A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Jonathan Trew.


I We Are Not Amused (BBC 2r 7.3()--8pm. Kenneth Baker shows that he does in fact have a sense of humour as he unveils his cartooncollection. ()vertwo programiries. with the help of Ralph Steadirian arid Charles (,iriffen. Baker examines the relationship between cartoonists and the Royal liamily through

the ages

I Only Fools And Horses (BBC

S“- Kdllpin. Another of Del Boy".s dreams turns to dust iii this episode of the classic comedy. first shown in l‘lb'l.

I Murder Most Horrid (BBC 3r

‘) ‘Hllpm. Dawn lirench. as Dr Kate Marshall. faces the biggest moral dilemma she has ever encountered when call ‘d upon to perform life-saying surgery on the one person who cotild rtrin her career and put her behind bars forever.

I 999 (BBC liUNl “1.25pm. The accident reconstruction prograiirme follow s a div er who w as dragged two miles underwater by a conger eel during a night dive in a Scottish loch.

I Lite After Birth (Channel ~lr

9.30 lllpm, I’n'st iii a new comedy series in which Alison finds hei‘self to be a mother nine months after getting outrageously drunk on her twentieth birthday Not everyone's idea of a great laugh but there you go, Sec Preview.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) ll)» ll)._‘s()pm. Continuing the pregnancy theme. Darlene announces impending parturition to Dan's upset arid Roseanne's indifference.

I Rory Bremner Mo Else? (Channel smith) ll.lllpm. Bi'emner dusts off his face and sticks the proverbial head on the great and good once tiiore.

I Eurotrash (Channel 4t ll.l(l ll.-15pm. Jean-Paul and Antoine say ‘xlit reror'r' and sail off into the televisual sunset in tllis the filial show of the series. Btit first. one last dose of crass nudity. schoolboy humour arid the filial vestiges of the pair's breast obsession.

I Flava (Channel 4) l |.~15ptti- 12. l5am. All the best sounds from the cutting edge of black music culture.


I Elvis ’55 (BBC 2) 1—2pm. Alan and Susan Raymond take one year iii the life of Presley to illustrate just what it was about the man that allowed him to take America by storm.

I Man O’Man (Scottish) 7.05—8.05pm. Chris Tarrant hosts the ritual humiliation of ten more blokes as 3()() women select the ideal man. Possibly a fittitig revenge after years of the Miss World contest.

I Cutting Edge (Channel 4) t<~9pnt Part one of a two-part special about the work of the Royal Navy's police force. also known as the ‘Ci‘ushers‘. as they try to keep the service‘s house in order. As HMS Invincible makes for Bosnia. a young sailor is arrested for going AWOI .. while on the Ark Rural there's a dnrgs raid.

I The Eurovision Song Contest (BBC 1) .s‘ -1 1pm. Britain last won in 195’] with Bucks l’il'l. arid ‘Making Your Mind llp‘. l-ascinating eh'.’

I Alexander: The God King (BBC 2)

8.25 -‘).15pm. .»\rchaeologist Dr Tony Spaw forth follows in the footsteps of Alexander The Great. from ancient Thebes iii Egypt arid the half-flooded catacombs under Alexandria. to the remote Turkish highlands to shed light on the legends which surround the man.

I Drop The Dead Donkey (Channel 4) Ill—10.30pm. Citis launches an economy driv e which threatens an important part of Damien's vivid. iii-depth reporting there's no money for bribes.

I Jagged Edge (Scottish) l().()5pm—12.05am. Reasonable courtroom thriller starring Jeff Bridges and Glenn Close about a wealthy publishing magnate accused of murdering his wife with a large hunting knife.

I Catchtire (Channel 4) l().3()pm—12.35am. Network premiere for this comedy-thriller starring Dennis Hopper as a top league professional assassin hired to eliminate a fleeing murder witness in the shape of Jodie l-oster. .loe l’esci also makes an appearance.

I Wyclitte (Scottish) 7. f 5—8. l5pin. New series for the Cornish sleuth.

I A History Ot British Art l BBC 2) 7.15—8.05pm. Having invented modern painting. the British turned their backs on it during the Victorian period. according to Andrew (iraham l)i\oir.

I Encounters: Mountain Rescue (Channel 4r 8 9pm. Ben Nevis kills more people than the north face of the liiger

Dennis Hopper terrorises Jodie Foster in Catchtlre. Channel 4, Sat 18

Channel 4’s new sitcom Lite Atter Birth

begins on Fri 17 «lb over the last decade. This (ltK‘llltlL‘llltll') joins the lochaber Mountain Rescue team as they go out in all weathers to aid stranded climbers. I 25 Years Of The Two Ronnies l BBC lr Htli-Xfipm. Corbett and Barker get another airing. Sew tip your sides before watching. I The George Best Night l BBC :( 8.45 -l 1.55pm. The birds. the boo/e and the has. See preview. I The Knock (Scottish) ‘) llipm, The men and women of HM Customs and I‘Zxcise services bust more bootleggers and contraband bandits. I The Clive James Show (Scottish) ll)--l().~15pm. More words of wit and wisdom frotir James and the usual garbled nonsense. rolled eyes arid horrendous tunes from l’racatan. I Don’t look Down (Scottislir 10.45 41:15pm. The arts magazine presented by Keith Bruce looks at the unique talents of lvor Cutler. the new waye of Scottish playwrights including David (ireig. Nicola .\lcCai‘tney. David llarrowei'. Stephen (ireenhoin and Robin Lindsay Wilson as well as a peek at ttie work of Scottish—based photographer Colin (iray. I The South Bank Show tseotitslii ll.45pm 12.45am. Bragg presents a unique insight into the world of Jan Vermeer. the mysterious painter of Delft w ho died Kill) years ago.


