Dates listed below are for one-oft shows: see separate section for residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least, one week before publication. Jazz listings compiled by Kenny Mathieson.



I Mornington lockett Basement Jan. The Ratnshorn Theatre. Ingram Street. info on 887 4 33. ltlpm - lam. £5 (£3.50). Powerful and passionate post-bop saxophone froin this London-based player. joined for the occasion by the excellent David Milligan Trio. featuring Brian Shiels on bass. and drummer John Rae.

I Jam Session Pizza Express. |5l Queen Street. 22l 3333. ltlpm. £5. including aperitif. call for reservations. Tonight's session features the House Trio with a number of the emerging young talents on the Glasgow scene.


I Humphrey Lyttelton Band Kind of Blue. Queen's llall. (‘lerk Street. 668 201‘). 8.30pm. l.yttelton and his various crews have set a high standard at the forefront of British traditional and mainstream jazl. for four decades now. and if the strains of passing time are showing more often. they remain a highly listenable outfit. llumph is joined in the front-line by veteran Scots clarinet and saxman Jimmy llastings‘. with Kathy Stobart on tenor and baritone saxes. Pete Strange on trombone. Ted Beament ill the piano seat previously occupied by lidinburgli's Stan (’ireig. John Rees Jones on bass. and drummer Adrian Macintosh. I Gary’s Notebook (A lee Morgan Tribute) Henry‘s (‘ellar Bar. 8 l6 Morrison Street (opp MGM cinema). 22l I288. 9.3(lplll-ltllll. £3 (£2). Bass player Gary liimister is a big Lee Morgan fan. and has been preparing this tribute to the great trumpeter over the last three months or so. The final line—up is still to be confirmed. but John Rae will be in the drum seat for what should be an exciting s‘cl.



I Tom Bancroft Quartet Pizza lixpress. ' |5l Queen Street. 22l 3333. 9pm. £5. including aperitif. call for reservations. Drummer Tom Bancroft leads his folk- influenced contemporary jazz outfit. featuring brother Phil on saxophones.

SUNDAY 2 Edinburgh

I Jazz Market and Jam Session Henry 's Cellar Bar. S~ l6 Morrison Street (opp MGM cinema). 22] I288. 2pm-—7.3()pm.

£2 (L‘l ). The new format for the afternoon session will feature a young or under- exposed band in the opening half of the session. with a more open jam session from 5.30pm. The Dave Wilde Jazz Unit. led by a tenor saxman w ith SYJQ connections. are the band for the next two weeks. with Salsa (,‘eltica's (iny Nicholson leading the jam. The evening set features the Gary Fimister Trio l‘)plll~l:.5(ltllll. £2). with David Milligan on piano. and either John Rae or Paddy l—‘laherty on drums. with an increasinglv large number of guest musicians dropping by to sit in.

MONDAY 3 Edinburgh

I lindsay Cooper’s Free Underground Henry's Cellar Bar. Morrison Street (opp MGM cinema). 22] I288. 9pm -lam. £2. Bass and tuba player Lindsay Cooper leads a session devoted to free jtl/l. improvisation and experimental music.

I Kings of the Wild Frontier l‘iat Sam‘s Down Town Diner. 56—58 Fountainbridge. 223 3| 1 l. 8pm. No cover charge. call for reservations. Blues trio.

TUESDAY 4 Edinburgh

I The Goolgroove Henry's (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street (opp MUM cinema). 22l 1288.0pma-lam. £3. l-‘unk grooves meet jazz soloing in this powerhouse band. featuring the compositions of guitarist Kevin MacKenzie. with Colin Steele (trumpet). Russell (‘ovvieson (sax ). Dave :Milligan (piano). John Spiers (bass guitar). and laiti (‘opeland (drums).

I The Dreamliners Pat Sam‘s- Down Town Diner. 56 5S l-‘oun(ainbridge. 22S 3| | 1. 7.30pm. No cover charge. call for reservations. Swing. jump-jive and 50s rock.

MEIE- Edinburgh

I Bussell Cowieson Duartet Henry‘s Cellar Bar. Morrison Street (opp MGM cinetna). 22l l2S’S. 9pm - lam. £3. The Cowieson Quartet's stay in the Wednesday night slot has been evtended by popular demand. as befits one of the tightest and most imaginative contemporary ja// outfits on the Scottish scene. The saxophonist is joined by pianist Brian Kellock. Kenny bills on bass. drumtner John Rae. and a special guest each week.

I Fat Sam’s Band l‘at Sam's Down Town Diner. 56 --5S l-‘ountainbridge. 28 3| | |. Spin. No cover charge. call for reservations. va ing and jump—jive.



I Violet Leighton Trio Pil/a livpress. (St Queen Street. 22l 3333. 9pm. :3. including aperitif. call for reservations. Singer Violet |.eighton is winning a lot of friends at the moment with her powerful take on the jaw. blues and-gospel traditions.


I Gail McArthur and Friends Tron .la/l Cellar. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh llouse. Hunter Square. 22() I550. 8.30pm. {-1 (£3). Saxt.)phonist (Jail Mc.»\r(hur returns from Berklee to lead her band in a showcase for her own compositions. as part of the Kind of Blue festival. She will be joined by fellow Berklee student Laura MacDonald as a special guest. providing a rare opportunity to hear these two ground- breaking young Scottish sasvvotnen on the same stage.

I salsa Celtica llenry 's (’ellar Bar. 8-» l6 Morrison Street (opp MUM cinema). 22] I288, ‘).3()pm—|2.3l):im. £3. The band place a greater emphasis on the (all rather than salsa side of their innsic in this but expect their Usual |.atin groove to be much in evidence as well.

