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hidden treasure. Die Hun! 2 director Ilarlin's preference for blowing things tip when the action sags shows lack of imagination. Fora while. though. it's a matinee-style romp through all the peg-leg cliches of the genre. Iidinburgh: l'(‘l. Fife: MGM. Strathclyde: Kelburne.

I Dead Man Walking ( l5) (Tim Robbins. l'S. I995) Susan Sarandon. Sean Penn. Robert l’i'osky. 123 mins. A nun (Sarandon) begins her own difficult spiritual journey when she becomes religious advisor to a brutal murderer (Penn) facing the death penalty. Sarandon's presence is unslrowy and comnritted. Penn's vivid and deeply insightful. and Robbins's achievement is to make a film whose intensity and compassion ranks it far above the usual rtrn of Hollywood pulp. lidinburgh: ()deon. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr.

I Deliverance ( IS) (John Boormari. l'S. l972l Burt Reynolds. Jon \‘oight. .\'ed Realty. 109 mins. The city slicker 's worst nightmare comes true for four businessmen taking a carroeirrg holiday in backwoods Arrrerica. lloiiiicidal locals. white trash poverty. poisoned environments -- the unsettling atmosphere builds. going through great action moments and chilling images. Who can forget the banjo duel between Ronny (‘ox and that spooky blank-eyed boyi’ Glasgow: (il’l‘.

I Desperado ( 18) (Robert Rodriguez. l‘S. I995) Antonio Banderas. Saliira llayek. Joachim De Alrnerda. l()(l mrrts. l’ait sequel. part big budget remake. /)t'\/u'ltlr/H delivers all the shoot—outs and explosions denied trs in Rodriguez's inventive debut [5/ .Ilttrr'ttt‘lrr'. Banderas smoulders as the revenge-driven guitarist. bill the ernphasrs is not on plot delight instead in the glorious action set pieces The ultimate firearm flamenco. Strathclyde: liast Kilbride Arts (‘eritre

I Double Indemnity (l‘(il ( Billy written; is. l9—Hr Barbara Stanw yck. Fred McMur'r‘ay. Iidward (3. Robinson 106 mins. ('racking adaptation by Wilder and Raymond (‘handler of the James M. (‘ain novel has insurance man Mthri'iay attracted by the alluring Stanw yck. who talks liim rrrto irrtirderrng her spouse. and all goes well until lrts boss lidward (i. begins to suspect foril play Sexual chemistry. labyrinthine plotting. tart wordplay. It's all here. A classic. (ilasgow: (ll-T.

I Dr N0(l’(‘r l (‘l‘eience Young. l'K. l9tr2i Sean (‘onneiy. l'rsula Andress. Joseph Wiseman. Jack Lord. HIS mins. The first Bond movie. and a vintage one at that. A very yoting-ltxrking and

“A stunning mystery" li\'li.\'l.\’(‘. S'l‘.\.\'l).\ltl)

Scots-sounding Connery works his charming way through the diabolical back passageways of Dr .\'o's evil empire and the requisite number of t‘loozies. pausing only to take out the occasional tarantula and take in the Caribbean scenery. (ilasgow: (iI-T.

I Dunstan Checks In (PU) (Ken Kwapis. [’8. 1995) Jason Alexander. Faye Dunaway. [Eric Lloyd. 88 mins. There's monkey business aplenty when a yrewel thief smuggles his orangutan partner-iii-crime into a posh hotel. Adults w ill get even more out of this than kids. because the humour is irresistible. the characters suitably loathsome or adorable. and Sam the ()rang a star in the rrrakrng. (ilasgow: ()deon. MUM l’arkhead. lidinburgh: l‘(‘l. Strathclyde: l‘(‘ls.

I Empire Records ( I: r ( Allan Moylc. l'S. loom Anthony’ag|ia. l.iv Tyler. Rory (‘ochrane. 90 turns. Mixed-tip (ien X characters put their personal problems aside to help a record store manager save his shop from a corporate takeover. The energy is fresh. the cast contains some stars of tomorrow and director Allan Moy'le has an eye and ear for tlrrs field. as Ire proved w ith l’unr/r I'p iii/IF Iii/tr/rit'. Special National ('inema Day preview screening. (ilasgow: MGM l’aikhead. Iidirrbtirgh: l'('l. Strathclyde: l'('ls.

