttrrgutttg collaboration between 'l'homson's snail-paced soundtracky utterances arid (irarrt‘s more visceral guitar style.

I Turandot Theatre Royal. 7. l5pm. £350- £45. See Sat IS.


I Blue In The Face (15) (itasgtm- l-ilm Theatre. See under (il’l‘ itr liilm listings. I Seaward The Great Ships/The Bowler and The Bunnet (PG) (ilasgow l‘ilm Theatre. ts'pm. See under (il’l‘ in l-‘ilm listings.


I Toybox \Vestwood Centre. 7.30mi). £l (50p). Do you believe in rnagic'.’ l'ollow the \Vestwood .-\mateur (iroup into a world of fantasy and inragrnatrort where toys come alive? l.aura ('umming directs the children’s drama group it) their first Performance.


I Maytest Club ()ld l‘ruttrrrarket l0.l5pm. £5. See lat l7. Tonight liar Williams and Mrs ('olumbo ttormerly known as The l'sual Suspects).


I Racism, Sectarianism, Football and Free Speech thtlheatt library. (will. 2: The Schools Campaign Against .‘ylilitarism has set up this open forum to discuss arid address the problems that surround sectarian violence or) the terraces.



I Beast Ramshorrt Theatre. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Mon 20.

I Beauty And The Beast The Old .-\therraeum. 7pm. £6 (£3): family ticket £l5. See l’it't l7.

I Blood And Water The Arches. 8pm. £7 (£4). See Sat 18 and review on page ()4. I The Glasgow Girls ()ld Fruitmarket. Split. £7.50 ( £5 l. See Wed l5.

I Glasgow Hard Tickets Cottier Theatre. 8pm. £().5() (£4.50). See l-‘ri l7.

I The Last Adieu Citi/ens' Theatre. 8pm. £7.50 (£5). See Tue 2| arid preview.

I Laundry The .-\rches. 7.30pm. £6 (£5). See l‘it'i I7.

I No Expense Spared (‘rtiyetts‘ Theatre. 7.30pm. £7.50 £l0 ( £2 50 £5). See l‘ri l7 and review on page ()4,

I The Trick Is To Keep Breathing Tron Theatre. 7.30pm £l050; £8.50. See Fri 17 arid review on page ()4.

I Witch Doctor (‘iti/ens' Theatre. 8pm. £7.50 (£5). See Hi 17.


I Carmen Kings 'l'heatre. 5pm: Xpm. £5 £20 t £5 £ l 5 t. See Tue 2| and preview.

I La Tristeza Complice ’l‘t‘amway. 8pm. £l0 (£5). See Thurs 2‘).


I Mark Lamarr/Andrew Maxwell Tron 'l'heatr'e. l lprrr. £8 (£5.50). (’.'\.\'(‘l’.l.l.lil).

I Bruce Morton 't‘ht- ()ld Athertaettn). 0.30pm. £8 (£5). first of two nights at which the wiry (ilaswegian surrealist (who last year contemplated giving tip comedy) will be trying ottt fresh material front his new show Hurryt' it) his W) (tune/turf; Spec/rd. See preview.

I Ardal O’Hanlon and Sean Cullen A Lot Of People Ask Me . . . An Hour With Dame Tt'tnt Theatrel lptll. £3 (£5.50). lris'h stand-tip best known as the stupid one it) l'ttr/tm‘ 'li't/. in a double bill with Canadian comic Cullen (a member ofCor'ky .-\nd The luice l’tgs‘). whose l)ame Sybille character made a most unladylike splash at last year's lidinbur'gh l-‘rmge. See l5rontlines.


I Jam Session l’tx/a lispress. 10pm. £5. See l'it’i I7.

I Lunchtime Concerts Adelaide‘s Cafe. l2..‘)0prtr. £5. See l'ri l7.

I The Silencers Renfrew berry. 7.30pm. £10. Not a regular Silencers jitrgle-jangle. bttt .rl .Vte/II ()t .'l('tI1(.\If( .s‘r/t'm‘e. They're not going all John ('age or) its. surely"? l’art ofThe Big l‘ringe.

I Tragedies Di Love (‘ottiet‘ 'l‘heatt'e. 7.30pm. £6.50 ( £4.50). See Wed 22.

I Whipping Boy and Strangelove The (image. 7pm U) advance (subject to booking fee). :NB (‘ll.>\.\'(‘rli ()l‘ DATl-l). Ireland's torrid guitar quartet eyorcise some personal demons (schi/ophr‘enia. domestic abuse and other stturrmy topics) as heard on their powerful llettrrit ornr album. Bristol's torrid quintet Str'angelove uphold the cheery mood by esorcising some (lettlttits. etc


I Blue In The Face (15) (ilasgow l‘lll‘.) 'l'heatre. See under ( ii-T m l‘ilm listings. I Far From The Madding Crowd (U) (ilasgow l‘ilm 'l‘heatr'e. l..‘)0pm. See under (Li R tn liilm listings.

5 Maytest Drive-In Movie: Braveheart (15). (ilasgow (ireen. (Gates open 7pm. £5 per car. .-\n unsurprising choice of film for this one-off eyent to mark the 100d) annryersary of the first film screening eyer in (ilasgow. See l‘T'UllllilieS.

I New Visions (ilas‘gow film and Video Workshop 7pm. Part of

22 The List 17-30 May 10%)