I Peristalsis Brothers Fat Sam's Down Town Diner. 56-58 Fountainhridge. 228 3111. 8pm. No cover charge. call for reservations. Swing



I Jazz Ouorum l’i/za lixpress. 151 Queen Street. 221 3333. 9pm. £5. including aperitil'. call for reservations. Mainstream jill/ l‘rom trumpeter artd llugelhorn player Jim Baillie, with the Douglas ( )rr Trio.


I Musikktabrikk and Bill Simpson Quintet Tron .la// ('ellar. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 1550. 8.30pm. £3 (£2 I. .-\ (lotrltle hill ol' Sctillisl) jazz in a \at‘talior) on the lidirrhtrrgh .la// Projects usual l'ornrat. ('ruitarrst lirancis Cowarr leads his latest project. the Scandanavian-inl‘luenced Musikklahrikk. featuring guitarist Halitor Medhoe. Andy Mitchell on o-string hass guitar. and percussionist Dave Haswell. Sa\ophonist Bill Simpson's hand will leattrre modern jazz standards arranged for a twin s;r\ front-line of Bill on terror and his son Fraser on alto. with lachlan .\lc(‘oll on guitar. Lindsay (‘oopcr on hass. and drummer Alan l’endrergh.

I Salsa Celtica Henry‘s ('ellar Bar. s to Morrison Street (opp .\l(i.\l cinema‘). 221 1288.0.30pm 12. 30am. L‘ 3. The hand place a greater errrplrasts on the tan rather than salsa sitle or their music it) tlrrs gig. bill expect their usual 1.;tlttl groove to he lllllCll in evidence its well.

I Peristalsis Brothers t-‘rrt Sam‘s Down Town Diner. 56—58 l-ountarnhtidge. 228 3111. 8pm. No cover charge. call tor

Assembly Direct presents


Fri 24 May, Queen's Hall


Fri 31 May, Queen's Hall


Fri 7 June, George Sq Theatre



Thurs 30 May, Tron Tavern GAILMCARTHUR

Thurs 6 June, Tron Tavern

ALL TICKETS: 0131 668 2019

FOR A FREE PROGRAMME: -0131 553 4000

I Blue Hyenas liat Sam's Down Town Diner. 56—58 l‘ourrtainhridge. 228 31 l 1. 8pm. No cover charge. call for reservations. Blues.

reservations. Swing.

I Bob Brozrnan Pleasance Cabaret Bar. The Pleasance. 225 8616. 8pm. £5 lll advance. to on door. .la/x. hlues. country. Hawaiian rrrtrsic - yotr rrarrre it. there‘s a fair chance Boh Bro/man will play it on one or other of his National

steel guitars. ukeleles. or Hawaiian

guitars. Dazzlineg entertaining and

Edinburgh engagineg erudite. Bro/man also plays

at the Civic Theatre. Ayr. on Tue 22 I The Coolgroove Henry's (‘ellar Bar. (8pm. £5/L‘o). and will he hack for the Morrison Street topp M(i.\l cirrerrra). 221 (Tlasgow International Jazz l‘estry al in 1288. ()pm—lani. £3 (£2). See Tue 2 1.

July. I Edith Budge and Friends tint Sam's

Down Town Diner. 56 58 l-‘ountatnhridge. 228 31 l 1. 7.30pm. .\'o FRIDAY 24 Glasgow

cover charge. call for reservations .1a//. hlues and gospel singer.

I Bill Kyle’s Force or One Baserrrent

.l.l.’./.. The Ranishorn Theatre. Ingram

WEDNESDAY 29 Street. into on 887 473 3. 10pm lam. £1

Edinburgh tL‘3). Drummer Bill ls'yle makes the

journey along the 318 with his latest line- I Russell Cowieson Quartet Henry ‘.s

up. a quartet featuring the tastcltrl guitar (‘cllar Bar. Morrison Street topp MGM work or l.achlan .\lc(‘oll arid the lugth cirrenra). 221 I288. 9pm lam :2. See promising alto sa\ophonist .\lar'tin \Ved 22.

ls’crshaw. with .-\ndy Mitchell on o-strtng I Simon Thoumire Three lidrnhurglt l~olk hass guitar. ('luh. l’leasancc (‘aharet Bar. The

I Jam Session l’i/la lispress. 151 Queen 1’leasance. 8pm. “1(3). (‘orrcertina Street. 221 3333 10pm. 15. including player Sirrrorr 'l'hounnre teams up w ith aperitil. call for reservations. See liri l7. tax/cits Ke\ in .\lacl\'en/ie tguitar) and

Simon Thorpe thass) in an e\citing and Edinburgh

esplot'atory l'usron ol' loll; and tau.

I Peristalsis Brothers l‘at Sam‘s Doth I Julian Joseph Kind of Blue. Queen's Hall. (‘lerk Street. (io8 20h), 8.30pm. See

Town Diner. 56 58 liountainhritlgc. 278 preview.

3111.8pnr. .\'o coy er charge. call lor reservations. Swrrtg.

