I ALLANPARK 28 Allanpark. Stirling. t)I78() 474I37. [Ii] screen I. £3 (£2 before 6pm). ().-'\I’/Regislcred disabled/Child £1.50. Student: £2 Stin-A-Thurs only. No unaccompanied children alter 7pm. Faniin ticket available.

1. Sense And Sensibility ( t?) Iii/Sat:

2. ISpm. opm. 8.55pm; Sun v'I'hurs: 5.05pm. 7.55pm.

2. Executive Decision ( l5) Fri/Sat: 5.40pm. 8.40pm: Sun Thurs: 5.20pm. 8. l0pm.

I CANNON Princess Street. l'alkirk. 0I324 623805. £2.80. Student: £2.20. Child/(MP: f; I .80.

Mr Holland’s Opus (PG) I .40pm (Itol Sun). 2.25pm (Sun only). 5.20pm.

8. ISpm.

Sense And Sensibility (I7) 2. l0pni tnot Sat/Sun). 2.55pm (Sat only). 5.40pm. 8.25pm.

Executive Decision I I5) ISSpm tltol Sat/Sun). 3pm (Sat only). 5.40an 8.25pm.

Toy Story (PU) I255pui tSat only). 3.25pm (Sun only).

Dunston Ohecks In (I’(i) )2..topm (Sal only). 3.40pm (Sun only)

Saturday Kids (‘Iuh iL‘l ):

Asterix Conquers America (LI) Illani. I MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling IillIVL‘l'SIIy. «man to) us). in) [If] also (£2.50).

Trainspotting t ls) Sat/Sun. yy'-.~tl/t‘hms. 7.30pm.

I AOAM SMITH CINEMA Bennochy Road. Kirkcaldy. 01502 260 493. Bar. Il)] [Ii]. £2.50 (“.50).

Loch Ness (PCS) liri I7. I lam. 7.30pm. Sense And Sensibility tt') Sun Thurs.

l lam lIIltlt‘s only ). 3pm tSun only ). 7.30an

I GLENROTNES CINEMA (‘hurch Street. Glet)rotl1es0l5‘)2 750 IN) {Jon ((‘hild “.60).

1. Hackersozi K. 7.30pm.

2. Trainspotting I IS) 7.30pm.

30pm tSat/Suu only).

Cutthroat Island (PU) Sal/Sun only. l.l5pm.

Toy Story (I’Cl) Sat/Sun only. I30pn). A little Princess I l 3) Sat/Sun only.

3.I5pm. I MOM High Street. Kirkcaldy. t)lFI)2 260 I43. [l)| (screens 2 and 3). £3.20

(Fro-Sun). £2.70 i'l'ue Thurs). Students: £2. ll). Child/(TAP: USU. .-\lI seals El St). all day Monday.

Mr Holland’s Opus t I’( i) 2. I flan. 5.05pm. 8.05pm.

Executive Decision I is) 2.25pm..< iupm. S. I0pni.

Copycat 1 IS) 2.35pm tnot Sat/Sun I. 5.35pm. 8.20pm.

Toy Story (PU) l2.3(lpm ISat only .I. 2.30pm (Sat/Sun only).

Saturday Kids (‘luh tt‘I ):

Mrs Doubtfireuxn l0am I245pn).

I NEW PICTURE HOUSE .\‘orth Street. St Andreyvs ()l334 473 500. ID]. (menu I. Circle £2.30. Stalls L2 (Child/t )\l’ “50): Cinema 2: all seats £2.30. ('Ioscd Sunday. except during school holidays. 1. Sense And Sensibility II I I 7 mph).

2. White Squall ( l2) o. I0pni I..\lon only I. 7.50pm tnot Mon).

Leaving Las Vegas I IS) Mon onIv. 8.20pm. '

I ROBINS East Port. l)nnl‘ermline. Progranune information: 0| 333 ()23 Credit Card hooking: 0| 383 (‘24 SW (-3—vl0pm). £3 tconcs £2). .\'o cones Sat evening. Mon. all seats £2.

