MEDIA PREVIEW S nds with vision There are many sections of society who claim they have no voice to air their views. Children have been left in this group for too long but in the information age, the opportunity to be heard is there for the taking.

Media Education spotted this untapped potential and are offering school children the means to let nasty

adults know what is bugging them. In 45 minutes, groups will construct a

radio broadcast covering the burning issues at large in the kids’ community.

‘Young people have valuable things to say but they very rarely have the opportunity to express themselves,’ admits Media Education’s Director lain Shaw. ‘The festival gives them the chance to work with professionals and make a campaigning programme.’

Topics such as smoking, bullying and education will be firmly on the agenda but, if nothing else, children will complete the exercise more aware of the technology which will soon be at their disposal. (Susan Hay) Making Airwaves, Media Education, The Media Studio, Mon 20-Fri 24 May. See listings for details.

Takeover TV: kids speak out in Making Airwaves

Wish upon a ar


All-star cast: Theatre Centre in Wish Upon A Star

Producing a play tor five to seven year olds about death might not sound like a very good idea but Theatre Centre director Rosamunde Hutt maintains that How High Is Up? . .. is all done in the best possible taste. ‘We became very aware through our research that teachers didn’t have the resources to deal with young people who have faced a bereavement,’ explains Hutt. ‘lt’s a huge rite of passage whether it’s their pet hamster or a close member of the family.’

Brendan Murray’s script is set in a magical world where a young girl Little Star - sets off on a journey to make time stand still so the much- loved Old One can tend her garden forever. ‘lt’s deliberately very magical,’ asserts Hutt. ‘The whole thing is framed around the four seasons and the cycle of life. Even though we have to go through winter, spring will come and there’ll be new


This is a process which Islington- based Theatre Centre may admit to adhering to. Now into its fifth decade, it has had to reinvent itself to keep its ideas fresh and in touch with children, particularly now that more hi-tech diversions are available.

‘Part of our success has been our emphasis on new writing and putting the play and young people together to create something special,’ believes Hutt. ‘There is still an underlying ethos that theatre can be part of everyday life rather than something you have to get on a coach to see.’

So if Theatre Centre have learned that time doesn’t stand still, what about Little Star? ‘Little Star doesn’t achieve what she wants but she does find out what she needs and she learns to say goodbye.’ (Neil Cooper) How High Is Up? . . . Theatre Centre, Theatre Tent Three, Mon 20— Wed 22 May. See listings for details.

iiieiiioialile tiayerse through the .-\ bush. I Magic Bob’s Cabaret for Kids 't‘tiezure Studio. .Moii 20 .May l.l5pm; Tue 21 10.1.5am; Wed 22 l2.l.5pm; Thurs 23 10.15am. £ 3. .-\ll ages. Magic Bob makes a \yelcome return to the l‘estiyal with his trademarks ot speed. trickery and humour all intact. I Magic Bob . . . Unplugged ’l‘lieane Tenl ()ne. Mon 20 May ~1pm. 'l‘heatre Tent Tyyo. ll! 21 l.3llpiii. ~lpiii; Sat 25 10.30am. 12.30pm. £5 t£3t .Ml ages. .\'o trap doors. lasers or high tech. 'iust the magical hands or liob. I Mr Boom’s Festival Sing Song Theatre Tent tine. Mon 2ll/Tue 21 May 2.30pm; Tue 21. ' 'hui's 23. l ll 21 lpm. Theatre Tent 'l‘hree Sat 2.5 10.30am; Sun 20 1.30am. £5 3- .>\ges 3 0. Mr lioom is a lunar one man band who has entertained l‘".llllllg\ trom ‘l‘ollcross to Toronto. .\ iiii\ ot beguiling stories and jolly songs aboard the the Spaceship liiiagination. I Music and Dance Studio Mon 2n l‘ri 24 May Ill.l5aiii start. £3. Sat 25 10am stait. £5. Stiii 2o llam start. £5. Ages 4 l2. Workshops and yibrant pei'l‘oriiiances are on the menu at the Music and Dance Sttidio. Saturday and Sunday is lelt l'or ljyt ttptti/ey tlllt/ ill/It rtttm'x to take centre stage yyitl! tyyo- hoiir \y orksliops dedicated to opening up the toys ot~ dance to the ine\perieiiced. \ot tor the taint hearted is aii accurate description ol Red Thunder Natiye Dance 'l'heatre's shoyy as groups or children learn the Northern l-ancy' and the Rabbit Dance. The .li\ iiig lindy Hoppers do some. well iiying. \yhile Bob Pegg‘s array ol‘ instruments \\lll hay e his audience bloyying. banging. plucking and shaking. I Our Grandfather’s Journey Theatre 5

Tent ()ne. Wed 22 May 1.30pm. inii: Thurs 23 l.30pm; Hi 24 noon. l.3()piii; Sat 25 4pm; Stiii 2(i 1.30pm. 3.30pm. £5 (£3). Ages .5 plus. The Red Thunder Native Dance Theatre company hail from the Tstiti T'ina Nation iieai' (‘algary' and appear in this country for the first time with a remarkable display ol' ceremonial dances. chants and head-dresses. The perl'ormet's' dexterity is a sight to behold. Witness the Hoop Dancer \y ho twirls. llips and spins tip to 2.5 hoops at once.

