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There‘s a rumbling under central Station and it isn’t the trains. Rory Weller goes underground.

From the outside of this new ventte it looks as if Glasgow has got yet another style bar. The name ilt groovy lettering. subdued lighting. and a cascading marble staircase all point to a hip watering hole. But the decor isn‘t in harsh primary colours and there are no lights on the end of pointy metal things. In fact. it's all relatively subdued; done out in autumnal Mediterranean shades of reds. sand and copper.

Previously the Undemorld had been known as Flicks and 3‘) Steps. neither of which really got to grips with this cavernous space. Flicks had the ubiquitous film star pictures attd the


decor of 3‘) Steps is described by the current owners as ‘just a bit too 80s. too bright and harsh'. So the premises have undergone a transl't)rmation at the hands of a group made tip of the

Wicked cherubs and the

more tasteful bits of the

Kama Sutra look down on the drinkers below

owners of the Garage and (‘athouse and 1)] and promoter Dave Ross who had been a key player in the Garage success story.

After looking around town for the ideal venue they picked this site for its handy location. right beside the Union




Underworld: ‘Ma and Pa can at In peace.’ Street exit of Central Station and just five minutes away front lnost of the city centre clubs. They got access to the building at the beginning of March and it's been an around the clock job fitting the place ottt ready for the opening. The ntain room is dominated by a huge ‘bruised‘ brass fronted. marble topped bar on the floor level. with terraces rising up around it. The walls are toned painted plaster. broken up by pictttres with an underworld theme seemingly discovered behind the plaster. Wicked clterttbs and the more tasteful bits of the Kama Surra look down on the drinkers below.

Leading off from one of the terraced areas is the restaurant area which although open to the rest of the bar. manages to be removed enough to give the diners peace from the revelry below. 'We thought very carefully

about the positioning of the speakers in the bar in relation to the restaurant.‘ says co-owner Dave Ross. ‘lt's been designed so that Ma and Pa can eat in peace’.

The menu follows tried and tested Tex/Mex lines with an emphasis on nutritious. filling food that doesn't hammer the office worker's budget. For lunch you can get a bowl of chilli or soup and a baguette for £2.50. At night. nothing costs more than £7. Vegetarian dishes are in abundance and the stuffed ialepenos are recommended. One of the novelties of the Underworld is their special meal and clttb deal. where if a group book in. they can get complimentary tickets for either ofthe clubs run by the owners The Garage and the Cathouse.

Already the Underworld has btlilt up a steady clientele at the weekend. mainly over 21s. but they stress that it isn't a strictly over 2 ls venue.

A DJ is ensconced in the box above the bar every night with upbeat pre-club sounds on a Friday and 80s and 90s classics each Saturday. Special events take place on Sundays with the Tarantino Appreciation Society meeting up on the first Sunday of the month. They also have karaoke roulette where you don't get to pick the song. but you have to sing whatever comes up. It‘s an easy-going unpretentious place. well worked out. and likely to do for pubs what the Garage did for clubs. Underworld is at 95 Union Street. 22/ 5020

Vittoria Restaurant 81talian Coffee Bar


Try our selection of pizzas, pastas, steaks, grills, omlet’res, and our famous filled rolls.

Italian Ice Creams Beers 8: Wines Espresso Cappucino Al Fresco eating (in birwuther)

Newly refurbished Open 7 days (including public holidays) I0.00am - l l.30pm

I 13 Brunswick Street, Leith Walk Tel Ol3l 5566171


Ubiquitous Chip


This superb Scottish restaurant has been the recipient of many awards for excellence since being established in 1971. The newest award is a Michelin Red M. an award i

never before bestowed on a Glasgow restaurant.


Tel 0141-334 5007

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