Moral goad

(time is tip and (iod is dead. Consequently. argues Xavier Leret. artistic director ol’ Kaos Theatre lFK. laws relating to the Ten Commandments just don‘t seem to be relevant anymoref It wasiust such provocations that prompted lirltiu/ .lloi'ii/iry. .hc sell-styled ‘research company" 's latest. douhle-harrelled theatrical assault. The show e\p|ores its subject matter with the kind ol candour that sets the hack-to-hasics hrigade l'oaming at the mouth.

The Project was \paw ned l‘rom a hi- tech developmental collahoration mm the .\'ct. unlikely as it may seem with Ram‘s sister company in .-\ustralia. ‘\\'e were interested in the shitting houndaries hetween good and ev il.‘ csplains l.crct. who also wrote the lill'sl piece. /,\'/(' ()7 “Hey. ‘lillL‘ result is an agonisingly hlcak portrait oi mankind. hence the company 's decision to add Stewart llarcourt‘s more morale- hoosting contribution. .S'oiiiiieyi is .lloimlogiii' ‘.-\s a whole. they're ahout people‘s inhumanity to each other. to change the houndaries and play around with the li\Cs ol‘others: but also ahout man‘s ahility to rise ahove that .’

Set in :1 cave. /.\/(' (if Hires \L‘L‘\ tl woman and a lisherman cut oil from reality and forced to inhahit a world ol their own making. But tar trom heing tun—loving playmates. the masochistic duo delight in torturing each other physically. emotionally and

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Virtually real: Kaos Theatre

intellectually. Stirling-yrs .llllllll/(I‘L’IH’. by

contrast. is set in a concentration camp. and draws inspiration from Italian thinker l’rimo Lev is moving memoir oi his internment in .-\nschwit/.. ll'l'liis /.\‘ .i .lliiii. In the play. two inmates develop a powerful bond as one helps the other to die. Shades of Beckett abound in both pieces. as conventional narrative is suhvctted to achieve ahstraction. Though not overtly political. the plays do display an acute awareness of society‘s perennial ills. ‘Since the dawn of 'l’hateherism we‘ve seen the destruction of the NHS. education. transport. the arts. of everything.‘ says Leret. ‘\\'e‘\e become a dog-eat-dog society. and the rise in violence seems to go haml-in-hand with this trend.‘ (Claire Prentice) lll'illtl/ .lloi'u/i/y. Krmv Thea/re UK. '/./l(’(lll'(’ ll'urks/iri/I. Ifrliiilmi‘g/i. 'I‘lnirs .i‘l) .llrty Sat / ./llll(’.

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Thur 23 - Sat 25 May

Freeway Stage present a work in progress

Thur 30 May - Sat 1 Jun Kaos Theatre presents VIRTUAL MORALlTY

a double bill fusing mesmerising physical style with two dynamic new texts

John McGrath's THE LAST OF THE

MacEAC HANS with Elizabeth MacLennan

A play about heroes. with laughs and tall tales. music and myth. A play about loss and the Highlands today.

ISLE OF DOGS by Xavier Leret and SOMOGYI’S MONOLOGUE by Stewart Harcourt

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i 34 Hamilton Place

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The P\am ‘3 V- es’x‘vrak 2.1 “an - 8 Anne

:3 g 27 May - 1 June . r, .' The Plan 9 From Outer Space film season

. including Plan 9, Ed Wood. other 8 classics i Cameo Cinema, Tickets 0737 228 4747

Plan 9 From Outer Space - The Musical

Possibly the whackiest. tackiest basis for a stage musical, Ed Wood meets Lloyd Webber. King’s Theatre, Tickets £8.50 - £74.50 0737 220 4349

Thur 28 May 7.30pm

The Plan 9 Bonnybridge Bus Trip

Malcolm Robinson, Editor of Strange Phenomenon magazine hosts a bus trip to the Bonnybridge triangle - site of over 2,000 UFO sightings in the last 3 years.

Departs King's Theatre. Tickets £5, (E2) 0737 220 4349

Wed 5 June 10.30pm

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