I John Burgess Quartet Henry “s (‘ellar

Bar. lo Morrison Street (opp .\l(i.\l

cinema). 221 1288. 0.30pm latrt. L3. See

Hi 17. Glasgow

SATURDAY 25 I B+B Ouartet l’i/la lispress. l5l Queen

Street. 221 3333.‘)pnr.£3.1ncludrng aper'ttrl‘. call tor reservations. \othrng to I Scarlett, Black and Candie l’r//a do with l/ltl! kind or B-rB this is a trihute lispress. 151 Queen Street. 221 33 to the music ol~ Rtrhy Br‘at'l‘ and (ieorge 9pm. £5. including aper‘rtil‘. call lot" Barnes tron! Torrrrrty lltrlctrp.

r‘eser\ation.s, See Sal I8. Edinburgh REESE- . Mornington Lockett on...

. Trorr '1‘a\errr and (‘eilidh House. Hunter Edinburgh

Square. 220 I550. 830pni. L5 tL-l). Tenor sasophonist Slorntngton lockett I Jazz Market and Jam Session llenry \ C'ellar' Bar. 8 lo .‘ylorr'tson Street (opp

hurns tip the hasemcnt in the company .\l(i.\1cinerna). 221 1288. See Sun 1‘).

ol‘the Day id Milligar) Trio. in a gig which has heerr co-opted into the Krrttl MONDAY 27 ' Edinburgh

or Blue programme tsee .ltrlrart Joseph I Lindsay Cooper’s Free Underground

prey rew ). I Salsa Celtica Henry is ('ellar Bar. 8 )o Henry's (‘ellar Bar“. Morrison Street topp MUM cinema). 221 I288. ‘lpnr lanr. L'l.

‘NI See 310!) 21).

Morrison Street opp .\l(i.\l cinema). __ 1288 0.30pm l230am L3. See Thurs

I Peristalsis Brothers l'at Sam‘s tron n Town Diner. 50 58 l’t)lllllttllll‘l'ltlgL‘. 228 31 l 1. 8pm. \o coycr charge. call to: rescr\atrons. Swing





Showcasing his new album

You? Me? Us? BOX OFFICE 0131- 529 6000



The following details are for regular weekly dates: see main listings tor onc- ott shows. Gigs are listed by city, than by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies Listings compiled by Kenny Mathieson.


I live Jazz at the Joint The Roast Joint. 305 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7182. 8pm. .-\t'trsts \ ary.

I Graham lless Yes. West Nile Street. 8pm. Piano.

I Jazz Piano Bahy (irand. 3/7 lilmhank (iardens. 248 .1942. 10pm. Lounge pianist.

I Live Jazz lrrrr on the Green. 23

(ireenhead Street. Bridgeton. 9pm. Artists vary. usually traditional.


I George Penman’s Jazzrnen (‘arrregies

142 St Vincent Street. 226 3833. 2.30 -5.30pm. Traditional.

I MU Blowing Band l.;tllthl"S.

L Satrclriehall Street. 2 --5prn. lnl‘ormal hig


I Bill Fanning’s Big Band The Iron Horse. 115 West Nile Street. 2—5pm. Big hand.

I Dissen Tango’d Brewery Tap. 1055 Satrclriehall Street. 33‘) 8866. ‘)prn..1azz ltrnk.

I Live Jazz at the Joint The Roast Joint. 305 Satrclrielrall Street. 332 7l82. 8pm. Artists vary.

I Graham Hess Yes. West Nile Street. 8pm. l’iano.

I Jazz Piano Bahy (irand. 3/7 lilmhank Gardens. 248 4042. l0pm. Lounge pianist.


I George McGowan Big Band The Parade. Meadowpark Street.

2.30pm ~1pm. Big hand jazz.

I Live Jazz at the Joint 't‘tte Roast .loint. 305 Sauchiehall Street. 332 7182. 2pm and 8pm. Artists vary.

I Jeannie Maxwell and the Glaswegians (‘trrlers. 256 Bytes Road. 334 1284. 8pm. Traditional.

I Blackiriars Collective Blackl‘riars. 3o Bell Street. 552 592-1. 9pm. Modern jazz.


I Fionna Duncan and Friends MeChtnlls. .10 High Street. 552 2135. 8pm. Traditional and mainstream singer.

I Live Jazz at the Joint The Roast .loirrt. 305 Satrclriehall Street. 332 7182. 8pm. Artists \ary.

I Live Jazz State Bar. 148 Holland Street. 332 215‘). 9pm. .-\l'llSl.\‘ vary (musicians wanted).

Tuesdays I Alan McPike and Pat Keating Alpert

lodge. 25a Hope Street. 221 .lo-l8. 8pm, Harrrmond organ and vocals.

I Live Jan at the Joint The Roast Jonn. 305 Satrchielrall Street. 332 7182. 8pm. :\l’lisl.s vary.

I Jazz Piano Bahy (irand. 3/7 lilmhank (iardens. 248 49-12. ()pm. Lounge pianist. I Live Jazz lrtn on the (ireen. 23 (ireenhead Street. Bridgetorr. 9pm. Artists vary. usually traditional.


I Live Jan at the Joint The Roast Joint.

56 The List 17-30.\1a) two