I The Riddle Keeper Theatre Teiil TWO. Tue 2i May ll).30aiii. 12.30pm: Wed 22 noon. l.3()piii; Thurs 23 ltlam. noon: Hi 24 noon: Sat 25 2.30pm. £5 t£3 i. Ages 7 plus. .lackie is sick and nobody yyill talk about \yhat's wrong with her. .-\ mysterious guardian angel releases the magical power within her and He takes on new meaning. (ii'al‘l‘iti Theatre are into their second decade haying entertained oy'er 2()().t)()() children iii that period.

I The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck Theatre Studio. .Moii 20 .May l2.l5piii.

3. l5pm: Tue 2| l2. l5pm. 3pm: Wed 22 ll.l5am; Thurs 23 ll.l.5am. l.l.5pm: l'ri ll.l5am. 2.15pm. £3. .-\ges 3 7. Wheii the farmer's yyil'e doesn't alloyy Jemima to hatch out her eggs she is UlTL’l‘Ctl hospitality" by a foxy yy'hiskered gentleman. Unfortunately. his love tor the taste of eggs is only equalled by that for little dtieklings. Beatrix Potter's story is presented by the delightful hand puppets ol‘ laii Turbitt's Puppet Theatre.

I Tam O’Shanter Theatre Studio. Mon 20 May I 1.15am. 2.l5pm; Tue 21 ll.l5am‘. Wed 22 l.l5pm; Thurs 23 l2.lSpm; Hi 24 lt).l5am. £3. Ages" S plus. Hopscotch Theatre (‘oiiipany haye produced a hilarious Version of Robert Burns’ cautionary tale of the tipsy Tam. cutty'

sarks. reamin' syyats arid \y itliered bags. I Tit na n-Og Theatre Tent Three. Tue 2| May 2.30pm; Wed 22 l.3()pm; Thurs 23 noon. l.3()pm; Sat 2.5 2.30pm: Sun 2(i 3.30pm. £5 t£3i. .-\ges S plus. .-\ modern table contrasting the pressures ol' groyyiiig tip in a toyyer block yyith the pull ol‘ a fantasy WUl'ltl to escape into. The play is a celebration ol' the power ol~ small children to play a part in making big changes.

I Winnie the Pooh Theatre Tent ()tie. Wed 22/l‘hurs 23 May Illam. iiooii‘. Hi 24 10am; Sat 25 l2.3llpiii. 2.3()piii. £5 t£3i. .-\ges 4 plus. Top Dutch coiiteiiiporai'y' dance group liitrodatis present the slimy which has captiyated audiences across Europe. Their \ersioii ol' .-\..-\. Millie‘s classic is an engaging and iiiiaginatiye mi.\ ol~ music. dance. comedy and puppetry



New Street, Paisley

Magical adventure for children from Visible Fictions


Saturday 1 and Monday 3 June 1pm SI 7pm (£4/£1)

BOX OFFICE 0141 8871010

Promoted by Renfrewshire Council Department of Leisure Services.


Events are divided into outdoors and indoors and then listed alphabetically by activity. Kids listings compiled by Brian Donaldson.


Activities and Fun

I BT Environment Week Various Venues. 21S 6864. l‘ri Mon 27 May. Scotland‘s largest eny'ironniental promotion will inyoly e around lt)(l,()ll() people in a wide range ol‘eyents. Local participation is a key element and 31 projects have been registered in ('ilasgoyy' so lar.



I Looking After Norman Ratiishoi‘tt 'l‘heatre. liigraiii Street. 2S7 55] 1. Sat lS. 2.5 May. 11am. 2pm. £3 t£l.5(ll. Ages

5 ~ l (I. Part ol' Mayl‘est.

I Punch and Judy Scottiin Mask and Ptippet (‘entre. S ~ 10 lialcarres Ay‘entie. 33‘) (ilSS. Sat 2.5 May. 2pm. £3 (£2). Ages 5 -‘). An authentic knockabotit puppet perl‘oriiiance from the highly skilled iiiai'ioiietlist Phil Spellacy.

I The True Story of The Pied Piper Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. SS7 ltlll). l’ri l7 May. 7pm. £5 (£3).

I Winnie the Pooh Scottish Mask atid Puppet ('eiiti'e. S l() lialcarres .-\\'enue. 33‘) (ilS5. Sat lS May. 2pm. £3 (£2i. Ages 5 pltis. ('hristoplier Robin. Pooh Bear. Iiey’oi'e and the iistial suspects t‘rom the Spindleyyood Puppets.


Activities and Fun I The 8th Just Kidding Festival

(‘tiiiibernauld Theatre. (‘iimbernatild ()1236732SS7. Stiii 26 May. 2pm. l-‘ree. Mr Boom. lace painting. pony rides. bouncy castles and much. iiiticli more


I Mother Earth Rolllcs llall. (ilctit'tilltes. 01592 (il2l2l. Sat lS May. 2pm. 7pm. £2 t£l ). (‘hildren's production dealing with eny'ironmental issues and the consequences ol~ human lolly.

I The Wild West Show (‘tiiiibernauld Theatre. (‘tiiiibernatiltL ()l23ti 732SS7. Tue 2S Thurs it) May. 10am. lpm. Singing Kettle take a trip back in time to the “TM West with a tooth]. loolilt' Sllth.

PARK MAINS THEATRE Park Mains High School, Erskine


Saturday 18th May, 3.00pm Tickets: £2 / £1 from

Erskine Library 812 5331 Paisley Arts Centre 887 1010

Presented by Renfrewshire Council Riverside Local Area Committee

The List l7-3() May 1996 25