25 Albert Drive Glasgow G41 QPE

Parallel Lines Thisvisually and audibly 6 _ 8

sumptuous production focuses

on the sounds of Joyce's text ..

through the enticing, alluring Molly Bloom.

_______/ SUSPECT cuuune AIRPORT

12 - 15 June 8pm £6I£3 I‘ '!

...AIRPORT explores the moments that happen between the people passing

through and the people left behind in these cities of marble and glass...

11”“ 11111111



Between bells for waking

and bells for sleeping, Winnie whiles away another heavenly day burried up to her waist in the scortched earth...

2O - 22 June 8pm £6I£3

illl' S('()l'l'l\ll ARTS(‘Ul‘.\'( ll

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