1. Money Train ( IX) (1.10pm. mnpm. Toy Story II’G) I2.20pni (Sat only). 3.10pm (Sat/Sun only).

2. Dead Man Walking I IS) (y. l 5pm. 0pm. Dunston Checks In (PU) )2. Iupm tSal only ). 2.45pm (Sat/Sun only i.

3. Sense And Sensibility tt' I 3pm (Sat/Sun only). (ypm, Sfillpm.

The Santa Claus (PG) Sal only. noon.


I CANNON 'l‘itchl‘ield Street. KlIlIlitI'IltK‘Ix. 0|5()3 537288. £3.50. Student: £2.70. Child/()AI’; £2.40.

Executive Decision t 1‘ ~ 2.20mi (not

Sat Tue). 5. Iipm. S. l5pn).

Toy Story (PG) Sat “Tue only. I235an 2.40pm.

The Birdcage I IS) 2.40pm tI'l'l. Wed/Thurs only). S‘sthyni. S. 30pm Inot ’l'hurs).

Mr Holland’s ODUSII’(i) 2.05pm. 5.05pm. Stlfipm.

Babe tl') Sat ‘l‘ue only. I2.25pm. 2. Primal Fear« is) '1‘)th only. slop)”. Saturday Kids (‘luh til I:

The Pebble And The Penguin I t ‘n l0arn~-I2.30pm.

I KELBUNNE (ilasgoyv Ro.i.l. I’aislcy. 0I4lSS‘)3(1I2.[I)}.£3It‘l5tllyel‘ore (1.30pm. Mon —l5ri). (‘lultlz t I .“0. I).-\l" {I50 l‘amily ticket ayailahlc.

1. Executive Decision) )5. I..topm tlio'. Sat/Sun). 4.40pm. 7.40pm.

2.12 Monkeys) I5) I.-l<pm Illol Sal/Sun i. 4.45pm. 7.45pm.

Toy Story tl’(_}) Sat/Sun only. 2. IFpn) Jumanii Il’(l) Sat/Sun only. 2pm

I OOEON Burns Statue Square. .-\yi. (ll-126970 722 t0l2‘)2 284 244 \’isa/.»\ccess. l: 7pm). ll)]tcinemas 2. 3 S 4 only). Bar. £3.00 (£2.90 hetore 5pm). ('hild/t ).»\I’/Student/I 'IHt) £2.00 t I22 30 Ik‘IUt'L‘ 5pm). RL‘st‘l'y'L‘tI stlpt‘t'iol' seals £4.50 t £3.50 helote 5pm) Saturday Iates £4.50. .‘ylorninyy shoyvs £2.30. Monday: £2.30 (superior seats £2.90). I-amily ticket available.

Mr Holland’s Opuso’t‘.) 1.30pm. <pm. Spin.

White Squall ( )2) 31‘”). 5.45pm

Copycat I IS) 8.30pm. I Ipni tSat only I. Money Train t IS) lpn‘. tnot Sat/Sun I. 3.30pm. (1. l5pm. 8.45pm. l l. l0pm I Sal only).

The Birdcage I I5) (rpm. S. 30pm. I lpm ISat only).

Toy Story II’( it I045ani v Sat only ). lpni. 3.30pm.

Sgt. Bilko I l’ti) IIHF-ani nSat only -. lpin tSalx'Sun only I.

A Little Princess I I 'I III 30am u Sat only I. Ipm «Sat/Sun only I

Ounston Checks In t l 'I Sat only. I lair),

I OOEON 'l‘oyy nhead Street. Hamilton. olous 2S3 S02. |I)|Icineni:is 2 N 3 only ). {.3 NI and t3 t.-\dults hel‘ore ()IImK 'hiltl’ t).-\I’/S!utIent/l7H40 [2 (ill/£2 I. .-\II seats £2.2lI/LI55. all day Mon.

