l I Musicians wanted for funky- bhiesv-rock 'n' rollabillv— tequila-band! .1 lit Slv.

l l‘tinkadelic. Yardbirds. Faces.

i Meters. Stones. .lori Spencer.


d leisure Publicity Nationwide

I Arts, Entertainment, Tourism on

Chocolate Watch Band. liiiiphasis - Rockin'. funk-vour- head-off grooves. Phone (iordon (H31 556 3447.

Part Time HNC/HND

courses now available. "0”- r“a'ketn:~‘ and one: ‘0 ewe“. . ................ .. management and 33"1"‘!Sf'd'.37‘ .1113‘ V". ‘0' a aaree' " a'aviqe o‘arts mar: Q8"‘(T"i;©'3$ "

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(24 Hours and Weekends) Re" re 00 09‘

Generate attention/advertise


I Piano keyboard and theory tuition. all ages and abilities. Experienced and professional. l..C}.S.:\l. l..T.C.l.. Can travel to your home. first lesson free. Tel: (ll-ll 95‘) 7062.

learn Spanish In Spain

Beginners to advanced courses all v'ear round in Seville, Malaga, Granada, Barcelona, Madrid and Salamanca. .‘\Cc'ttllllllttvlillltlII and cultural activities included. From £185 for two weeks. lietails front Katli l5;llc‘llt;ltt at Caledonia language ( Tourses.

Tel/fax 0131 553 7118


2-week intensive Course


17 June - 28 June Mon-Fri, 9.30am - 12.45pm Fee: £70 (£60 conc.)


Goethe-lrstitut, 3 Park Circus, Glasgow, G3 6AX

i 0141-332 2555

SPANISH TUITION by native Spanish speaker. Creative learning for all levels. Gr‘otips and individuals.

Contact 0141 332 1479.

I Flute lessons lixperieiiced and successful teacher of all levels from beginner to advanced plaver. RS.-\:\ll) and RNCM trained. Contact Ruth Morley BA l’(_'iR.\'C.\l. 'l‘el OH] 333 (1828.

I Learn to be happy change _vour thoughts change _vour life. Personal development through positive thinking. Louise llav vvorkshops. 8/9 June. (1/7 July and regularlv. lridividual sessions also available. Phone ()l3l 315 .3533.

FRENCH TUITION Experienced qualified. native speaker. Conversation.

grammar. translation. .-\ll levels.

Call Nathalie 0141 339 2614.

SingingTuiton. Group classes, classical to chart and everything in between, plus microphone technique.

Introductory course lasts 6 weeks, starts Mon 27 May.

Contact 0l3l 445 I390 for further details.

I Cello and piano tuition by experienced. friendly. professional teacher and perforriier. Children and adult beginners. re-learners and advanced students all vvelcoriie. Creative. fun and supportive learning. Tel 0131 5514531.

BE COOL Develop vour creativity bv learning guitar at The lidinburgh (itiitar‘ Studio. Satisfaction and results guaranteed.

Bookings: 0131 557 3215.


I Dance Classes Junior and adult. l.atiii. tan. street dance. rhvthm. tap. via/xercise. At various venues in (ilasgovv. Beginners vvelcoiiie at all classes. Call Karen Pzisi for tiinetable/dctails, ()Hl 33‘) 4103,

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if you wont to grab your customers where iérfioflers, give us a call

0141 429 38

v | rlu e e Creates a srte for you on the INTERNET'S World Wide Web. Complete design and

authoring from £195 per year.

Tel: 0131 553 5983 Email:

NOT All. ACCOUNTANTS DRIVE FLASH CARS ('all Neil .\lc(_iregor. Chartered

Accountant. for all viiiir' tax atid


Tel 0131 557 5275.

Do you need shelves, bookcases, cupboards, an old fashioned dishrack?

then call Gordon Russell on 0131 669 5082

Platform bed specialist as featured in the Glasgow Herald

52 WO‘l'POSE'S-‘ACE (OFF .CNDON ROAD) [31131th EH7 50L 0 | 3 I 652-2005


'75 ‘i INTR/ NS l'l‘ Small flat move specialist-£28

(single item £15)

Hands-on help with lifting. Sympathetic,

friendly service.

STRESS FREE Telephone Neil

OT 31 229 8361



TEL: 0141 557 271‘)

untLL further nottce, there ULLL be specrat reduced rates for ads Ln our onuos RND MUSIC cotumns Ltneage up to 30 words

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form on page 94

I I Cheap publicity posters.

l1_ver's.'l‘-shirts. (‘1)T1ecord artvvor'k. ()ualitv .lcsign .il verv lovv rates. Also barrl photograph} and press packs. Phone for a chat. .v\utornairc Productions (till 231 (if) i.”

I Upgrade your strat! rim li.\l(i pickups. ('i‘isp. vintage strat tone: /ero littlsc‘l ('oniplete vvrred asseniblv. vv ill slot into aii_v strat-t_vpe guitar. £2311 rievv. voids for onl_v Hill). Phone Gordon (1151 55(13117.

l 8 sell merchandise/list tour ! dates with music samples. i :botos and animation.

High level. low cost exrosure (300 visitors cer week) on the

World Wide Wet.

Contact Paul Mustardé tel: 0131 773 367?

e-mail: cwmeeasynetcoark

MANAGEMENT COMPANY offering a complete range of services from one-off gigs to full representation. currentlv seeking bands with potential.

Send tape and biographv to PO BOX 13015, Edinburgh EH13 9Y8.

I Guitar player seeks classical arid/oi'iax/ orientated guitarist to form dtio plaving a vvide

v ai‘iciv of music. Must be a reader. l’hone .laiiies Curran (MM 333 77112.

I Shit hot female singer set-ks competent. creative. cool collaborators for ramming/gigging. l have ovvn material. equiptirerit. transport and demo. influences: previouslv sopp}/girlie biil lookitig to do riieatier material. (‘all (NJ] 330 H348

I Vocalist/songwriter requires collaborator vv rlh ttl‘llil}'. to arrange songs/band. to “wk on original tiraiei'ial tinelodic. lax/- like. pop). lime and coniriirlrnent essential. Contact (’hrrstiria lll3l 555 35 I7.

I Bass player wanted to vv or'k vv ith singer/guitarist on rievv. original songs. lnio l’t\ies. liovv 1e. Nirvana. 'l‘t‘ick) l.ots of material Please phone .lonnre 11151 5.5-1 l‘)()‘).

I Versatile fiddler wanted rm nevv offbeat. upbeat. beat-up cov .-rs band. Songs bj. \‘l '. l’ogues. ('ohen. \Vaiis. Richard 'l‘lionipson. Kurt \\'eill. Doris Ha}. etc. liar'ri iirtirit'v.’ Have fun)’ ('all ill-ll (135 S331).

TALENTED AND EXPERIENCED kc_vboard pl.i_\er tvv llll backing vocalsfl’l needed bv lidrnburgh band vv 1th \liR rcctiriiriiendation l ‘llest kept secret in Scotland' i. ()rrgirial songs. vaguer Pulp. \t‘v‘. ()t'tlc‘t‘. Sll'allfjlt‘i‘s. l’itlc'ltc‘t‘s soot].

Tel 0131 477 4072.

I For sale: .\lusicriian Stirigia} 1\ass. black. good condition.

L551), l'S Strat delu\e l 1‘»: 31

1 green [275. Boogie studio 33+

1 combo 1.450. (llJl 33‘) I977.

92 The List 17-30 May I996