I NB (Scottish) '7 7.10pm. Sally (iray and Angus Cotrll present the Scottish arts and listings programme.

I Fair Game ((‘liaitnel t. s s .‘yupm. -\ disturbing examination of the strict dieting and arduous training which pubescent girls are required to undergo to becotne one of the ( )ly mpic hopefuls in the British team.

I In The Blood: Rules Of Engagement lBlK‘ 3i 3 b’fillptlt. l’t‘ttlessttt' 5.!th .Itttlcs esplores the modern consequences of an aticrent human obsession the tear of bad blood. l‘oi‘ many years the surviyors of Hiroshima were shunned by other people who lttltl L‘\L‘(tt‘t‘tl lllt‘ l‘ILtsl stllct‘ lew people wanted to run the risk of producing daiiraged offspring

I The Greatest (Channel -1 I \ill “pin The penultimate programme of this series which set out to litid the greatest sporting figure of :ltth century Britain pits

tlyw eight bo\ei' .limmy' \Vilvle against the erratic genius of (ieorge Best.

I The X Files l BBC 3) ‘l 9 “pm. When a space shuttle mission is sabotaged. .‘yluldei‘ arid Scully suspect that the failure could be down to air evil e\tra-tcrrestrial spirit. Amazing that either of them e‘. er got beyond handing out parking tickets really.

I An Inspector Calls ((‘liatiiiel .1.

9.30 lllpm. Newcastle. the height of summer atid an outbreak of saltironella poisoning is gripping the citiy ‘s bowels

The food inspectors are sent out to track down the source of the infection and en route they encounter the strange case of the baby. the iguana and the faecal co- oi‘dinator.

I Omnibus: Degas The Old Man Mad About Art (BBC Il llHl) 11.30pm. This month the first major Degas exhibition for 40 years opens in l.ondon at the National Gallery. This piograrrune eyplores the life and work of this much loved artist revealing. for the first time, many of the eytraordinai'y works he produced in old age.

I Blast ’Em (Channel .lr

11.20pm l3.5()am. Welcome to the brutal world of \"ictor Ma'lafronte. one of New York‘s papara/zi pack and a man w ho will baulk at nothing to get the shot which will make his fortune.

TUESDAY 21. x a

I Classic Trucks (Channel -1 ‘i 's‘ S. ittpm. 'l‘he filial programme in the series looks at the outsi/e vehicles which break all the rules of the road: the monster trucks used to transport :50 tonne electricity trarisfot'liiers and the Still tonne Caterpillar dump trucks Used in open cast mining.

I The Works: The Secrets Of 3-21 (BBC It 3 8 30pm. S-Zl w as the name of the prison birilt by Pol Pot w here an estimated H.300 people were pill to death. 'i‘hls

programme uncovers tertiazkable photographic evidence oftlle yietmis. talks to two of the seven people who survived the prison and one of the guards. I Without Walls (Channel -1r 9 ‘lfillpm Concluding the series of programmes that looked at the groups that made Brrtpop l‘ossilrlc. the cameras locus on Herman's llermits.

I Flying Soldiers: Airborne i BBC 1.- ‘)..‘\(l lllpm. 'l he cameras follow nine men arid one woman as they go through gruelling training to become military llL‘llL‘tiplt‘l' PIItil‘.

I Without Walls (Channel ‘1 ‘t. it) lllpln. \‘ivienne Westwood t‘ttlllllltlt‘\ liei three part exploration of the relationship between fashion and art. Ill this programme she e\poses the connection between nudity and clothing. showing how the natural body shape has been altered by the use of padding. tailoring and restrictive corsets.

I I’ll Just See If He’s In (BBC 2-

‘),45 Illillpttl. New tlneepait series about the relationships beiy‘.een bosses and their secretaries, .‘so sniggerrng. this is all serious if huriiorotis sttitt about the balance of power III the olilce

I The Boys Oi Saint Vincent .t 'liarinel -1 ll) I lFllpm. Second part or lizis award winning Canadian (llama about tl:.- se‘LHaI abuse suffered by children at a chinchatin orphanage and its aftermath years later when those responsible were brouglit 'o trial.

I Miss Popular‘s Crack City (so ‘l'lsll' UH” ll.-l(lpn:

recording the MRI testit‘tt-ziies ol tlttee

\ .lt-ctriiieittai'y

il:!~.'d one: the wa lsaiqz' ale Wendy 's attempts to chats).- tin-2r lo.

w ith the help of the \otttltfi‘ratl" crack awareness fcaiz‘.

I Knife To The Heart: The Great Organ HuntnBBc Illil.15 t;

desperate shortage of transplantaole

women addicted to etact

course of a ‘-t.'.l. ll ti..c.s .to

“pm lite

organs and the distuzbing practical aia. moral issues raised by 'rossible solutmns

to the pz'obleiii are the programme lll thts se'ies on ll.'tl\;‘vlal‘il surgery. The liltzi speaks to women it: lndia who have sold kidneys to teed their families and \loctors w l‘ot hay e managed to transplant an monkey 's head onto another iiiozikey ’s body,


I East: Happy Families? (the In " Ill .\pm. This programme esamines the pros and cons of poiygariiy ftom .tll


84 The List l7-Ro May (we