((‘iround Control). Paul Hunter - Filterbase Sotiiid System (Hard Hands. (f‘ajmei‘e) playing live. film. video and light installation.

I Fluid at R.G.'s. 8pm-midnight. Free. Dancey weekend warmer from Dls Mack and Tosh. Pre-club.

I Friday Feelgood at Cotton Club.

I lptn 3am. £4 (£2.50 with matric card). Nae messin‘. know every tune. indie dance and pop night. £l bottled beer and vodka.

I Friendly Fire at The Hive. Glasgow University l'nion. fflpm—Zam. £2. (students and guests only). Poppy.

-~ ~- studenty. indie-y. bouncy tracks for the Dave Seaman: an expensive set of ears student with no money for a taxi into 1““"1- I Flow Flow return to celebrate not


It’s obvious when you think about it. Pummel your ears with hefty volumes and they’re not going to like it. It’s like punching yourself in the face and expecting not to end up looking like Barry McGuigan.

If you’re dancing and you can’t stand the beat, you get off the floor. The DJ though, is doing a job that depends on being able to hear exactly what’s going on. Not only does he have to endure the sound the crowd hears, he


catch the best Glasgow Club: this fortnight.

also has to listen to the mix coming regular payment equal to his earnings. I Fun Moon party at The A, am through with headphones loud enough Getting the cover was difficult but as I (pm—3.30am. £5 (£4). Di Kim: (it) and Olnly :Wc?;hhot50::goxmlcma but to drown out the sound from the rest he says: ‘Everything I do revolves Wilba (RAD. Club (3‘)) kick off a new a 50‘ e" t ‘" ay' mm

of the club. In industry when volumes around my ears. If anything happened Weekly L‘Vs‘m “fixing UP “kl Schml and media “with” inCIUdi"£VA get above 90dB the employer must to them I’d be pretty damn stuck.’ . new electro funk. percussron rom Angus ( ).

provide ear protection. In clubs the Michael Kilkie who DJs at the Tunnel, I GAS §",G,"“g”.“' 5.2m“ T" A”; . COIm cam on decks‘ “11C Nome" volume averages 115d8. produces under the name Umboza and ISP'H'” 09"} mam ,/,G,]“‘\g”,w SSW" 0’ (Ground comm” Pa" Hume“ ' ' . . . . : ll SllKlClIlS L4). -4 bid} Dill}. .llllltl ( l3lll Flherbage Sound System (Hard Top international DJ and producer runs 23rd Precinct tn Edinburgh, chose NW, Dummic (Sub Chm Win,“ and H d‘ C . l l d i. H Dave Seaman (currently producing to consult a Harley Street specialist. smut} (Rub a Dtib) pit...- l’ltat'Otit ,3" " (in???) “flu.” ‘va; A Kylie’s new album under his alias For £150 they filled his ears with wax downstairs. ' l.“ 80 3" lg t‘mstla' anon‘ r Brothers in Rhythm) is so worried to form a mould, which was then sent I Global Village at The Corner liar. S‘Ié‘mL l7 Ma-lho" ~" C v i . about what might happen if he goes off to a laboratory on the continent 9pm midnight. Hcc. (‘luh Havana ,mm Ano.‘ “Super gammy“ deaf that he’s had his ears insured. that crafted a pair of revolutionary ear WNW \Wt'ld- l-{ttitt izw and live with "mjup fawn"? 631618;) flaemc He’s already having trouble hearing protectors. The protesters cut out “‘L‘ Clettjitlli' (muting D1 1:117- On the Park, Handbag mg a d 3‘2: 1 bass sounds: but now if his hearing harmful frequencies, but still allow l :31”? I. .H \Wt . k , B. _ Newman‘ Tommy, a". i; goes completely he’s covered by a him to DJ. ‘lt’s a wee bit duller,’ says . roll" . 091° ‘” .‘F “f -‘ 1”; Ma‘hew RObem d" .1" {Ifg 5 w sk h. I h t (\Plll ‘klUNL. l lLL.. t\(ll(lLll tllltl KL\ Ill [he . , . t . e_a 'm 0" y w a with dub. hip hop and jungle. Pie-club. Arches. 25 Mm. ("l/v. It S "Re to m” "in" them on- I Katch VS The Cathouse CillllDlISC. I Pure P r‘ 3'“: ba'ck at the Arch“ w A R N y N G And if you think you’re safe down on llpm 3am. £3 (£2). llItliL‘ Vs Rock. f [hur:‘vcat mrmer Them ‘iq the dance floor, think again. The I Love Bug at The Garage. 0‘ ,9“ e y; ° volume at punter level can be l().3()pm- 3am. £3 (£4). DJ Graeme with a mud and “bled “"6 9P 0f Speedy] consideramy higher than at the decks, an eclectic mix of good time party tunes. and The PSYCh‘Ck warriors 0" Gum where the N can tum his monitor yottlka IIIIWIXNSI. (it'olsch and (i()l(l Bier £I playinghlive WeatlieralléRon ‘0 “11‘ ---‘ ill". rent. WItC . rainstorm. ara. Speake's down' As a Clubber your I Maxafuna Opal-close. Free. Light Dfibblcr and The Bill Dying.

