liain or shine, our at-a-glance guide will see you through. Events are listed under outdoors or indoors columns, and then divided by city. ltids listings compiled by Julie Barklie.


Activities And Fun

I Way On Down l’ollok Country Park. (‘32 929‘). Meet in the lecture room. Sat l Jun. l()am—noon. Join the Wild Bunch Club and take a look at what really goes on in a fish pond. Have you ever seen a water scorpion or wondered how beetles breathe under water'.’ Now's your chance to find out. Wear wellies and old clothes.

I Treasure Hunt And Picnic Gleniffer Braes Country Park. Paisley. Info: (ll-ll 88-1 3794. Meet at Glen Lodge. Sat l Jun. 10. ISam-noon. Ages 8-12. A fun morning out for all the family before the summer break. Set yourselves on the trail of buried booty left behind by fearsome pirates.

Activities And Fun

I I Can’t Paint Miss! Scotland Street School Museum. 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) 1202. Sat 1 1-Sun 23 Jun. £1.50. Ages 4-—l2. Afternoon workshops in testiles. masks and puppet-making. model- making. graphics and clay. run by students from the Glasgow School of Art. I Mr Bones Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 Hill). Sat 8 Jun. lpm. £2 (£1). Ages 3 to 8. Lots of fun with songs. custard pies and puppets.


I The Adventures Of Pinocchio Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 1010. Sat l/Mon 3 Jun. lpm; 7pm. £4 (£l l. Mitchell Theatre. Granville Street. 227 55l l. Thurs (i—Sat 8 Jun. 7.30pm. £2.50. Ages 8 and over. ‘()nce upon a time there was a piece of wood that laughed and cried like a child. . .' And so begins the mischievous little puppet's transformation into a real boy and his discovery of the good and bad

I THE WILD WEST SHOW Cumbernauld Theatre, Gumbernauld, 01236 732887. Fri 31 May, 10am/6pm; Sat 1 Jun, 11am/2pm. £7 (£6). The Singing Kettle take a trip back in time to the Wild West with this rootin’ tootin’ new show. Come along in your best cowboy or Indian gear and hold on to your saddle as Arta, Cilia, Gary and Jane track down the bandits who held up their stagecoach and stole all their kettles. Help our heroes to outsmart desperadoes such as Six Ghinned Spike, Gold Diggin’ Gabby and Dirty Dollar Bill. Lots of silly hats guaranteed.


‘r‘ce‘éE‘fiM‘ :

E DAME TOUR Waverley Station. Mon 3—Tue 4 Jun.

10am—8pm. Free. For further information call 0181 748 3550. Come and experience one of Disney's most ambitious projects as it rolls into Edinburgh. State-of-the-art, fully interactive, ‘virtual reality’ carriages give you the chance to experience the sights and sounds of medieval Paris. Meanwhile on the platform, the Festival Of Fools bring a taste of Parisian street theatre, with juggling, tight-rope walking, puppet shows, acrobatics, music and much more. But best of all it’s the perfect opportunity to bring home your very own cuddly Ouasimodo.

in being human. Visible Fictions’ new version is a dark and bewitching tale that goes beyond Disney and right to the heart of the classic fable.

I The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark Scottish Mask And l’uppet Centre. 8-H) Balcarres Avenue. 33‘) ()185. Sat 8 .ltm. 2pm. £3 (£2 l. Ages 5 a l l. Pavla's Puppets tell the story of l’lop. the baby barn owl. who was fat and fluffy with big brown eyes but afraid of the dark? A charming adaptatioti of the well-known story by Jill Tomlins'otl.

Activities And Fun

I You Are What You Eat lixhibition Hall. Royal Botanic Garden. 552 7l7l ext 480. Sat l- 2 Jun. Ham-«lpm. .loin in a family workshop run by the staff of the Rowlett Institute.

I The Hunchback Of Hotre Dame Tour Waverley Station. Mon 3~Tue 4 Jill]. 10am—6pm. Free. l-or further information call 0181 748 3550. See photo caption.

I Tiger Week lidinburgh Zoo. (‘orstorphine Road. 334 773(). l.'ntil Sim 2 .lun. Sat 9am (rpm; Sun 0.30am (rpm. (‘atch the last two days of a week of fun and fundraisng to help one of the world's most beautiful and threatened species. the Tiger. Activities range from face painting. badge making and talks. to ‘touch tables~ with skulls. whiskers and footprints.

I Pine Cone Graft Exhibition Hall. Royal Botanic Garden. 552 7l7l ext 480.

2 4pm. £ l. Try your hand at making cunning characters out of cones.



I The Wild West Show (‘umbernauld Theatre. (‘umbernauld ()l 236 732887. Fri 31 Slay. l()am. (rpm; Sat l Jun. llam. 2pm. £7 (£(H. See photo caption.

I Jethro Jake And The Pirate (‘umbernauld Theatre. Cumbernauld. ()l23() 732887. Tue ~1lun. 10am. Ages -l--l l. Jethro Jake and his fellow pirates find themselves shipwrecked on a desert island. An amusing. musical and magical puppet show.

I Friendly Feelings (‘umbernauld Theatre. Curribernaultl. ()1236 732887. Wed 5 .lun. loam; lpm. £3. Quicksilver Theatre present a show for very young children with wonderful visuals. comedy and plenty of participation.

I Circus Stuff (.‘umbernauld Theatre. Cumbernauld (()l23(w 732887,). Sat 8 Jun. lpm. £2. Be amazed by Mark Segal’s lantasticcircus stunts as he juggles with fire and climbs the Ladder of Death.

I The Happy Gang On A Highland Fling Scotland‘s new stars ofchildren's theatre and television. take you on a musical

journey round Scotland. Beth. Spat}. and

Mr P attempt to rescue the amazing five prize haggis »- abducted from Uncle .‘ylacbeth's happy Highland Haggis liarm -- from the evil clutches of lock McGrumpy.

('mnlwr/tuu/(l ’l'ltmtre, ('tun/ier/iuu/d. 0/231) 732887 Mon 3 .lun. ltlam; lpm. £3 (£2 ).

(ileliem'nm‘k. ('mmine/tmm' (H.294 32-1/0!) Tue 4 Jun. Illam; l.3()pm. £3 (£2).

('usI/e/mrk. li'l'tllt‘ ()l2‘H 324/00 Wed 5 Jun. 10am; 1.30pm. £3 (£2).

Hurdle/(ls I’tti'i/io/t. Lures ()/294 324/00 Thurs 5 Jun. 10am; l.3()pm. £3 (£2). .S'Ici't'nxhnt. Irv Sit/(emits. (H.294 324/00 Fri 7 Jun. l()am; l.3(lpm. £3 (£2).

I The Happy Gang Goes Yankee Doodle Doo Deans Theatre. Livingston. ()l5()() 497090. Sat 8 Jun. l lam. £2. Dolores Diabolo hits the tumbleweed town of Yankee Doodle l)oo. lfshe doesn't get her diamonds she'll dynamite the town - and the audience tool The Happy Gang posse. armed with food. lipstick and pillows. head out to stop the villain before sundown.

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