Aucus YOUNG was fourteen years old when big brother Malcolm suggested putting together a rock ’n’ roll combo. llaturally, the lad was still in short trousers. Nobody knows why he never made the switch to Levis, but thousands of itch fans worldwide are happy to indulge him in his schoolboy fantasy. Pack your satchel for a riff-roarin’ evening, when the band’s - ahem - Ballbreaker tour hits Glasgow this weekend. They won’t leave you shorts changed.

Ali/Dc play 5501:, Elasgoiv on Sat 1 June.

OMAN is a Frenchvvoman willing to suffer for her art. Those lines on her face are designed to steer a surgeon‘s blade. Though ()rlan works under local anaesthetic. she remains awake during her operations. which are often open to the public. or at least recorded on video. Her next session under the knife aims not to enhance her looks but less conventionally to expand her nose to its maximum capacity. The obvious question is WHY'.’ Orlan's theme. it seems. is the lengths to which some women (and these days men) will go to achieve beauty. But does ‘beauty‘ still mean anything in the post-modernist melee”? Take Botticelli‘s Venus. for example. ()rlan did that lump on her forehead is an implanted cast of Venus's chin.

()rlun 's Britt's/i (Io/ml. This Ix Mv Bot/v . . . This Is My .S‘ii/Iii'm't'. is a! Portfolio (iii/leer. Iz’z/I'Ii/imje/t, Sui l—Sur 29 Jim. SUV xil'l p/z't'it'ii'_fii/‘ more ()I'Ittllfltt'ls‘.

UNE DANClNG has been sweeping England for ten years: ALFRED HITCHCUCK is a director \vhose \Hil'is has ne\ er gone out of now it’s getting big in Scotland. Influenced by films like vogue. Today. the thrills are as spectacular and the suspense as knife- Urban Cowboy and Thelma And louise, - but mostly by edge as ever. ()ther l'ilnimakers‘ can adiiure. make reference to or satellite-borne Country Music Television - folk of all ages even unashamedly copy Hitch's greatest moments. but few can equal regularly don Stetsons and line up for Country & Western’s the master's playful touch. The problem is. outside of frequent answer to The Slosh. neioicing in names like Tush Push, television screenings of all the old favourites. it‘s almost impossible Waltz Across Texas and Wrangler Cha Cha, line dances to see Hitchcock's \sork tip on the big screen. ill a decent print. come in a range of styles as wide as an Arizona skyline. feeling the tension creep round the cinema as the audience holds lls‘ ‘There are from 18 to over 100 steps per dance and there breath. Fans are lll lme tor a treat in June. as he“ prints are released must be about 2000 dances,’ says cheery undertaker’s ol- the classic lill'llit'l' Nun/i In Nun/m m and / (whim i intent-WM assistant Liz Clarke, who teaches three weekly classes, and examination or the nature of guilt. \vhich l‘orms one strand ot~ Robert is to lead Big Big Line Dancing at Glasgow’s Big Big Country Lepage's debut lilm. 'I'lit' (Hill/cumin!!! are re-released. while a new music festival this weekend. Beginners are welcome, but print of lee/m t u and the National iiilm mam t- pill]! or .llurliii' no one’s allowed to stay in the saddle. “‘You’re not sitting make short \ lslls to Glasgov' in July r.-\lan Morrison) there table dancing,” i tell them,’ says “I. Nun/i l)‘\'.\'urI/1iitdil l\ (1/ Edinburgh l-‘i/m/iuuw from Hi'(/ 5 (UNI I/It’

Big Big line Dancing is at the Old Fruitmarket, (I/u wan l-‘ilm ’l'ln'urrv 7mm Sun 1‘!) Junta / (1 Wm .w in i/lt’ (il-"I‘

Glasgow, on Sat 1 June [mm .lluli 34 (Hill l'i/Iii/muu' fl'rllll I’m 25’ leit'.

2 The List 3| May-l3 Jun I996