I ET (I’) (Steven Spielberg. l'S. l9b‘2l. Dee Wallace. Henry Thomas. l’eler (‘oyote l l 5 mins. An alien creature gets stranded on liaith. w here he is adopted by- soiire kids. w ho help him construct a coriurrtinication device to summon back his spaceship. All the little gtry wanted to do was go home. btit Spielberg makes sure he had lots of cute and agreeable adventures first. Borders: Pavilion. (‘entr‘alt Allanpark.

I Executive Decision ( ISi (Stuart Baird. (18. I995) Kurt Russell. llalle Berry. ()liver' Plait. I33 nrins. A team of Middle Iiastern fanatics skyjack a 7-17. and l‘S Intelligence pilot Rtrssell reckons they're going to release poison gas over Washington. Srieaked on board in mid-air. he falls out of contact with his bosses; so should they blow tip the plane as it nudges closer to civilisation or not‘.’ A good beginning nosedives into formula with no hint of tongtie-in-chcek. (ieneral release.

I Eye For An Eye ( IS) (John Schlesinger. IS. 1990) Sally Field. lid Harris. Kiefer Sutherland. A public relations executive falls in with a vigilante group when her daughter is killed by a convicted rapist who's released due to lack of evidence. A mainstream thriller that touches

“Lepage's visually stunning

film-within-a-film” Tl lli l-Il 'Rt )l’li:\.\’

“A masterpiece" 'l‘llli l.\'l)li|’l-Z.\'l)l-I.\"l'

1952 Hitchcock films

“I Confess” in Québec...

of the present for one man


1989- The past holds the secrets '



IS'I'AN Bl'l. H L.“ I’I-LS'I'IVAI.

From Friday 7 June



sorrre very interesting moral areas. Special National Cinema Day preview screening. (ilasgow: MGM Parkhead. Edinburgh: (3(‘l. Strathclyde: UCI East Kilbride.

I Fargo ( l8) (Joel (‘oeii. l'S. 19%) Frances McDormand. Steve Buscemi. William Il. Macy. 97 mins. Hoping to make some bucks. a car salesman atterrrpts to have his wife kidnapped by lritmeir; btrt quickly blood is spilt. As the pregnant police detective on the ease. McDormand provides a w aim‘hearted centre for the movie. while the absurdist plot and weird local colour gain iiromenttrm. It'll be considered a classic. given time. See feature and review. (ilasgow: (iI'T. lidinburgh: Cameo. I’(‘I. Strathclyde: I'C‘ls.

I Fiction And Other I’ruths ( IS) (Aerlyir Weissman/lynne I:Cl'lllt‘. ('anada. I995) Sb nrins. A documentary on the life and work of lesbian writer Jane Rtrle (author of Dr’xr‘l'ls t); The Hear!) from (Ire directors of l’nr/ritlr/t'n Lure. An articulate look at the struggle against censorship and .\1c(‘arthy'ism. With Australian short 'l'lrii .Ilurt‘lri/ig (itr/ 'l'lri/r‘e. starring Toni ('ollette from .I/urr't'l's Ilia/(ling. Lesbian and (iay l‘ilm liestival. (ilasgow: (iI'T.

I Flipper (I’Ul (Alan Shapiro. l'S. l99ttl l’atil llogan. [Elijah Wood. ('helsca I‘ield. A new big screen adaptation of the much-loved TV series about a boy and his dolphin. very rrruclr iii the Free II'i/lv class. Special National ('rirema Day preview screening. lidinbur'gli: MUM.

