RECRUITMENT CLASSIFIED British Red Cross UNIVERSITY OF DUNDEE Scottish Central Councu Branch Facu|ty of %

COURSES/TUITION caring rorpeopiem crisis Duncan of Jordanstone College a pianoitluition it} School of Television & Imaging .

Red Cross House, Irvine pct intuit-r, (‘irririrt-rr .mri tltltlII NJC Residential Grade 7 l‘;‘_!1lllllt‘l\. IL' -lt-.:i'i‘.t'i\ .iittl

salary scale: £18,180 to 919.842 .itlt out at \llitlt‘l‘ih ;i|l \VL‘IL'UIIIL‘.

. . . . ('it‘nmt', ltiii itllrl \iippiiitixc Red Cross House is a specual protect of the Scottish Central hmmng .m “I” SM ‘15“.

Branch CfOSS,Opefat0d the The School is, d leading Lliltlllt'dl' ply-“\er of

some “OM The care Of the Young Disabled scmmel r eductton, training. plOdtK‘thH rliltl lt‘SL‘Jrr Ii tr 'ranilrwv

The Scheme aims to create new opponunities and work in electronic imaging A progiririii'i-c int» r~ w. sought BE com

Whip With people With thSIcaI disabilities mmugh to teach on the SChOtil s piOQLi'llt‘lt‘s i'H: l-‘tl tltt' )_ _l _ .

a range 9' regidemlaI'. respite and commumty serwces' tutorial effort for lli‘.‘ Post (j'rtzliilitw llipi Hint i: I :MIHPIMH \II‘IIIHU

promoting Independent lwmg m the community Electronic Imaging Jot) strum.) o' p ii: t..'v‘w ., A).‘1“!!!1111P'vl'lllt‘ll I.” ,

W9 3’9 seeking to 3990"“ 3“ inleldual With a Wide range 0' appomtments Will t)C(Z()I15ltIt3lt‘il IH‘IVIV‘!“'!“”5"h (“mm Mum"

experience to join our Senior Team and add to the \‘lIHIJUItlI! .lllil l'L‘\tIIl\

multi-dlsciplinary Sta" group! Teaching experience in higher téttticritmn l5 “SSf'iltldI EjtiJl'Jlllt'Ctl

The Assistant Principal is required to support and supervise and a DOSl-Qrétduale If; desllrlt‘l't? llH‘ Ml'i .t"\f'%llll Bookings: 0131 557 3215.

a range of staff in providing stimulating and innovative candidate IS CXDCCILHIIOI}C.1’lrtiiIth‘ it'suiiul‘nw mitt

programmes of assessment. rehabilitation and evaluation and contribute to the high research p: tilllc oi mo srito»:

to contribute to the management of a high quality service for

the West of Scotland. Applicants should have a Wide (‘>ipt‘:rlt’ll’lt‘ iii current SPANISH TU'TION

are from professional practice In N163le AI'I. DO IllltfltifilC-tl and sympathetic THU“: ‘P‘Inhh \WL‘JRCI

qualifications in social work. psychology and/or therapy. who | to the Wide turret and needs (it stiitleiils limit .ir: (mo (New .MHMW M ll” i w ;l\

have managerial experience and a working knowledge of res- desugn, trom documentary llirmigli tittllliritl‘ lid to tho ASH" H ‘1 1‘] dn‘ I‘m”:

identlal/social care practice. A knowledge and understanding of community care legislation is desirable.

The Scheme is continuing to develop and improve services in response to clients and community care developments.

avant-garde Inltlritlve. entlliis'ri‘slil rI'lll lit‘xitlitity within a rapidly developing; h-rhvuluqrczil enVironment. COF‘OFHUHOHI to flillQVrztI-Jll dHC excellence in education, It'S'Eiitkil‘ (mt: {ruining

Contact 0141 3321479.

I Learn to be happy thing-

For an Application Form and further information. please prOVision are essential qualities ' contact: . - ! _\ilti.' Illl‘llr’llh printigt I-ttitir The Pnncrpal, Red Cross House, CV (3 copies), complete with a supporting Ill; l’t‘lwilltll \It‘\t'ltl[‘ll‘t‘lll Tarryholme Drive, Irvine, KA12 2AP l statement of application and the names and (lziiltzgli l‘il\ili‘.t' merit-rig Fora” In'ormaldiscu F n 3 addresses of 3 referees, should be sent to Iillli\' llt‘A ‘.\i'll\\l;tl‘\\_ on) contact Sandra Mitchell on 01841311!” I Personne' serVices' universuy Of Dundee! lurit‘. ’i " li.l\ .iri-l ir~uiil.:i'l\.. Closing date forapplications: Friday 7th June 1996 Dundee 001 4H"' T.“ (0138?) 3.44015' Further hit!“ “ill-5 *! ““it'il‘ -l\\l Working towards being an Equal Opportunities Employer p‘dicu'a" are ava'lable ’0' “"3 post“ please .r‘“c l’l'isv‘. - lll -'~: ii'i quote reference EST/4756.1. Closing date: 17 “q, ' ' June 1 996. “’ '

