V I Saw You The ‘Vic and Bob‘ of EH1. 1. Guardian reader (you thought Siat!).Your repartee was slick and quick. but speaking as a raven-haired chick. I made a solemn promise true. to enter in an ‘I Saw You‘. Whatever you tnay be to each other. colleague. friend. lover or brother. if you don't want a Guardian friend. this will be the very end. Box No U/278/1.

V I Saw You Stravaigin Thurs 18 April. You're a graphic artist? You were in a meeting with a colleague and client. I was captivated. Box No U/278/2.

V I Saw You again R.C.P Wed afternoon 16.4.96. Fair. wispy hair. all black gear. River Island bag. We smiled. Wish I‘d spoken. Excited. floundering. dolphin craves togetherness. Soap/k me over. Box No U/278/3.

V I Saw You pretty cappuccino maker GET Apr 13. My Irish eyes were smiling and I toasted your very good health from a discreet distance. With a Jamieson. You little cake! Box No U/278/4.

V I Saw You Swan Lake. AMP. Edinburgh Festival Theatre. 12/4/96. You: Skinhead. red checked shirt. Me: Blue cardigan. Fancy a dance? Box No U/278/5.

V I Saw You at Delrnonicas 12/4/96. You: Short black hair/Demi jacket. work for a distribution company. Me: Wearing black. talking about the music industry. You left soon. Would you like to learn sign language? I would like to see you. and you're nice. Please write. Box No U/278/6.

V I Saw You Wee Horny. Italian Centre. Rosies. Cafe Gandolft. Babbitys. Glasgow Airport. Invemess. Nairn. Ochils. Horsehoe. Linlithgow. Swallow. Littlejohns. Lorenzo's.TG1‘s. Ayr. Cumbernauld Airport. Creme De La Creme. Burrell. You ditto? Legend. Box No U/278/7.

V I Saw You David. Easter Night. CC's at ‘The Competition‘. Wish we had exchanged numbers. Came looking for you at the Wine Cellar you know where 1 am? Box No U/278/8.

V I Saw You Bunney. Victoria Wine. 1 hurt you. can we talk about the old days? You need not live my nightmare forever. Please. please get in touch. F. Box Np U/278/9.

V l Sate You St Andrews Uni. Together in first year. together again? I‘m still your Scottish

kid. This time I‘m sure. Another

chance please. XXX. Box No U/278/10.

I l 1 l

V I Saw You at Going Places. You in white flares and a chamois bikini. me handsome red head with the longest legs in the world. Fancy a shimmie in Scholls. Box No U/278/11.

V I Saw You in Broughton Street. You watering your plants. Me dancing iii a towel. Let's re-decorate. Box No U/278/12.

V I Saw You Darran frotn Leith. We spoke in CC's about computers. You should get in touch and you can play with my console. David. Box No U/278/13.

V I Saw You in PC World. Edinburgh. You: black PVC trousers and wearing aftershave (Jazz). Me: petite. Internet buff. ’ou got caught in the automatic doors. 1 was the giggler. Please call me. Box No U/278/l4. V I Saw You enticing man standing by the Obelisk. your back to the sea on a sunny Sunday just before Easter. You watched me clean my windows. Who are you? Box No U/278/15. V I Saw You la(i)n - Rocking Horse. Friday 19/4. I chatted you up. You never showed Tapsters Sunday night. Fancy sharing a bottle of Pinotage? Does your Toyota Supra have reclining seats? Box No U/278/16. V I Saw You Cathy; doing science ‘A‘ Levels at Portobello and soon biology at Edinburgh. Met you at Salsa (12/4/96) and you took my breath away. I‘d really like to see you again. Steve. Box No U/278/17. V I Saw You Photofinish. Tollcross. cute sexy lady with short red hair. I‘m just a girl who says ‘Heaven knows no frontiers and 1 have seen Heaven in your eyes‘. Box No U/278/18. 0 I Saw You 20th April. Strathclyde Uni. You in blue fleece jerkin. short blond hair. Why‘d you leave early? You could have been buying Mini Eggs for the blonde in the green dress. Box No U/278/19. V I Saw You newsagent. Great Western Road. 19/4. You: duffle coat. yellow shirt. dark hair. pencil shopping. Me: redhead. cords. brown coat. with friend. Lost you in the rain.. . Let‘s meet properly. Box No U/278/20.

V I Saw You wrapped in cling film and I thought. ‘This is more exciting than The Archers“. Box No lI/278/24. V I Saw You briefly. black trousers. black leatherjacket. ponytail. No 8 bus. 8.50am 23/4/96. before you scuttled upstairs. l was sitting near the driver in a daft flowery hat. How about some conversation next time? Box No [7278/25. V I Saw You Cameron. bttyirtg your book on Tuesday. You have the sweetest smile I've seen. Me - the one grinning inanely. Keep reading. Box No U/278/26.

V I Saw You cleaning my windows. April 30th. You Ron with your tropical tan. 1 will never think ofcltamois leather in the same way agaitr! Sparkling. Box No U/278/27. V I Saw You last day of Glasgay! Cottier Theatre. featuring choir. 1. one of male oriental pair. reciprocated your smile! Followed. but lost you when concert ended. Let‘s meet tip over coffee. Box No LI/278/28.

