from The Garage. Jtist the Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 226 467‘) and Tower Records. Argyle Street. 204 2500. Accessible rock/rap crossover act whose ‘No Fronts“ single made the charts earlier this year. Support from Wales' hyper- t'ockin' l)tihwar and straight-edged hardcore comho Understand.

I Super Furry Animals arid The Diggers Kitig Tut's Wah Walt Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £5. Tickets froin King Tut's and Just the Ticket. Virgin. l'nion Street. 220-107”.

Maximum imaginative overdrive frotn the

Super Furrvs. whose Furrv [tie/e alhtim

hits heeii getting tlte credit 11 tleseryes. See

pre\ iew. Support from lahelniates atid local lads The Diggers who will seduce with their classic melodies.

I Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now The Philadelphia Story (ilasgow Royal Concert Hall. Satichiehall Street. 7.30pm. 1: l-l/£ l 3/£l 1. Tickets from the ho\ office and the Ticket Centre. (‘andleriggs. 227 551 1.Trihtite to the Philly sound featuring Harold ‘1)on’t leave Me This Way Melvin & The Blue Notes. Sheila Ferguson of The Three Degrees and McFadden and \\’hitehead.

I Spong and Skingame Ramsliorn Theatre. lngram Street. 552 343‘). 8.30pm. £2.

I Die Happy Kilkennys. .loliti Street. 552 3505. 0pm. Free.

I Hideaway Blues Band The lirewliouse. .lohii Street. 552 3801. 5 7pm. Free.

I A Glasgow Kiss The lirewliouse. John Street. 552 3S0l. ‘)pm. Free. Hard rock. I The Outpatients MacSorleys. Jamaica Street. 221 840‘). ‘)pm. Free.

I The Freebooters .\lc(‘huills. High

Street. 552 2135. 10pm. Free.

I Rough Justice Wolhurn's Wharf. Yoker

Ferry Road. 95‘) 201(i. 9.30pm. Free. I Molly Splash Boon's Yard. ('athcat't Road. (i4‘) 0134. ‘ipm. Free.

2. f 3‘ J

I Cloverhill, Fruitcake and Bedhead Fast Kilhride Arts Centre. ()ld (‘oach Road. Fast Mains. Fast Kilhride. 013552 29771. 8pm. £3 (£21. Mainstream pop/rock with a funky edge from Fruitcake.

I live MUSiC The Hall Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. ‘l..30ptii. Free.


I Meadows Festival The Meadows.

1 lam (ipni. Free. The annual Meadows festival featuring a host of local hands including the fantastically funk} (iroovetunnel who will he proudly

show casing material from their dehtit alhtim /.flt'll ('/t.'. (iilded l.ll. who will no doiiht he trying to rid themselves ot the (iarhage comparisons that ha\e heeii dogging them of late. and Dominic \Vaung lyrical who'll he serving tip their t‘ectiliarl). fetching stop- start. medieval folkj. loony tunes. l’ltis. the (‘oyote Quintet. .'\nd_\ (innit and The Truth Hand and (‘oolgroov c

I The Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra \Vhistlc Binkies. Niddry Street. 55” 5114. ‘lptn Free. ('ra/y ceilidli thrash} folk with a name that no one ever knows how to \pe‘ll (lt‘lilllllch‘l).

I Hooton 3 Car, Apple Orchard and Chicane (‘as Rock (iafe. West Port. 22‘) 4341. 10pm. £3.50. Modern (ireeii l)ay - style punk frotn the headliners who have won a place iii .lohii l’eel's heait. with stll‘hort from ('liicatie. local hardcore hoys on Fdinhtirgh's lltiiiiaii (‘ondition lahel. See Singles re\ iew for the verdict on their latest triaterial.

I Zone (‘il‘i't‘lltllSlL “est 'l‘ollcross. 223 3252. 9pm 3am. £5. .-\cross-the~hoard cahat'et.

I Surf City Rockers The Tap ()'l.atiriston. l.auriston Place. 22‘) 4041. 8pm. ’I‘rashy. tlirashy rockahilly hand front Newcastle.

I The Johnson Brothers St. James ()ystet‘ liar. (‘alton Road. 55~ 2025 ‘)pm. Free.