- ' .. heanng can” 50""? mow than the big house music so yoti don't end tip on the g - t name DJ who flies tn, plays a couple met-c, numb.

" of hours and flies out again. If you find I Mean Streets at The l3llt Note yourself saying ‘what?’ a lot, maybe (basement). (Spin—midnight. Free. Rock

Barmii'land. 25 May only.

I notation Records flight Dave Angel celebrates his birthday at the Arena featuring his own ‘funky,

it’s time to get youf hearing checked. and to” from l'ily'is' Io l’ot'lis‘llc‘iltl. l’t'c- ' H l E BI M g (Rory wane” club. . y _ ' ' jazzy. groovy techno p us gc am I Moio’s 9pm midnight. l‘ree. DJ Nick Yasr and some extra special lighting _ bringing you the renowned Moio vibe: effectg_ 3D projections onto _ retro stuff with a 90s feel and 90s sttiff corrugated perspex apparently. The life gticstiiig III coniunction yy lllI with a retro feel. l’i‘e-club. g I Arena, [8 May mm, .-\rbioath s Rhtimba club. I October Cafe Rpm—close. l'i'ee. Stevie s i B' . Ch 1 dc. I Bar 10 .‘s'piii close. l-ree. Kick the Middleton with ‘the ultimate pre-cltib c once , as“: ‘mnc rccoi Regmar weekly cums plus one-0“ events is eekcnd right off yy IllI Stet i: nite'. l’re-club. night featuring Pewr Kuschncm and are "Stet! by c'ty’ the" by day’ the" Donaltlsotirs pub set from tttelloyy to hard I Parklife at Rooftops. |().3()piii» 3am. Rene LOWC from the Berlin label- A Q'phabel'ce'” by t'tle' cums m” be. house. I’re-club. £3.50 (£3). Glasgow‘s first and foremost trainspottcr‘s delight. Volcano, l7 l'Sted’ pmV'dFd that up‘to'date deta'ls I Bennet’s l Ipm 3am. £4. (iay liritpop night plaving classic Mm: reach our oll'cgs at least iseyen days ('oiiimcrcial dance with a lit-.\'l\’(} slillll pop/mod/iiidie sounds from the (ills to the ' hem"? pUbI'cat'On' cum “5"”.95 and pop. ()(ls‘. Drinks promos. complled by Rory wallet and Jun Byers' I Club Apt at The Apartment. I Phat Out at Glasgow School of Att. llpm 3am. £o. l).l (irahain Wilson on a llpiti 2.30am. £2.50. Deep dtib and drum I Romp at Archaos. llpiii-3.3()ani. £5 funk and stittl tip Two for the price of one and bass. Resident DJ Paul (.‘awley is (£4). Stevie Middleton with a garage Happy floor If 30pm l33llam joined every week by guest l).ls. night. m I Club X llpm 3am. £4 3 ~. (iay I Radio City iii The :\lllC. l().3()pm—-3am. I Rub a Dubai Blackfriars Underground. llappy house and nti-.\'l<(i (tom |).I £3 (£3). The original retro club. packed 8.30pm—midnight. Free. Rtib A Dub with . Amar. £ f .25 bottles of Becks. otit every week. Stas. Motown. Stones. their usual varied underground dance I Exotica at The (‘( ‘.v\ (‘atc Bar. The Who etc. vibe. now moved to a Friday. ‘no strict f). 3(Ipm midnight. .'\Iltl} Diy inc cases I Rat Trap If).3()pni -3am. £3. Three music policy. strategy or style.‘ l’re-cltib. I The Ark at The Tunnel. ll) 3llpm 3am your listening into the “L'k'ist'lltl l’ic~club. floors of rock. Sttidio ()ne: 9 Inches. NlN I Science at The Volcano. :5 3 i. :\ tll't‘\\t‘tl-lll‘ ciotytl get (low it III I Flow at (ilasgoyy School of .-\l'l. kinda stuff; Studio Two: The Batcave. DJ llptii—3.3()ain. £5 (£4). A top quality this award-w timing name to the liaitli l\llt lllpiii lalc. £5 (£4 t, l7 May only. I loyy ('hristine goes (ioth; Studio Three: techno night from the legendary l.:ll'l and house sounds of DJ Michael ls'ilkie and return to celebrate not only a \y ealtli of Professor .\'utbutters House of Treats. rap. .‘y’lark Ryal sponsored by Mti'lik. l7 May. Scott \fackay. Duncan Reid and Sutton (ilasgott talent. but also then 5th funk and hardcore. special night featuring Basic Channel l-oy iii Room 2. .-\ll drinks £l bet’oi'c birthday. .-\ llll'\L'\l int-ha cscttation I Beds I Ipiit 3am. £5 (£3 for students front Berlin with their melodic techno. l2. loam. 24 .\lay. .\li\iiiag coy c‘f' star including percussion tioiit .-\ngus . .\\'.-\ i. before midnight ). liasy going Illl\ of I Scoobied at Reds Bar. Strathclyde .lci'emy llcaly from (‘reain and Hub for (‘olin (Lite on decks. .\l(‘ .\'or.lcn disco. funk and chart dance. University Student Union. IOpm-3am. £3

The List l7-3f) May l996 75