I EDINBURGH FESTIVAL THEATRE l3/2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. [Access: L. Facilities: WC. WS. AS. H. C. T. Help: A] Ferry ’Cross The Mersey Until Sat 1 Jun. Fri 8pm; Sat opal/9pm. £6.50—£l7.50. A little older. a little rounder but still ferrying after all these years. tlte legendary Gerry Marsden and his hard- wearing Pacetnakers return to gladden your heart with the real tale of the Merseybeat phenomenon. featuring the chart-topping hits of The Searchers. Cilla Black. The Shangri-l .a's. The Fab Four and more.

Cinderella Tue 4—Sat S Jun. 7.30pm: Thurs mat 2pm/Sat mat 2.30pm. USO—£22.50. See Dance.

Something Wonderful Sun 9 Jun. 7.30pm. £6504; 17.50. (iii/I. Jakt' '.\' Progress and erstwhile Citirt'it Smith star Robert Lindsay takes a string of leads in this tribute to the love songs of those two Mr Musicals. Rodgers and Hammerstein. Lovestruck numbers include 'l‘nt Just A Girl Who Can't Say .\’o‘ from ()lt'ltthonla.’ and ‘Some Fnchanted livening' from South Pacific with Deborah (The King A/lt/ I) Myers playing girl to Lindsay's boy.

CanOoCo Dance Company Tue I I Jun. 7.30pm. £3.50—-£().50. See Dance and Frontlines.

La Traviata Thurs l3 .lun. 7.15pm. £8.50—£3S.50. See Classical 8: Opera listings.

I KING’S THEATRE 2 Leven Street. 220 434‘). [Access: R. l.. Facilities: WC. H. G: AA]

A Bed Full Of Foreigners tintil Sat 1 Jun. Fri 7.30pm; Sat 5pm/Spm. £5.50 £9.50. Dave Freeman's sattcy West End comedy featuring an attractive. scantily clad young woman and a succession of men who. oops. all end up in the wrong bed in their French hotel.

Plan 9 From Outer Space Mon 3—Sat 8 Jun. Mon—Fri 7.30pm; Sat 5pm/Spm. £5—£l-l.50. Cross-dressing. cult movie director lid Wood's infamous Plan 9 From ()lllt’l' Spare commonly held to be the worst film ever made —- makes a quantum leap from screen to stage to become a crazy. mad musical starring Luke (ioss (one half of where-are-they-now popsters Bros) and Adele Anderson (of Fascinating Aida). Phone the Plan ‘) From ()uter Space Festival hotline (0131 22‘) l20l) for details of other exciting lid Wood- related events heading into hyperspace in the first week of .llitl. See Film listings for Catneo screenings of B-movies. Clttbs listings for details of party on Wed 5 and Frontlines for an interview with Plan 9's star Luke Cioss.

The Golden Age Of Variety \Vcd l2—Sat

l5 Jun. Wed—Sat 7.30pm: Thurs/Sat mat 2.30pm. £6.50—£‘).50. Duggie Chapman claims to have ‘Variety's greatest stars' tip his sleeve in this family show featuring Vince Hill. Russ Conway. Norman Collier and full supporting company.

I HETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE 43 High Street. 556 ()57‘). [Access: ST. R. L. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: A. AA]

Hoggie’s Angels Wed l2—Sat 22 Jun. 7.30pm. £4.50 (£3). Scenes from the tough lives of Midlothian tattie workers in the 30s and 40s act as the focus for listelle Van Warmello‘s new play by the

pro essional/non-professional actors of First Base Theatre Company.

I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE (ireensitle Place. 557 2590. [.Access: R. l..

Facilities: WC. WS. (3. C]

The Phantom of the Opera tFtttll Sat 0 Jul. Mon-Sat 7.30pm. Wed/Sat mat 2.30pm. £5—£27.50. Lloyd Webber‘s blockbusting musical about the beautiful opera singer and the disfigured young composer hiding ottt ill the sewers below the Paris ()pera House just keeps on rtmning.

I ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Street. 22‘) 9697. lAcess: P. l.. Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. T. Help: A. AM Closed Suns.

Pentecost Until Sat 1 Jun. 7.45pm.

£4- £9. (,‘oncluding the Lyceum's esciting Best ()f'l'ht' Rest season is this contribution from Northern Ireland's Rough Magic Theatre Company. Written by Stewart Parker. and directed by his niece. Lynn Parker. it focuses on five people stuck among the sectarian strife ill Belfast.

Rough Crossing Fri 7--Sat 2‘) .lun. 8pm: Sat l5/Wed l‘)/Sat 22 that 2.30pm.

£4—£ 14. Kenny lrelantl directs the Royal Lyceum company in Tom Stoppard‘s comedy about two writers who have till the end of a transatlantic cruise to finish a play and sort out some turbulent intra-cast romances. See preview.

I TELFORO COLLEGE Crew Road South. 332 249i. Tickets on the door.

The Tempest Until Fri 3| .‘vlay. 7pm. £2.50 (£1.50). 'l‘elford College's performing arts students give a contemporary overhaul to Shakespeare's last play. set on a remote island where exiled Milanese aristocrat Prospero uses magical powers to wreak revenge on his ancient enemies.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 Hamilton Place. 226 5425. [Access: PPA. ST. R. Facilities: WC. WS. H. (’i. C. Help: AAI Virtual Morality l’ntil Sat l Jun. Spin. £6.50 (£3). Young. tip-for-it physical

theatre outfit Kaos combine two tests dealing with human isolation Isle Of Dogs by Xavier Leret and Sonmgvi 's .lloimlogut' by Stewart Harcourt. Playback Tue 1 1 «Wed l2 Jun. Spm. £6.50 (£3). A truly interactive theatre experience frotn Moscow Playback Theatre. with you. the audience dictating the story you want to see on stage. It‘s all very good for the soul. apparently. which is why Wellspring. the Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling. has invited Playback to participate in events arid settlinars around lidinburgh.

