Thorn olbdln winkles out the facts on thls tortnlght’s music maker or cholce.


is « I llama Speedy J.

I That’s a new one to me Christened Jochem Paap. but as a teenager. the Dutchman's scratching and mixing were so fast he earned the nickname.

I He’s a hip hop N then? Back in 85. maybe until the first house releases came over from Chicago and he got into the new music big style.

I How stylish would that he? While perfecting his mixing techniques he began adding drum machines and synthesisers to his set-up because it was ‘more fun‘.

I Not your common or garden N then? ‘1 sometimes DJ for the fun of it,‘ he says. ‘But the main thing is making music. 1 really do it for myself. But I’m happy when somebody likes it.‘

I And does he have a track record? Loads ofthern: on the prestigious Detroit label +8, Warp Records in the UK and on his Beam Me UP! records on the continent. Tracks like ‘Pull Over'. ‘Something For Your Mind’ and ‘Pepper‘ were club favourites. while the Ginger and (J- Spot albums received critical acclaim.

I With a name like Speedy J those tracks must be pretty hard Not all ofthem. ‘Ever since l started making music there has always been an element of melody in it.‘ he says. ‘Even in the harder tracks. it‘s not just noise. there is always a pattern or a clue in it.‘

I Very good I’m sure, but what do they soundllke? House music with techno melodies instead of vocal lines for the dancefloor singles; jazzy, electronic techno for home listening on the albums.

I And why the interest now? Well. he's coming back to play a live set at Pure.

I Coming back? It will be his fourth visit and his third to the Barrowland. ‘l'm doing hard stuff again.‘ he promises. ‘Not minimal. just harder. more noisy, with a more edgy feel. The accent is on the rhythms not the melodies.‘

Speedy Jr plays Ii ve at Pure. Barrow/and, Glasgow; Sat 25 May.


(£2). Britpop. indie and classic tunes all night .‘Get Scoobied or possibly even Shaggied'. Drinks promos.

I Shag at Fury Mtirry's. 11pm ~3am. £4 (£3). Across-the-board mix of party choons with Craig J and James (E.

I Slam at The Arches.10.30pm 3am. £". World famous DJ and production duo Stuart and ()rde together providing the best in deep electronic dance. 17 May. Russ Gabriel (Ferox Records and Soma artist) guesting.

I Snap, Crackle and Pop at the ()Ml '. ‘)piii—2am. £2 (£1 .5()). (‘heesy pop provided by DJ Toast. Regular" drinks promos. Due to an administrative cock-up the club moves from a Thursday to a Friday.

I Velvet Rooms 9pm late. £(i (reduction before 10.30pm) Across-the-b(iard llll\ from DJ Alan Ronald.

I The Yard at Stib ('lub. 11pm 3.30am. £5 (£3). Gareth Soriimeryille (Yip Yap. Edinburgh) and Stuart .\lc('orrisken (Reality Boat) with a lighter blend of house and garage. A11 drinks £ 1. 2-1 May w ill be the Yard’s last night to be replaced by rotating events. See listings ric\t issue for details.


I Archaos at Archaos. l lprii-.i..i(1am. £8 (£6). Resident DJ Derek Wallace playing a deeper mix ofgarage and house.

I Bar 10 9pm midnight. Free Nick Peacock decks otrt his tisual seat beside

the window to warm tip yer weekend. Pre-


I Casino at (‘hambers liar. ()pm lam. 25 May and monthly. £2. Same northern soul/moddy mixture as they had before in the RAF club.

I The Cathouse 11pm Sam. {4 (r3). Two floors of rock.

I Classic FM at Ftrry' Murry ‘s.

10.30pm 5am. £5 (£4). lndie—pop/indie- (lance shenanigans from Jim Dow nie and the gang. Lil‘stairs in the new room Furies present Twister: "1'he best of lit‘ilpop and tootin' (ills hits‘.

I Cleopatra’s 11pm 5am. co. Mainstream commercial y the.

I Club Apt at The Apartment.

11pm- 3am. £8. DJ Rob Jeffrics w ith funky soul. hip hop and house.

I Club 59 Rocksy”s Basement. 0pm 2am. £5. Martin and Willy of Rtib a Dtrb playing the best and deepest from the underground. One of .llrrrrlt‘s top ten clubs of ()5.

I Club X 1 1pm-.‘~am. £o (£11). (iay club witli upfront dance tunes from DJ Stray e Gav. Drinks promos.

I Cool lemon at The Arches. 1t)..‘y()pm~--lam. £10. 18 May only. Deep disco (ltib house and hard house from Paterson and Price. plus Feli\ Da llotisekal too.

I Cool Port at The 13th Note (basement). ts‘.3()piii—midnight. Free. .loliii and Jane ask are you ready to rock/drone/psych/noise/lo-fr. Pre-club.