T. Dunston Checks In ll” 3" Sal/Sun only. Il.45am. I Mr Holland‘s Opus I I’( i- i Split

2. Toy Story I|’(iI I215pzn. The Birdcage t )5) 3 S l5pin.

3. Money Train . IS- i2.2lI[Im. Sofipm.



50an 4 <5p'm

50pm. " 30pm.

. 5 50pm. S25pni.

I UCI (‘Iyde Regional ('enue. ('lytleh.inl.. III-ll 05! III-III (recorded Information: III-l! ‘ISI 2022 I. [D]. .-\ct'essr’\'ls;i/.-\me\ hooking line: (I‘)‘)0 SSS III)”. 24 hours ‘Sy‘l‘rlt‘t‘ L‘IILIIfJL‘ “Il‘ [‘L'l' llv‘kt'l). LI It: q.‘ heliore 4pm) ('hiId/t ).-\l’: L250.

Mr Holland’s Opus l l’( i) noon II'l'l Sun only). 3.20pm. (v20pm. “.25pni.

Money Train I is) 2pm. .1 30pm. 7 Illpztl. 0.40pm. l2 05am tI-ii/Sat only)

Kids I IS) 2 30pm. 5pm. 7.-1II[‘I1I. lIHFpm

I2 .0111) tl'ri/Sal only I.

Camp as a row of tents: Robin Williams in The Birdcage

The Birdcage I I5 - L I‘m). ~1pm. (y 40pm. ‘I3‘pni. I223a2n I l~:.'S :I. only I Executive Decision 5- I2 30"”)

till Sun only I. 3 30pm: 30pm. 0.20pm. l2 l‘azn I III S.)! only i,

Things To OD In Denver I IS) ISSPm tnot Sal/Sun).~1Formosllgun.” 15pm tnot 'I‘Iltli\i. I: iIvitz: I'IE Sal only I.

I2 Monkeys I IS) '.lII;‘u‘.. "pm. I). ‘IIpni Sense And Sensibility « t 1 1.33pm. Ilfi'pm

Copycat: I.\) I 10pm Inot Sat/Sunk 4.40pm. 3 25mm. I0.III;ui).

White Squall-a )2)

no: 'I huts. IIIpm

I Trainspotting » Is “pm

Broken Arrow. F II Wm. I2 3mm «Int/Sal only) Toy Story m. 2':

l :0pm. I IIIiIir). Iv15pm

45am Sat, Sun only I.

Jumanji Il’ti' Sat'Sun only. 2.10pm. Dunston Checks In 1 Pt;- I I mam

I tSal/Sun only I. I

Money Train I is. a:

IIIE‘III Babe I l '- SJ? Sn" Holy Primal Fear I? 0.45pm

Small Faces: :3) I l'. s.-.: I Hqu I I )I\Il‘;‘l«l \lali. I .!\l Klil‘lltlt'. :xcoztiezl intointatitrtii II} 3‘53 “WWI III}. \eeess \‘:\.L'-\uie\ IIIIIII) \‘s's' 000. 3.) hours Iseiy Ice \ huge ‘5;‘ pct fielaet I. U ~L2‘NI II Inc Ip'ii- ("I rid I ).\l’/'I III”

1.2 ‘0 III: In»,

2 2Irt‘m.

'if\IIII!\, .I‘l‘il.

0] Iss; pug;

'SyI. iicli hookah: Ezrze'

Situn Sal/Sun only I. 215l‘t;;.445§‘iii. ' i"':\n1.‘I‘*;":i. - Lilia). I'll \nI o’!i\-

Mr Holland’s OPIISII‘I s .z s:-.-:

oitlvt. flux I).III['::I. 'I 33w.

Executive Decision . H :23. lIIg‘H.

II'll Sat

White Squall. i_‘

i‘ (‘I‘Iplthyl 09:11 l '\.:lt“:".