No Expense Spared 'l‘ltttrs- l3---Sat l5 Jun. Spm. £6.50 (£3). Comedy Award winner and BBC Comic Strip writer Morag l‘ullarton teams up with stalwart Scottish company Wildcat in a modern Machiavellian comedy of bribery and corruption in Kinkeith local council.

I TRAVERSE THEATRE Cambridge Street. 223 1401. [Accesst l.. l'iétcililic‘si l.. Facilities: \\'(‘. WS. ll. (i. (‘1 Closed Mons.

Sharp Shorts Fri 3| .\lay Sun 0 Jun (free preview Fri 3l ). 8pm. £7 (£3.50/£2): all tickets half-price Sun 2lt1n Sparky little programme of quick-fire shorts commissioned by the 'l'raverse from eight of Scotland's most original writers. including lattice (ialloway. Duncan McLean. Kath llowden and Ali Smith. See preview.

Witch Ooctor Thurs l3 Sun lo ltm. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). See Touring. Engender Dialogues Mon 3 Jun. Spm. £4 (£3). The 'Ii'it'k Is 72) Keep b’rt'al/ti/tg author Janice (ialloway reads from her work at the women-only talking shop. A chance to ask her about ‘Fall’. her angst- ridden contribution to Sharp Shorts. Voices From Black Canyon Tue 4 Jun. 7.30pm. Free. Toby At'tnour‘s play is the latest work to be aired with a view to subsequent production at the Traverse. The Monday lizard Mon l0 .lun. S-‘l().3()pm. Free. liverything's gone beatnik-shaped down ill the 'l‘raverse cafe- bar. at the monthly jail/theatre performance platform for Scottish playwrights/iltusictans and their audiences. Call lilla \\'ildridge on 228 3223 if you've something any to contribute.

CENTRAL ._ , - .

I MACROBERT ARTS CEHTRE University of Stirling. Stirling. l)l7S() .l()ll)Sl. [Accessz P. PPA. l.. R. Facilities: \\'(‘. WS. H. (il

Chance Your Arm t’ttttl Sat I .ittn. 7.30pm. £7 (£5). See Classical (K' ()pera listings.


it theatre this fortnl

Catch t

Marion ltilpatrlek HI Comedy: The Stand The club has

gone from strength to strength in its short life: it‘s just opened a second venue. and two regular performers recently made it into the finals of national comedy awards. Frankie Boyle won the Scottish semi-final of the Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award: Man'an Kilpatrick scooped the semi-final ofthe BBC Comedy Award at Mayfest. You can catch both - and others at The Stand this fortnight. See review. WJ. ' Christie Zs/Moscow Bar, Edinburgh. I Airport Suspect Culture. the inventive company led by writer David Greig and actor/director Graham Eatough. with a new show about intemational identity. The company includes three performers from Madrid. See preview. 'I‘ramway Glasgow: I Parallel lines Music-theatre adaptation of the final chapter of James Joyce‘s Ulysses, presented by Glasgow-based Theatre Cryptic. See preview. 'I'ramway. Glasgow. I Sharp Shorts A programme of fifteen-minute plays by eight of Scotland’s most exciting young writers. including Duncan McLean, lattice Galloway, Ali Smith and Kathryn Howden. See preview.

'l'raverse Theatre. Edinburgh. lwl Plan 9 From Outer Space Ed Wood‘s notoriously bad B movie makes that tricky conversion to stage musical. with former Bros drummer Luke Goss in the starring role. See Frontlines. King Is Theatre. Edinburgh; King Is Theatre. Glasgow.

be found in the listings above.

"Th-tirsdayTiwj Friday 7

An Evening Of Scnility i An livening ()f Senility

im—satiridayé '

An Evening Of Senility

For events at Community Centres and other venues, see detailed listings elsewhere in this section. For details of cabaret and music events see appropriate listings. Performances shown in brackets are previews.

Sunday9 f Monday 1O Tuesdayli

_ l

Plait 9 . . . ! Plan ‘) . . .

I The Birthday Party

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow’s and Edinburgh’s main theatres, more information can

Wéilii‘esd—ay’i‘il Thursday't's

Plan 9 . .

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party

i . Swan Lake Swan Lake I— u n L Pygmalion l_flml’yggmalipnnwhm3 Pygmalion Parallel Lines Parallel Lines _ Parallel Lines __ ~— i i Airport ' Airl’m"

- Jaleo .laleo —- Cinderella Cinderella __»Cin<lerella _ Sotnething Wonderful W” (‘anDoCo l_-_~_-_u_'—____A"_l See Classical Plan 9. . . Plan 9 . . . . Plan '9 ~ Golden Age”... The (iolden Age . . .

Phantom . . . I___.l:ll:llll(_)_ll_iu. . . Phantom . . . Phantom . . . g V l’liiit‘ilthll Phantom . . . i I _ l’liil—iiltliT-T;;. _

_ Rough Crossing Rough Crossing RotighfiClrossi‘ngh RoughCrossing H"..R_t)_tig_h”Cfls;s_i_t_tgw_-i Rough-Crossing- » _

- i _ _ Playback 3 Playback No Fxpcnfe Spared

Sharp Shorts Sharp Shorts Sharp Shorts Sharp Shorts —. Witch Doctor

The List 3| May- I 3 Jun NW) 53