Regular weekly clubs plus one-off events are listed by city, then by day, then alphabetically by title. Clubs will be listed, provided that up-to-date details reach our offices at least seven days before publication. Club listings compiled by Rory Weller and Jim Byers.


I The Ark at The Tunnel. l().3()ptn—3am. £5 (£3). A dressed-up crowd get down in this award-winning venue to the hard(ish) house sounds of DJ Michael Kilkie and Scott Mackay. Duncan Reid and Simon Foy in Room 2. All drinks £1 before l2.3()am.

I Asylum Allnighter at The Asylutn (Caledonian University). 9pm—6am. £6 (Tickets from Fopp. 23rd Precinct. The Bedsit and The Asylum). 31 May only. End of term party with drutn 'n‘ bass room hosted by Logical Progression featuring LTK Bukem. Peshay (misunderstood rich junglist). Tayla. Mike Bolton and MC Conrad. Goa trance room is by Return to the Source with Chrisbo. PSI Wilde and Tristan Spacchopper. Asylum DJs in the party room.

I Bar 10 8pm ~close. Free. Kick the weekend right off with Stevie Donaldson's pub set from mellow to hard house. Pre-club.

I Bennet’s l lpm—3am. £4. Gay. Commercial dance with a hi—NRG slant and pop.

I Club Apt at The Apartment.

l lpm—3am. £6. DJ Graham Wilson on a funk and soul tip. Two for the price of one Happy Hour ll.3()pm—l2.3()am.

I Club X llpm—3am. £4 (£3). Gay. Happy house and nu-NRG from DJ Amar. £1.25 bottles of Becks.

I Colours and Ministry of Sound at The Sub Club. llpm—3am. 3l May only. Tim Delux and Jazzy M. the young gun Ministry DJs in the house.

I Exotica at The CCA Cafe Bar. 9.30pm—midnight. Andy Divine eases your listening into the weekend. Pre-club. I Fluid at R.G.'s. Spin—midnight. Free. Dancey weekend warmer frotn DJs Mack and Tosh. Pre-club.

I Friday Feelgood at Cotton Club. llpm—3am. £4 (£2.50 with matric card). Nae messin‘. know every tune. indie dance and pop night. £l bottled beer and vodka.

I Friendly Fire at The Hive. Glasgow University Union. l()pm——2am. £2. (students arid guests only). Poppy. studenty. indie—y. bouncy tracks for the student with no money for a taxi into town.

I Global Village at The Corner Bar. ()ptn—midnight. Free. Club Havana presents world. Latin. jazz. and jive with the eternally pouring DJ Jazz on the decks. Pre-club.

I Ground Control at The Whisky Bar. Rpm—close. Free. DJ Norden and Kevin with dub. hip hop and jungle. Pre-club. I It at The Arena. llpm—3.30am. £5 (£4). DJ Kara and Wilba (RAD. Club 69) with a weekly event mixing up old school and new electro funk.

I Katch Vs The Cathouse Cathouse. llpm—3am. £3 (£2). Indie Vs Rock.



If you are thinking of setting up your own club, making a record or launching a record label, Scotland’s hottest club night involves the Dance Music Seminar at the Arches, Glasgow.

The idea behind the event organised by the music industry’s regulatory bodies, is to create an opportunity to discuss topical issues such as how to ensure that recording artists receive the money due from the use of their music.

Staged by the Performing Rights Society, the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society and Phonographic Performances Limited, the seminar will present two panels, both chaired by Ewan Mcleod from Chartbite. The first will feature a discussion about the ‘industry’ side of the dance scene, with reps from the various regulatory bodies examining publishing, broadcasting, licensing and distribution rights.

The second will consider the ‘creative’ side of dance music, with Billy Kiltie (23rd Precinct/limbo Records), Paul Ludford (Rezerection), Dave Clarke (Soma Records), Billy Graham (MB), Yogi llaughton (DJ) and Jamie Raeburn (Clubscene) exploring some of the myths that surround issues such as clearing samples and obtaining royalties.

Dave Clarke, head of Soma Records explains: ‘This forum is essential for newer and less experienced labels as well as others in the industry to discuss all the questions that you're scared to ask in a friendly environment.’

Yogi Raughton: knowing the pitfalls

Well over 500 people attended last year’s seminar in London showing the level of interest and the need for the dance community to address such issues. This event, the first of three planned for this year, brings the debate to Scotland for the first time.

As Yogi Raughton says: ‘lt’s crucial for anyone who’s tninking about making music or setting up their own label to find out about the pitfalls involved in the process so they don’t end up getting ripped off. Also, people need to know who organisations like the PRS, MCPS and PPL are, because at the end of the day, they’re actually all on your side.’ (Jim Byers)

The Arches, Glasgow, Wed 12 June, 6.30pm. For more info, call 0181 769 7702.

I Logical Progression at The sub (‘itth llpm—4am. £6 (£5 ). 7 Jun. Jungle/drum 'n' bass night set fora monthly residency featuring l.TJ Bukem. Mike Bolton (PFM). DJ (Speed) and Colin Gate. I Love Bug at The Garage. l().3()pm--3am. £3 (£4). DJ Graeme with an eclectic mix of good time party tunes. Vodka mix £l. Grolsch and Gold Bier £l before 12.30am.