I Flirting With Disaster (the) (David (J. Russell. l'S. I996) Ben Stiller. Patricia Arquette. Tea Leoni. 92 mins. The second feattrre by the director of weird indie black comedy Spanking 'l‘lrt' .Ilonkev comes to Scotland for a National (‘inema Day one-off screening straight after closing this year‘s ('annes l‘ilm Festival. A neurotic yotrng mart dashes across America in search of his parents. with his pregnant wife and the woman of his dreams in row. Special National (‘inema Day preview screening. lidinburgh: (‘anreo

I French Twist (ittnrrr .I/utrt/ir ( lSl (Josraire lialasko. l’r‘ancc. I995) Victoria Abril. Josiairc Balzrsko. Alarrr (‘lrabat 105 mins. When her van breaks down outside the house of a conventional couple. cigar-choirrping btill dyke lIalasko brings a new variation of the menagea tiois into the lives of Abtrl and ('lrahat. A naughty. fun and eiigagiiigly I'TL'IICII sexual farce. filled with dynamic charactetisations. (ilasgow: (irosvenor. Edinburgh: ('ameo.

I From Dusk rIII Dawn (18) (Robert Rodriguez.

L'S. I996) (‘reorge (‘looney. Harvey Keitel. Quentin Tarantino. l()8 rrrins. For its first third. this ’l’arantino-scripted movie is a suspenseful kidnap thriller as two killers on the Hill ((‘looney and 'l‘ai'arrtinoi hole up with three hostages in a Mexican strip club. Then the tone changes into an sfs-heavy- vampire western as the clientele spring fangs. Repetition abotrnds in a messy. tedious affair that‘s neither scary nor funny. See review. (iener'al release.

I Gandhi (I’(i) (Richard Attenborough. l‘K. I983) Ben Kingsley. ('andiee Bergen. [Edward l-'o\. Trevor Howard. John Mills. 188 rrrins. ()scar' laden biopic of the great lndiarr leader and man of peace chronicles and clarifies the country‘s birth pains. Although the choice attracted some link. Kingsley gives an outstanding performance iii the title role. and packed out by star cameos the film has the feel of an old fashioned epic. But a good one. (ilasgow: (irosvenor.

I Geronimo: An American legend ( I1) (Walter llrll. [‘S. I994) Wes Studi. Jason l’atric. (iene llackriran. llS mms, It's clear that Hill sees (ieionimo. last of the Apache to surrender to the IS Army. as a proud. fear less and dangerous rebel. Str rvrirg for atrtlrerrtrcity and imbued with an unserrtrriiental respect for its subject. the frlrrr show s deep understanding over one of the most sharrieftrl episodes of ‘ethnrc cleansing' in Arnerrcarr history. (‘rlasgowt (il-‘l'.

I GOOdFCIIBS ( l3) (Martin Scorsese. l'b‘. I‘NOI Robert De Nrro. Ray l.iotta. Joe l’escr. Lorraine liiactt. l’arrl Sorvino. HS ririns. l.iotta play s lleniy Hill. a real-life uni/low. with De .\'iro as his rrrentor in crime. And while the bullets. fists and carving knives fly. Scorsese brings its back to that unavoidable question —- yes. it‘s glairiorotrs and lucrative to live this way. btrt can anyone really li\e with (he coiisetrtretrces'.’ Stratlrclyde: Magirtriri.

I A Booty Movie (1') (Kevin l.iiira. l‘S. l99tir The Disney cartoon star appears in his first feature length movie. and trnlrke his peers Mickey and Donald - who only ever got to ltave nephew \ -- plays a paternal role. (hit on a bonding trip to dissuade son Max from bccorrurig a tr‘otible-rrraker. (ioofy doesn't c\actly make for the world's coolest role model. Special National (‘ineiiia Day preview screenings. (ilasgow: MUM I’arkhead. lidinburglr: l‘f‘l. Sti‘.‘ithclyde: Kelbtrr'ne. ()deons. I'( ‘l\.

I Gregory's Girl (l’(il ( trill riots-ytlt. t'ls’. last i (iotdon John Sinclair. Dee Hepburn. (late

“5‘. J

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Soundtrack av libi-g .: " ... [s . r “Artificial Eye/M ‘- tr '

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