Featuring: George Bensonta iuiy]*BBG Big Bandit iulyl Chris Barber’s Jazz & Blues Bandta iuly] Roy Ayers [:3 iulyi*Betty Carterta iuiyi*l\/lingus Big Bandt7 julyl Flay Brown*l\/loGoy Tyner with'lVliohaeI Breaker

Empire State Sextet with Piandy Breeker

Orchestre National de Jazz

P'US *Jazz Meets the Symphony [Lalo Schifrin & RENO]

I 1.05 Supremos west iihti ()y s‘lc‘l' liar. \Vesl Maillantl Street. 2.35 3301. 10.30pm. l'il'k‘t‘.

I Hot Tomales Queen Street Oyster Bar. Queen Street. 22h 2530. 10pm. Free. Harmonica flavoured hliies action.

I Live Music .-\hhey. South (‘lerk Street. NW 3023. S30pni. Free


I Big Big Country See separate listings. I Dog Eat Dog, Sugar Ray aitd Mudshark The (iarage. Sauchieltall Street. 332 1120. 7pm. £8. 30 plus hooking fee. Tickets from The (iarage. Jiist the Ticket. Virgin. lillion Street. 220 407‘) and Tower Records. .-\i‘g_\le Street. 204 2500 See Sat 1 for Dog Fat Dog. Siippoit from (ilasgm‘r's nononsensc rockers \ltidsltark.

I Spacehog King has wah wah lltit. St

*Latin Jazz [Flora Purim, Gonzalo Bubaloaba] *Jazz on a Summer’s Evening at Princes Sq [Great British Jazz Band] *Ella Fitzgerald’s Songbook*The Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong *Jazz Fusion [Mike Stern, Yellowjackets]

*Martin Taylor*James Morrison*Bob Berg *Jazz & Poetry [Tommy Smith and Edwin Morgan] *Jazz Club Night [Strange Fruit] ‘96 *Free Jazz On the Beaten Track - and much more

.. .. . .. .. .. a? '2 't It "I‘ 7V 1 A .i', g 1 ,, " ,-; N _,/3 I, \4 ‘,,.'.:'i ,.‘, - ’l'.‘ (,li'r \/ \ '. ' ‘A ,c"’."‘ V 7‘) “’ _a "tee (£95354 '~'~{;~ rig: ngalf‘h ~ K»; We; rdg-v‘CI-J a ~:;~(.y-.’——— ..—3 ~ 9—1—2 magi-#4.; K9.(~.€.é’lt itr’fQ—(u‘i'fn’. " //.} 'f .' ‘3, - (A, [es/“x. Q}: I :(,‘\,y,‘\' / J fw/ns' /' o r") I .’t ray; .' 7 3 :'. 7x; ./I wen/iv! 1&9in s10 iUkV/l/ l JIM/{‘0' / "'4‘ . 7///’) // j.’:‘~ii.'v\..i' “I \/,' hf H {’/: A/ '\‘\//'\\—/V/ ‘1' .‘J'

rife—1.5” -. ". CC?! .’—1 if"? 9:" 121,153

.I.\ 3/ ‘\'//:_}l f]

Linger on Hugh Reed’s pale blue Ys, Glasgow, Sun 2

Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £5.

Tickets from King Tut’s and Just the

Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 226 467‘). Quartet featuring four Yorkshire lads who originally met up iii the States and have done remarkath successfully over there. How will Britain take to their dehtit Rein/ell! xi/it'lt'.’

I Smug, The Tide, Sahara Jack and The Shitrens The lirewhouse. .lohii Street. 552 3801. 0pm. Free.

I Jamie Barnes And Cochise MacSorley's. Jamaica Street. 221 849‘). ‘)pm. Free. Veteran hluesman.

I itth Reed And The Velvet Underpants (‘onnelly 's'. Nicolson Street. (ireenock. 01475 888 ‘)72. Crazy name. crazy Ys.


I Meadows Festival The .‘Vleadows. 2piti--(ipm. Free. Local hands singalotig iii the sun thopefullyi. Featuring Sedenka. The l’eathog Fairies. In Room! and the ever popular Mystery Juice.

l" 7/ I“, IVAN

The List 31 .\1ay- l 3 Jtiii NW) 47