I Maxaluna 9pm—close. Free. light house music so you don't end up on‘thc rocks. Pre-club.

I Moio’s ()pin—midnight. Free. DJ Nick bringing you the renowned Mojo vibe. Pre-club.

I October Cafe Spin—close. Free. Stevie Middleton with ‘the ultimate pre-club nite'. Pre-club.

I Orange Peel at The Bedsit. 9pm -2am. £3. 7 Jun only. Funky techno.

I Parklife at Rooftops. l().3()pm-«3ain. £3.50 (£3). Glasgow's first and foremost Britpop night playing classic pop/mod/indie sounds from the 6()s to the 90s. Drinks promos.

I Phar Out at Glasgow School of Art. l lpm 2.30am. £2.50. Deep dub and drum ‘n' bass. Resident DJ Paul (‘awlcy is joined every week by guest DJs.

I Radio City in The Attic. l().3()pm 3am. £3 (£2). The original retro clttb. packed otit every week. Stax. Motown. Stones. The Who etc.

I Rat Trap l().3(le 3am. £3. Three floors of rock. Studio One.” Inches. .\’l.\' kinda stuff; Studio Two: The Batcave. DJ (.‘hristine goes (itilll; Silltlit) Three: Professor Nutbutters House of Treats. rap. funk and hardcore.

I Reds llpm 3am. £5 (£3 for students before midnight). liasy going tnix of disco. funk and chart dance.

I Romp at Archaos. llpm-3.30am. £5 (£4). Big tttne party night in this massive venue playing an lz'sserttt'u/ .St'lt't lion kinda spread.

I Rub a Dub at Blackfriars l'nderground. 8.30pm midnight. Free. Rub A Dth with their usual varied underground dance vibe. now moved to a Friday. ‘no strict music policy. strategy or style.' l’re-club.

I Rub a Dub and Bandqu at The Glasgow School of Art. l()pm~2.3()am. £6 (£5). 31 May only. Fine underground techno band playing live plus Rtib a Dub DJs Mark. Martin and Wilba.

I Science at The \"olcano. llpm—2.30am. £5 (£4). A top quality techno night from the legendary Law. and Mark Ryal sponsored by Mu/ik. 3! May. Advent : ‘The best British techno band' play their first live set in Scotland.

I Scoobied at Reds Bar. Strathclyde University Student Union. l()pm--3am. £3 (£2). Britpop. indie and classic tuttes all night. 'Gct Scoobied or possibly even Shaggied'. Drinks promos.

I Shag at Fury Murry‘s. l lpm-- 3am. £4 (£3). Across-the-board mix of party choons with Craig J and James G.

I Slam at The Arches. l().3()pm- 3am. £7. World famous DJ and production duo Stuart and ()rde together providing the best iii deep electronic dance. 7 .lun. Andrew \\'e;itliet‘all guests.

I Snap, Crackle and Pop at the ow l. ()ptii»~2;iiii. £2 1 .5()). Cheesy pop provided by DJ Toast. Regular drinks promos.

I Velvet Rooms 9pm ‘late. £6 (reduction before 10.30pm) Across-the-boat'd mix from DJ Alan Ronald.


I Archaos at Archaos. llpm—3.30am. £8 (£6). A garage and house mix fora busy. moderately dressy crowd.

I Bar 10 ‘)ptu—-midnight. Free. Busy hard house pre-club.

I Cafe Loco at The Arches. l lpm—3am. £6 (£5 ). 8 Jun only. The usual Cafe l.oco sideshows including free haircuts and fortune telling. Music is supplied by resident DJs Bob and Steve with happy house plus Rhythm Waves. a fifteen piece percussion band. J May only.

I The Cathouse llpm 3am. £4 (£3). Two floors of rock.

I Classic FM at Fury Murry's. ll).3(lpin~-3am. £5 (£4). lndie-pop/indte- dance shenanigans froin Jim Downie and the gang. Upstairs in the new rootn Furies present Twister: ‘The best of Britpop and lootiti' 60s liils‘.

I Cleopatra’s llpm 3am. £6. Mainstream commercial \ ibe.

I Club 69 Rocksy‘s Basement. ‘)pm 2am. £5. Martin and Willy of Rttb a l)th playing the best and (lCCPCSl from the underground. ()ne of .lltm'k's top ten cltibs of ()5. S Jun. Fumiya Tanaka (Torema Records. Japan).

I Club Apt at The Apartment. llpnr-3am. £8. DJ Bob .leffries with funky soul. hip hop and house.

I Club Cubana at The Bedsit. ‘me 42am. £4 (£3). 1 Jun. DJ Tchico on a latiii American/Caribbeatt vibe with all proceeds going to the (‘ttban Defence Fund.

I Club Mandela at The netlstt. 9pm~2am. £4 (£3). 8 .lun. Reggae night. I Club X llptti --3am. £6 (£4). Gay club with upfront dance tunes from DJ Suave Gav. Drinks promos.

I Divine at Glasgow School of Art (downstairs). l()pm> late. £2.50. Andy as ever has one foot in the past and the other testing the waters of the future. Retro. soul. house. jungle etc.

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets

"The List 31 May-l3 Jun I996