I Peristalsis Brothers l'at Sam's Dow n Towrt Diner. 56 ~58 l-ountainbridge. 22S 3| | 1. 8pm. No cover charge. call for reservations, Swrng.


I Scottish National Jazz Orchestra

Dundee Rep 'l‘heatre. Tay Square. () l 382 223530. Spin. .-\ little north of our usual catchment area. but this Dundee Jan. liestival concert marks art historic debut for Scotland's first ever professional national ja/x orchestra. led by Tommy Smith. The S.\'J() seem likely to become an integral part of the Scottish ja/x scene. and they will be appearing in both the Glasgow and lidinburgh jaH. festivals over the summer. The Dundee .la// l‘estiv‘al also features (‘arol Kidd (Tue ‘1). Savourna Stevenson with .-\|y Barn (Wed 5). bluesnian ()tis Grand (lit 7) and .-\bdul|ah Ibrahim (Sat .S‘


I The Coolgroove Basement .la//. the Ramshorn Theatre. Ingram Street. info on SS7 .1733. |()pm- lam. {-1 (£3). See Tue -1. I Jam Session Pix/a l{\piess. l5| Queen Street. 221 33 33. lllpm. L5. including aperitif. call for reservations. Bobby Wishart is masterminding the jam sessions. in vvlnch the House Trio will be joined by high quality guests from the Scottiin _ia// scene.


I Abdullah Ibrahim Kind of Blue. (ieorge Square Theatre. (ieorge Square (lidinburgh 't'niversity'). (Spin. ‘2” t £5 i. The final Kind of Blue concert moves to an unaccustomed v enue for a solo recital by this immensely popular South African pianist. Ibrahim made his initial reputation as Dollar Brand II] the 60s. and has gone on to btiild that breakthrouin into an international reputation The music (if his native SA colours all .lsl‘ccts of his vibrant. melodic and at times rather over-indulgent music. If yoti can't make the gig. Ibrahim also closes the Dundee .la// l-estiv‘al at the Rep Theatre on Sat S. I Gary’s Notebook (A Lee Morgan Tribute) Henry's ('ellar Bar. (S l6 Morrison Street (opp MUM cinema). 221 I288, 9.3(lpin— lam. £3. See |-'ri 3|.

I Tweed Valley Jazz Band \"ictoria Park Hotel. 22l l‘erry Road. itifo 55l I237. Spm. £6.50. The Borders supply tonight‘s swinging traditional ja/zers in the latest of Capital Ja/z's presentations at this venue.


Glasgow I Nigel Clark Duartet l’iI/a l'ispress. l5|

Queen Street. 22l 3333. 9pm. :5. including aperitif. call for reservations. .-\ variation on the guitarists current electric quintet. featuring trumpeter Tom Mc.\'iven.


I St Stephens Street New Orleans Stompers St Margaret's (’hurclr. Restalrig Road South. 554 7-100. 2.3()pm. £3.50. .-\n evening of New Orleans sly leja// fills the second of two concerts at (his church (the first. on Sat 2. features bluegrass and gospel from ()kefenokee). with proceeds

see l'il‘l 7 ).

Mornlngton glory: Mr Lockett blows his horn in Glasgow on Fri 31

going to church funds. The aim is to establish the church as a regular venue for a wide cross-section of tttus‘ic.

minn— Edinburgh

I Jazz Market and Jam Session Henry‘s ('ellar Bar. 8 -I6 Morrison Street (opp MUM cinema). 22l 2S8. See Sun 2.

MONDAY 10 Edinburgh

I lindsay Cooper’s Free Underground Henry's (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street (opp MCiM cinema). 22l 2S8. 0pm lam. £3. See Moll .3.

I Blue Hyenas liat Sam‘s Down Tow n Diner. 56 5S l-ountainbridge. 22S 3| ll. (Spin. .\'o cover charge. call for reservations. Blues.

I The Monday Lizard Trav ei-se ‘i'tieaire. If) ('ambridge Street. 22S |-1()J.

.S H) 3|)pm, :\n experimental jaH theatre performance night vv lnch offers Scottish writers and their audience an informal platform to try otit their work. alongside or in collaboration with jam and new intisic. but go along if you want to check it out. but ll you are interested in contributing either w rtting or music. contact the 'l‘raverse's dramturg. lilla \Vildr‘idge. on 225’ 3223

[DEEME— Edinburgh

I The Coolgroove Henry‘s ( 'ellar Bar. Morrison Street (opp MUM cinemau 22l |2S.\’. ‘lptn lam. (.3 (£2). See The J.

I Picante l'at Sam's Down Town Diner. 56 5S l‘tiuntainbridge. 22\ 3| 1 l. 7.3tlpm. No cover charge. call for reservations. l.atin ja//.

W Edinburgh

I Gauld Blast Orchestra/Simon Thoumire Three Tray ersc Theatre. (‘ambridge Street. 28 MN. 7.45pm. £8 (£5). Presented and recorded for future broadcast by BBC Radio 3. leading Scots ja/z/folk' synthesists.

I Russell Cowieson Duartet Henry ‘s (‘ellar Bar. Morrison Street lopp MGM cinema). 221 I288. ‘lpm lain. £3. See \Vc‘tl 5.

I Fat Sam’s Band l‘at Sam's Down Town Diner. 56 5S l5oun(ainbridge. 22S 3| ll. .Spm. No cover charge. call for reservations. Swing and jump-jive.

Glasgow I Bobby Wishart and Jacky Murray l’i//a

lixpress. l5| Queen Street. 22l 3333. 9pm. £3. i: :luding aperitif. call for reservations. .-\ popular tlllt . featuring Bobby on keyboards and Jacky on trombone and vocals.


The last 3| May-l3 Jun “)96 55