I Cream at the Arches. 10pm 4am. £14. 25 May only. Another super ('r'eariitastic line-up featuring the great (iraeme Park. handbag king Tall Paul New man. Tommy l). Andy (‘arrol. Mathew Roberts and Edinburgh‘s finest (iar‘etli Sommerville.

I Divine at Glasgow School of Art (downstairs). 1()pm- late. £2.50. Andy as ever has one foot in the past and the other testing the waters of the future. Retro. soul. liotise. jungle etc.

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge). 1()..‘~()pm---.‘\am. £3 (£.‘~.5()). Long-established indie night w ith a friendly vibe. "l‘oiiiorrow ‘s hits today.'

I Easy Street at The C(‘A (‘afe liar. 9.30pm»midnight. DJ (iol‘dotl Allan with a house/dubby pre club. Pie-club.

I Fresh Cream at The \‘olcano.

1 1pm—‘2.3()am. £5 (£4 with matric card).

Mellow house. garage grooves and street soul with Scott McC‘ay.

I The Garage 10.30pm aiam. £3 (£3). l()—l 1pm. £4 (£3). llpm—midnight. An

honest to goodness top night ottt with charty'

dance sounds downstairs from Dave Ross and alternative sounds in the attic.

I Knucklehead at (ilasgow School of Art (upstairs), 10pm late, £3 (£2 50) (includes Diy ine downstairs) Residents 1la‘t'ch and J‘ilkes witli ‘w eir‘d shit to rack yer body to. Detroit style. lit-tech ('hicago future funk \l_\lL‘L‘..

I Maxaluna 9pm close. Free. l.l.\;t mising tip house and garage. Pre-chib. I Mojo’s 0pm - midnight. Free. DJ Nick bringing you the renowned Moio vibe: retro stuff with a ()()s feel and ‘)().s stuff

w ith a retro feel. Pre-club.

I Mundo Latino at The (‘or-nei- Bar. 8.30pm midnight. Free. (‘lub Havana presents three hours of non stop. tip to the minute salsa. rricrcngtie. samba. reggae. flamenco and lariibada from DJ .la/x. Tapas tortilla gratis. Pie-club.

I October Cafe Spin close. Free. Home and garage l).ls Mark and Jason plus drinks promos. l’re club.

I The One at The Hive. (ilasgow

l lll‘-t'l'\ll_\ l'nron. lllpm 2am. £3. (Students and guests orilyl Mainstream chart.

I Passion at Slrathclydc l'my ersrty l'nioii (l eyel S), lllprii 3am. New dance night from Nicky. Brian and 1)M(’ plus guests going from garage to house.

I Pure at The Barrow lands. 7pm 2am. £15. 25 May only. Speedy .1 and the Psychick \Yarriors ( )v (iaia playing live and \Veatherall. Ron Trent. Twitch. Brainstorm. Para. Dribbler and The Bill l).liiig.

I Rat Trap l()..‘~()prii 3am. £3. Three lloors of rock. Studio ()ne.’ The Rat llottse. ‘)()s rock; Studio Two: Don't ask For Pisli w ith DJ ('hristirie: Studio Three: Happy. Happy .loy_ .lov.

I Beds 1 1pm 3am. £o ( £4). A packed night specialising in mainstream dance. ftiiik. rap and house. lntirnate. smart and friendly.

I Rotation Records Night at the Arena. llprii ~1am.£S. 15' May only. Day e Angel back again w ith ari estra special birthday night featuring his own ‘funky'. iii/1y. groovy techno' plus lige Barn Yasi and some e\tra special lrglitirig effects.

I Scoobied at Reds liar. Str‘alliclydc l'nivci'sity' Student l'nion. 10pm 3am. £3 (£2 1. liritpop. indie and classic tunes all night. '(ict Scoobied or possibly even Sliaggied'. Drinks promos.

I Shoosh at R.(i.‘s. Spin midnight. Free DJ (‘hr'is w ith liotrscy chooris for the Saturday warm up \L‘\\l()11.

I Slam Rock Da Boat at the Renfr'cw Ferry. 1()pm .‘yam. £7 . 25 May only. See May fest listings pages 2() 23. I Sub Club 11) .illpm ~l..“lltllll. £8. ()n the cusp of celebrating ten years oftiualrty Subby clubbing. llar‘ri. ()scar' and Dominic continue to pi'oy 1va one of the few top original house nights in (ilasgow, lb .May. Nelson Rosado (King Street records NY(') guesting. 25 May. Mark Ry'al (Red ('cll. Aqua Planet. Science) guesting.

I Toasted at the ()Ml’. 9pm 2am. £2.5() (£2 ). DJ Toast popping tip again for chart dance and indie. Regular drinks promos. I Triumph at The Tunnel.