.l'Y’Z ~:2_.t: .'\,.;:~.liili;l:€i;-\

research e nd . r l a; ’l to if "i’i' l‘r’i" .,.. I . i», MW, -. \t‘l'l mini; l l;~t' imw li Iii": ' ' "i.-: nil: M “on: 0mm Edinburgh Book Festival , I Sell-Esteem Workshops: SCOITISH grfgggfggjirgingm3:23;: Senior Admin-Finance Post ,‘ meticulous and have a sense. I 6,000 \jtt'IllIIUll‘All

l Piano keyboard and theory

The UNIVGFSIly crusts to prrirrmtr: ." gl w wt.'i/,.r,‘r.yu :irit.


of humour. you are the person The Edinburgh Book Festival seeks a third team .'““’,1’ .H‘;j‘:'."l.l' "5 we are looking for. The RSNO member to work alon side the Director "’ ' ll '- “‘ " seeks to appoint a Sponsorship & ASS'Stam "9030" I French tuition 2,, ,, .mc . and Development Officer to Applications should have excellent administration skills, 4mg“ .. ._,__.;r;,.,-,r smolmr All work with the new Head of Department in expanding the proven experience of financial management 1 mm. r). um. mm. corporate, sponsorship and fundraising programme torthe &&pls€glonm9r lEUOVailé/e ideaspn :Ungt’d'i'ng Hi. How. . \ titirl' t-rwiictt tot- ' -~ t - ~ nsors ip, an apaSSion or 00 s. " "f' ‘r I Orchestras many actiVities.The right candidate will have Know'edge of computer technology Marat-x» twirlru Rt'tl-fllllilhlL music would help. . . . For Job description contact: Applicatlone In writing with ON. by Edinburgh Book Festival, 137 Dundee Street, ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE Friday 7th June to: Ellzabeth McCreath. RSNO. Edmburgh EH11 ‘86 Te“ 013‘ 228 5444 51111321: onus-m: ii i‘t'ncticzil 73 Claremont Street, Glasgow (33 NB. Appucaflon Closmg date' 10th June 1996 :~:::.. 5-:. '1‘ in m [ltt‘ lL‘LllIllquc. Fundodby \ :-.:.L ‘._'ilii!l‘\ ill lIi'.Il\ltIlIilI Frulwmm-Amwmll‘. .. :‘\\ll..\ .:; ( IItl\‘._'l“\‘-. L - _ tgtiiiliitt‘rl tuit'ltt't. THE RSNO IS AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES EMPLOYER —‘

( W

I Aromatherapy Day tor

'l‘i'f! 'lll lll\Il IIt'll’tIL'IMlll «‘5; \ ""l: l :1;_'

.3.:'.: ‘j‘:.. i .n' 13‘ \Z llit' ‘~\.". \\.~:.».r lll'.‘


Salary £13581 ' med Term Contract l The Friends of Edinburgh International Festival l Lear" SI’amSI1 "I Spain We have a vacancy for a Market Research Officer I ' l“t"~_".1ilit‘l'\ m tritpiitiiul whose main job will be to develop the Board‘s H . _‘ y ,ii our WNW] m Business Plan and Markc Strategy through the The Friends of the Edinburgh Trizrrnitznrrr l‘t‘\fl\.il noon; 4 pox-tint: i \i w.” _ \hhm implementation 0” comp": 333‘“ Pmfimmmc 0‘ adminiitrator to talc ft’sl‘llnwl‘llii‘v for 13m tit. tii‘. rurgrnu of 1h: L I L' "H market research and activity monitoring. . I . j . g ~ I (rrunzitlzi. Barcelona, App“ d invited m l with d organisation. and to lead lb membership. rammncn. mu .untiriisingittiiitics. \hdrid m r Mhmqnm

caonsarc in ac a rec M ~ .. . .. or equivalent m market mung; :r mkcdngegim The suctesslul applitdni will rim] .0 hair two IOWA xtllx anti L\LLIICnI w x “Hm “I, h m Mk! a strong market research bias, who have excellent communication skillx Fundraning crpcncncc wulo he in adunugc. \ .1311“: A , R H fizzlggctfndmggc Cp°:c%:3°:gfifcazzg: agngmyfi‘: I This is new post. based in the Festiiil tittirt'. but with me poxi holder 1m Elitltxi. I‘i‘om £183 research. i emplotco bi'the Fncndxotthcl'cstiialfialin twilinrilllhourncclt. tor tim weeks. l‘t-inils

cation tor-- and further a-un- are an!» 3 Pleasephone or ii'ritetothe Festival Officefor afulljob description: EIF, r“ “Jim l‘}""“”“” i”

fro. the CM“ w”. W More l 2] Market Street, Edinburgh EH1 18W Tel: 0131 226 4001. Replies i into 'I‘ii.l i..lIi\_Ill;l_L’C Tourist Bocrd 70 Street. Selkirk. TD" , . .. ,. ( “l"\L'\ 400. m 01750 205 a "M 01750 31..., | should be addressed to The Chairman. friends of the Edinburgh 1 ,I_ I A' I )i 3‘1 _ Al 18

K Closing date for applications W I International Festival. Deadline for applications 10 june l 996. l V A“ k 7 7‘

, «cm—J

Illc I.l\l 3| \lti) - l 3 Jun I996 91