\\ Cancel the holiday and book your space on the sofa. Eur096 - football’s European

‘4‘ ';. " Championships - is about to take over the nation. As some of the sport’s greatest talents 0’3

travel to UK turf, The List four-page special keeps you on the ball.

It‘s seven years since Scotland and 1,; ' England last met on a football M "" " I ' . I , .4. field. As the Auld Enemies get

' ' 4 ' ready for their Euro96 date, David Harris anticipates a battle that makes Bannockburn look like a playground skuffle.

or amone who‘s eyer forced the words of ‘Flower Of Scotland' past a size five lump in the throat. the images conjured up are unlikely to he of plaid—clad warriors yanqtiishing proud Edward‘s army. hut of grown men in short trousers waging duhious hattle in the name of the Tartan Army. Mayhe a lean Jim Baxter giying foothall lessons to the World (‘hampious

As Bobby Charlton noted, we wouldn’t mind being drubbed by a Rockall XI provided we win the one that really matters, and preferably at Wembley.

in 1967. or. a decade later. Kenny Dalglish squeezing the hall through Ray (‘lemence’s hands. knees and oopsadaisy!

These tiny triumphs. nestling like diamonds in a dungheap of disasters. are our nation‘s alternative history. even if in recent years there has been little to choose hetween the foothall field and the battlefield. [Ever since the tragedy that was Argentina. we have learned to aim low to ensure meeting our ohjectiyes. although the current manager neglects to temper his realism with any hint of inspirational passion. Our ()0- minute re-enactments of Bannockhurn may have a tendency to mutate into (‘ullodens hut Craig Brown seems to he planning the defeat The Tartan Army: on its knees for Scotland parade hefore a hall is kicked.

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