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Your biceps aren’t exactly bulging, and you’ve come to terms with your less- than-film-star looks. Steer clear of GQ Active then says Brian Donaldson, the latest men’s mag to hit the shelves is aimed at Adonis.

Just when you thought the shelves of your local newsagent were creaking to splintering point under the weight of men‘s titles. Conde Nast have launched a new glossy quarterly. If. to the general public. this niche is already over-populated. someone has singularly failed to notify the decision-makers.

(1Q Arrive is an offshoot of the publisher‘s successful quarterly which

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They may deal in similar topics sport. sex and adventure holidays -- but Men's Health acknowledges imperfections and self-doubts. Men are prone to stray from their partners so here‘s some friendly advice: How does a bloke handle a female advance? Do you want to be more interesting”? (iQ Arrive takes all this for granted. Women are bound to fall at your feet. I mean.

men‘s magazines in the 90s. The launch cover features the surly figure of Italy's accomplished full-back Paulo Maldini looking straight down his nose at the prospective browser. ‘Are you man enough to read this'." he appears to say. The superior tone has been set in place.

SPOT villainous Sl'M‘lum l hit!

The logo announces that (iQ :‘li'liye WW contains ‘Health. Fitness & Sport For g ,mjgl'czfi‘l'é

Men‘. What it should state is that “mum”

anyone who has less than a perfect frame and a fitness regime that Arnie would balk at should forget about “u... reading on.

The comparison with a competitor such as Men's Health is stark. Their June cover has a regular bloke relaxing on the beach. clearly lit but not dripping testosterone onto your lap. Their slogan‘.’: ‘Tons Of Useful Stuff.’ Hardly side-splitting but more chuckle-worthy than anything Conde Nast‘s nasty mag has to offer.

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M mounts:

The mean ‘n' moody face of new (right) squares up to its likeable lad rival Men’s Health/

look at that physique.

While (IQ Active deals in testosterone replacement therapy. Men Is Health are advising you on how to buy a melon. Want to feel worse about yourself? Then (iQ .“('/l\'(‘ is a must.

(iQ Active is published by ('onde Nas/ and Men 's Health by Roda/e Press. Inc. HUI/l priced [2.50



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CD-ROM magazines? What’s that all about then? Time was when you plucked a title from the shelves. settled down on the sofa. and flicked your way through its glossy, tactile pages hoovering up tantalising bit of info on your chosen subject along the way.

Paper planet

Sunday newspapers have traditionally tried to be all things to all their readers. And while weighty news sections wrapped round tabloid style supplements. culture supplements. colour supplements and kiddie supplements keep everyone happy. they take all week to read and an awful big dog to carry them back from the shops.

Next time you stroll down to your local newsagent‘s you could be in for a small surprise. Sharing the newstand with the other Sundays will be a new title. The Planet On Sunday edited by ex-Sanday Spin-I supremo. Austin

98 The List l-l-27 Jun l‘)<)(>

Now, with both feet placed firmly in the age of infotainment, you have a choice. You can curl up with your good old-fashioned printed magazine and get the latest on the music charts/how to please your man/ten easy steps to a summer garden. Or you can get the same thing all over again only on-screen sitting in your swivel chair with extra-added groovy graphics. sound and video clips. If you can get to a CD-ROM drive that IS.

The latest in the new breed of digital entertainment packages is Blender an American CD-ROM magazine that claims to combine the attributes of MTV, Rolling Stone and Wired. To that end the current edition delivers light walking, talking features on LL Cool J, Garbage, Iggy Pop. Pamela Anderson and Manga cartoons by way of high-speed graphics. full-motion video and extremely wired sound. And that’s the serious stuff. Click on the buttons ‘Sex’ and ‘Death' and super-morphing visuals will spin you

to places far frothier (and more American) where you can indulge in Makeover Madness With Marjorie (Sex) or play ajust-for-fun Tarot with Snoopy’s Linus on the cards (Death). All of which is lots of fun. For the first five minutes. Blender as a new

all new toys the novelty wears off. The extremely wired electronic soundtrack starts to grate. the fast and furious graphics get over-hectic and the not always easy-to-loeate quit button may find you stuck in a tarot card reading for the rest ofthe night.

So is Blender built to last? Taken in short. sharp MTV-generalion-style doses it should find its place on UK shelves in-between the music mags and Sony Playstations. Even if it is a triumph of style over content. Just don't expect much info with your ‘tainment. (Ellie Carr)

Blender (Dennis Publishing £9. ()9) is currently available exclusively in the UK through Virgin megasmres.

Mitchelson. Far from having colour supplements coming out of its ears.

The Planet is to devote its coverage to

a single issue the environment. . ;, ’3

“I'he Planer. ' said Mitchelson. - ‘will ~ r ". \V‘

be the first national to consciously explore the idea that what goes around comes around in terms of our environment and lifestyle and how it affects us. our children and our planet.‘

Whether The Planet can attract a competitive readership without broadening its remit remains to be seen. But it‘ll sure make for an environmentally-thin Sunday newspaper. (Ellie Carr)

The Planet On Sunday launches (in I6 Jan.

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