For the last 200 years Rizla have been supplying the necessaries for rollie-up fans the world over. Every month they produce over twenty million packets of papers which is a huge amount of ciggies when you think about it. As ifthey weren't pumping enough of them onto the nation's shelves. they've gone and brought out a new range of papers called Rizla

second at half price during June. Originals which will be available in regular size. king size slims. king size and original filters. Made from

high quality filigrained paper. Rizla go to a lot of

trouble for you to send their papers up in smoke.

Anyway. the point is. that we‘ve got one Rizla Coach Jacket. five Rizla Originals In 6| 6 M , Ch d T—shirts in black. five in white. live woollen Rizla beany hats and twenty packs of Rizla .8 3390“, av. en 8 mus. an . friends are offering two full price tickets

Original a ers to give awa '. Answer this: _ . . ~ p p ° ) for the price of one to see a glittering


Take this voucher along to the incredibly stylish Maxaluna on Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, buy one pie-theatre menu and get a

a: .= o = a > r: a O; i: o a. E a U



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.2 a

(a I.l.l a a O c: < _I N n:

Which city is the movie set in?

In how many formats will Rizla Originals be available? showcase of song and dance at The Cottier Answers on a postcard by Thurs 13 June. Address them: RIZLA COMP, The List, Theat'e’ 5'35ng on 83.“ June' Telkellus mush" 14 High Street, Edinburgh, an 175. along on the night. Subject to availability. I f ,s’ f _ / .. - met/1w Wolf .2 g i “i i‘: a Lu § 5 When Mathieu Kassovitz's film was released D - a . . . . . a g 1:, last year it stunned the critics with its raw 0 z "‘ ‘)i'.."l c a indictment of life on I low income l tiisi lll NORTHERN northern Ballet have mm a 1: housing estate. Ihree ethnically diverse BALLET pans 0' top mica uckm to G 2 teenagers spend their lives scrabbling together a THEATRE give away to, the opening mom “I .2 g living from petty crime and peddling dope. When one oftlieir friends is beaten into a of swan Lake at the “mat” :5 g iviiol’cti‘ictc} and tth ‘litiiic: liiituitls find thelir pvch Royal, Glasgow on me 4 June. As 2 a s Flc (eta h. cict. c crc so ii p cssct i n it. mm ic ta as year we ca ct I it ‘, soon as poss'me write In to < E g H" 0 I c w mm 354053 cam Thelist I 6,. z“ 1; ' z.‘_”‘ .“ . ‘3 ‘1 _“ .)..__.~ ".4‘ . . 1 i = o E I intks to‘Ti‘rt ip‘wehh iy'e live copichs the \ idco ind ll\t. Lu HUI/It I shirts to give 14 "lgh Street Edmbumh, Em 115. Be sure to g ‘1“ ti) 0 I it. pLOp L W 0 can answer I Is. enclose a daytime te'ephone numben < ‘3 -I '2 '

Reply by Fri 14 June. Address your postcards: HAINE COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

_ _ _ WORKSHOW Lesbian And Gay Film Festival #23"...

Highlights of the London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival aka Burn are coming to W0 R KS H O P Thea"? workShop! “.mbmgh Scotland with the OFT. Glasgow running a selection of films Thurs O—Sllii 16 June and , . '5 (“fanny two N" pnce the Filmhouse. Edinburgh doing the same Fri 7—Wed 1‘) June. The OFT are offering two "skets ll" the “'6? 0' 09" m see “3.05 "matte 5 videos. Postcards From America and No! Angels But Ange/s. two books. Queer lit/it'rm/ double b'" pmducuon V'rmal Mara/"y 0" Thms 3"

II and Wittgenstein. the Terry Eagleton script of the Derek Jarman film. two Burn T—shiits May ‘f‘t 8pm' snug ""8 copy 0' The “5! along on and two pairs of tickets for any films shown during the season at the OFT. the "'ght' To win the goodies. answer this:

Who directed Jeffrey? 9 Answers on a postcard by Tue 4 June. Address them: BURN COMP, The List,

14 High 5mm" Edinbumh’ Em "5' King’s Theatre, Edinburgh is offering six pairs


LESBIAN AND GAY FILM FESTIVAL Competi ion Voucher J (Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.) L L

Space, starring Luke Goes no less, on Wed 5 June. They’ll also throw in six pairs of tickets for the aftershow party at Club Mercado. The first six people at the Box Office with this voucher from Thurs 30 May get the tickets.

0" :2 OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the “II '5, whole magazine and present it to the relevant box .2 office or cash desk. All otters are subject to E ._ g The most mind-twisting action game ever released. availability and managements reserve the right to < .2 E Deseerii is set deep in the mines of Pluto where an refuse admission. a g alien race has taken over the Post Terran Mineral COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person lief g a Corporation. Needless to say. your goal is to stop the competition. it you are entering more than one '- = beasties before they reach Earth. Descent offers over compatluon, you "and use only on; “gala”, but .3 g 30 levels of high arcade-style action. Featured - . a plea” make sure that your ma, address and z g are main-channel digitised soundeftects and a _ . . . voucher are attach to EACH entry. coinpetitlons I“ a g pounding industrial rock score. Hidden power-ups and repair stations will be discovered are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 In E '3 throughout the mines as players fight to destroy each command centre and escape alive. alcohol-related otters). Io responsibility can be 0 u g Fortunately for any would-be space cadets we have three copies of the game for the accepted by Thellsffor prizes which cannot be m Sony Playstation to give away to the readers who can answer this: obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To "5 . - . . . ., obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The r m E On what planet is Descent set. Us! compflmon Winners, shun” which Ms) a 3 Answers on a postcard by Wed 12 June. Mark them : OESCENT COMP, The List, results you “quire.

14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

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