1(1511pm 3am. £(i ( £~1 1. An epic voyage through Italian and FK house. presented by ('oliri Teyendale and Stcy en Mc(‘reery. 1n Roorii Two Kevin McFarlch offers tip a different vibe w ith a wide rms of soul. funk and dance classics.

I Velvet Rooms 9pm late. £7 (£5i (reduction before 1()..‘\()piii). Across-the- board llll.\ w ith DJ Skud.

I Whisky Bar 9pm 12. Free. ()scai‘ (Sub Club) with funky underground house.

I Wild at ('otton (‘ltib llpm 3am. £(i (£\4 students). ('oriiniercral dance and pop. £l DDlllL‘tl l‘t‘el’.


I 4th Dimension at The liaby (irand. 0pm -midnight. Free. Andy Young plays Jan. lira/ilian. soul. fusion and ftrrik. Drinks promos.

I Area 51 at Nice ‘N' Slea/y. 0pm late. 'l‘echnoisli night with local guest l).ls. l’r'e- club.

I Aqua Planet at the \‘olcatio.

11pm 2..i()am. £3. Already .in l11\l1l'.lll(lll. Mark Ryal (l‘ls' (iold). Simon ('oulsoii arid ('ris Big-tint combine forces for a night e\to11ing the ‘(iuality‘ underground vibe'. Vodka mi.\ and Rolling Rock £1. 2o May. lilake Raster (Detroit) guesting.

I Bennet’s llpm 5am. £1.(iay. All beers and spirits £1. DJ John Fra/er with commercial dance and pop.

I Boogiemania at The Attic.

lll..illpiit .iant. £2 (£1 I. DJ (iraenie with a varied mi\ ofclub classics. Drinks pl‘tiltltis.

I Bubblelicious at Reds. llpm .‘yam. £(i (£3). (‘1th classics. disco anthems and all drinks £1 all night. Aniiable. smart crowd not ptittiiig too much emphasis on hitting the liltitili.

I Club Mouth at the lith note.

Spin midnight. l'i'ce lri(iie and alternative sounds from Mark Percival of Radio Scotland and .\'l'.\1 «l ()lltltllli fame. Pie L'llll‘.

I Fuddrukkers .ir ('it-opaiia‘s.

1()..i()pni 2. Warn. £i ( £2 with ticket). Disco. pop and (ills party y ibcs.

I Glitter Gulch at The Apartment.

llprii 3am. £-l. Full on dummy casino with roulette. black rack and pool. DJ liig Al in residence. Bottles of litrd £1.

I Interpol at Nrco's. Spur close. Free. Patil(‘aw1ey' from Phar()ut playing 'casy' listening and cosmic ia/x'. Half-price Martinis and cheap cocktails. Pr'c-clttb.

I Loaded at Fury Murry 's. 11pm .iam. £3. All spirits plus llll\t‘l' ‘1‘)p. Pints of ('oors £1.51). l-tri'y”s stalwarts (‘raig arid .lim with retro guitar—based tunes to wind tip the weekend.

I Lube at The 13th Note (basement t. (Spin riiidiiiglit. Frcc. law and Mann supply the laid back drum 'n' bass soundtrack for people whose weekend doesn't end on Sunday morning. Pi'e-cltib. I Rat Trap 1()..‘~()pm 3am. £2. Bands in Studio ()ne. Jttlie Andrews After (iig Piss l'p iti Studio Two.

I Soundclash at Hlackfriar's l'nderground. S3llpiii midnight. Free. Rtib A Dub‘s Marc w ith an underground hip hop night. Pre-cltrb.

I Shirley’s Temple at Archaos.

llpm iSlhiiii. £5 (£i). A tr‘rppy 1111.\ of camp theatricals and hard house soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston and Bob.

I Short Fuse at The Whisky liar.

Splll close. l’il'k't' 'l‘llt‘ \Vtimls l‘t'tilllt‘l\ with retro soul and funk. Pr‘e cltrb

I sorted at the (‘athotrse lllillpm iam £2 (£1511). lridre/alternatiye \ ibe in the new ('athouse. Drinks promos

I Sunday Service at Mayaltina.

9pm» close. Free. Ali (‘ (that monk of ftriik) with a (lance-based eclectic 1111\.

I SUCK ttl .\l().|()'\.

9pm midnight. Free. ‘()ne basement under a groove‘ with DJ ls'emiy' digging otit the best Slls underground dance tracks. Prc-club.

I velvet Rooms 9pm late. £2 (reduction before 1()..‘\()priii. Across—the-board run from DJ Alan Ronald. £1 all drinks.

I Wax Doctor at [he Stib ('1th

1 1pm 3am. 2o May only. Phar ()trt (Art School) present this batik holiday ruriglrsl night featuring \y'a\ Doctor.


I The Boat at the (‘aledoman Princess. 10.30pm 3am. Massively popular coriiriiercial student night with floating club. rotating daricelioor and cheap drinks.

75 The List 17-30 May 1996