V I saw you Stevie. 30 March. The Rockin Horse. You. blond. physics. Me. short. curly. Let's meet again for a heavy metal waltz or call tne for coffee hooha! Box No U/279/l.

V I saw you at the Fosters Ice party. You. Jim. The List club journalist. Me. Atny. the skater girl. We were introduced by a strange man. If you remember. let me see you! Box No U/279/3.

V I saw you at Shed Seven. Queen's Hall. You. drop dead gorgeous in checked shirt. Me in white shirt and denim skirt. I'm in love. please get in touch? Box No U/279/4.

V I saw you almost every Saturday in Jenners. between toys and cutlery. My heart beats faster every time I see your twinkling eyes. Fancy a candlelit dinner to get to know each other? Box No U/279/5. V I saw you on Sat 20 April. You are tall. redhead girl. selling Big Issue. North Bridge Road. Me tall. leatherjacket. Exchanged smiles. Fancy a drink sometime? Box No U/279/6.

Edinburgh EH1 "E


The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW o1 2J2

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies. but do write the apprOpriate Box Number on each envelope.

V I saw you Beltane Festival. You were up the wrong jagged little hill! Fancy setting the standard with another cold shower? Apologies to A.M.! Box .\’o1'/279/7.

V I see you my Stevie Gee and 1 lo\ e every bleedin’ mitmte of it! Happy birthday and happy anniversary and happy new kitchen. Love from me. Box No [3/279/8.

V I saw you Mark. on Saturday 4th May in The Music Box of all places. You walked me home - we went fishing in the hairdressers window. Sorry I fell asleep. Jane. Box No 11/279/9.

V I saw you St Andrews Uni. The Scottish kid misses you. ("an we play Police songs together again? Please. xxx Box No U/27!)/l 7.

V I saw you Russ Meyer chick at Edinburgh Festival Club (last August!) You: living wreckless (near Chimmy Chungas). Me: riding high. tartan jacket. but untypically sheepish. If you want wild living fast . . . Box No Il/279/18.

V I saw you Legal eagle. eyed satire. 22/4/96. 3.30pm restlessly htmting your elusive prey among dusty tomes. In your eyrie. your lower plumage distractineg displayed. To whom? Can we go a courting?

Box No U/27‘)/l9.


Until further notice,I SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

O I saw you at the Nicky Campbell Show. You M chested with leopard lady. Me a much sexier pussycat. Let's meet and perform in my litter tray. Box No U/279/1t).

V I saw you Safeways. Partick. Monday 14.30. 29/4/96. You: beautiful eyes. stunning smile. bought all the bread and milk. Me: talked about torrential rain. You had no time to wait. Got time now? Box No U/279/l l. v I saw you Big Jackie. Fri 26th April. You look like a fun girl. let's get together for some laughs. Love the new colour of your hair! Do you like it? Box No 11/279/12.

V I saw you Susan on 11in. [are 01' Draw. We sat next to each other at the interview. I'm the hairy guy who guessed your clues and wished I'd got your number. Box No U/279/l3.

v I saw you sw. Am I indulging in wishful thinking/barking tip the wrong tree? If you‘re the blue-eyed. jumper clad lad I smiled at 12/4. would you like a drink?! Box No U/279/l4.

V I saw you gaped actually. I’m floored by your shirts and your knowledge of Cocteau Twins lyrics. I clapped too loud for the small cafe and smiled too broadly to be coy. Box No U/279/15.

V I saw you gorgeous gorgeous woman irt target T—shirt. Tackno 21/4/96. Bod to die for. flashing smile and funny dance style get irt touch so we can hit that spot together! Box No U/279/16.

V I saw you you. black Adidas T—shirt. you with your friend me with mine. in Sadie Frosts. Sat 4/5. I asked about Love Boutique. you said Bennets cause you were going. Wish I'd gone! Box No U/279/2().

V I saw you in Joy. Fell head over heels. You silver shirt. Me —- red boots. Will you marry me? Box No 11/279/21.

v 1 saw you Claire 5/5/96 (birthday) Ceilidh House/Whistle Binkies. Meeting of Celtic spirits and touched. Never to meet again? Ah! Bill the soul is patient. Memory will last forever. Joe. Box No U/279/22.

V I saw you irt Barony Bar on Sunday. You in shorts and simply gorgeous. Me long dark hair. ()ur eyes met a couple of times. Now could we? Box No U/279/23.

V I saw you London Road bus stop. Saturday 4/5. You: blue jeans. Me: leatherjacket and goatee beard. We toyed with each other but your bus came. Fancy meeting again without public transport. Box No U/279/24.

V I saw you my house was parked outside your car again in Winton Drive! Maroon Cavalier F-YSB with Sesame Street toys! If you fancy going fora drink and music. get in touch. Box No U/279/25.

V I saw you outside Hillhead tube station. Saturday evening. 4/5/96. You Asian-looking. asked the time. 1 showed you my watch. Should have spoken to you. Get in touch. Box No U/279/26.

N The List 17-30 May 1996