Dunston Checks In M ‘.. s v ~25.

ii2l‘HIWI ii'g‘ui. ‘I iII; 32.. I_ ;. \I'Ii\

Things To Do In Denver. Is 3!“, .,!. .. says...» : t».

Copycat-'~II :uw-.=I~~\; s...

Il<}1;;,. (y i"\I;,_ II

The Birdcage“ :‘ 2.»;2) 2

II \< or. i. FIIH") 12 Monkeys .‘ l.‘ “03" : -:.oi Sat San .2‘1‘3‘IJ-3‘i‘v- “20"”.

Broken Arrow is

ToyStory-l’t‘o if. film-saw... .,

‘.yIItii)‘..-l So;er ‘ptg. Jumanji i'I'. !: .5...“ _1 1;? '\.',I S'it.tlf.}‘ Trainspottinguv I...“ , w ‘1‘ ‘II'SIIII: Ii .~"'.:' In \‘

Babe I‘ ;: :4 s_.: .; Won iSJIISill‘ I). i\

Primal Fear. Is. it...» ‘I Won)

ALittle Princess I.’ saw only. The Exorcist IS l:i.S;:! o'fy niultngjlxt I WMR FILM CENTRE I'laiz'x St: "I.


only, o 22l‘lli,

II' :(Ile‘


53.30 (ilixltl L2 .30. I ),-\l’ Sim l'lztii‘ Imi‘. 9.2 20-. I .iiitily ticket


copycat) l-\v In. Sam 'I luus: \l‘lll Sat

I5pzn. II 30pm.

Toy Story.!‘t'o 7 <II;‘IIIIS.11 only .3

)Sziu .min

Jumanji mm, s): only. I




WEEK TWO Friday 24—Thursday 30

See under Week 1 for details of ticket prices, opening hours, facilities etc.

Please note: All Cannon and MOM cinemas, apart from the MOM Parkhead, are in the process of transferring to ABc cinemas.


Details are provisional phone cinema to confirm programme and times.

I CANNON (‘larkslon Road. .\Iuirend. (‘33 NB.

Mr Holland’s Opus tl’( ‘. I,

Sense And Sensibility l t ' ).

Executive Decision t )5)

Toy Story « I‘(i).

Dunston Checks In tl’(i)

I CITY CENTRE DDEON Renncltl Street. H2 s7oI.

Toy Story I I’m.

Sense And Sensibility tl')

Trainspotting l is)

The Birdcage I I< ».


Things To Do In Denver) Is)

White Squall I I2)

Mr Holland's Opus tl’( ; I.

I’ossihly opening. replacing! tyvo ot ahoy e: Spy Hard tl’t iI

Primal Fear: IS).

St‘t‘ ;1I\1)(ii.t\:_{t)y‘. l.;ilt‘.\.

I GLASGOW FILM AND VIDEO WORKSHOP 52320.3()..310I'lt)t)l'..3-I .-\ll)it)ll.SIl'L‘Cl. Ring Of Bright Water i t?) Sal 25. Ilam. L: II; I ).

Making Your Own Movie Sim 2o

i0am 3pm. L250

CFVW Screenings Sun 26. 1pm. [3 :Llfith.

I CROSVENOR .'\sh'ol) l ane. lliIIhead. 330.12%.

l’roy isional pioy'zainnie v't)llill'lll times.

1. Les Miserables I IS) 2pm. 2pm.

2. Primal Fear I IS) phone Ior times.

See also ( il;l\}'_oy\ Iates.

I MOM FILMCENTNE Sauchielzall Slrecl. 1502.

Executive Decision 1 IS).

phone cinema to


12 Monkeys» 1-?) Small Faces. i<i Richard III - Money Train r Ir: . I‘msihl‘. opening.

Primal Fear) Is

It'l‘ldc’lllt' one ol' aI‘oy e

Richard Gere get legal in Primal Fear

38 The List 17-30 May 19%