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Brian Donaldson checks out the launch of a brand new crimson coloured quafl’age. and proves he‘s better red than dead.


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lO-ll Drummond St, Edinburgh EH8 QTU Tel: 0131 556 2306

‘Brewed for the tnan ol' the ‘)()s' proclaims the slogan for a new premium packaged lager. Wait. there's a punchline - ‘. . . the l8‘)()s‘. Produced exclusively at Anheuser-Busch‘s Brewery in New Hampshire. Roscoe's Red heralds a return to the brewing culture of the late I‘)tlt century. taking its title from the slang for a pistol and a hired hand. The chestnut-red hue is achieved through the addition of specially roasted barley during fermentation.

Anhettser—Bttsch holds a ~14 per cent share of the American beer market. with an output ol‘ approximately 90 million barrels every year. so the chances of success l’or Roscoe‘s Red in the UK should he better than average considering the company‘s track

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Roscoe’s Red heralds a return to the brewing culture of the late 19th century, taking its title from the slang

French home

, . . cooking in the Roscoe’s fled: the next wave In the American invasion basement at the

tor a pistol and a hired hand.

sampling and promotion. ' colour and character of Roscoe's Red FrenCh InStitUte- record In I934 they unleashed Pre-launch tests have proved makes an immediate impression upon ’1" ' ° Budweiser onto British palates. SUCCCSSl‘Ul among their projected the drinker without moving too far 8 es outslde 1n {OHUWCd h)- Michcpm and Michcmts market of l8—34 year olds. with tnttch away from the centreground ol‘the garden. Dry at the end ol‘ the decade. clllphasis being placed on the lager palate.‘ he believes. ‘The use of what‘s mm-c. lhc tucky swu- M” hc packaging. Cream. red and gold l89()s attitudes is tongue in cheek and Menu able to Sink the fim mth 0" Rugcuc‘g coloured labels grace the bottle‘s neck. evokes the rebelliousinature ot‘the Red before the rest ol’ the nation. back and front. with the company‘s brand and the target drinker.‘ Tues ' Sat 12 to 2pm Certainly a tastier offer than the poll eagle motil' emblazoned on the from For once you can say with pride that 3001(ng AdVisable tax. eh.’ lhe ()ld l‘ruttmarkct witnessed beside a depiction ol'a cloth-capped you were caught red-handed. July: Tues - Fri only, the spectacular launch ol the lager as worker. _ _ .. .. . . part ol'a L'l tnillion summer spending Marketing Director Peter Jackson is ((38.0? " R‘i‘i 1." "l“’.”"”’" mm m 13 Rand l h C spree covering advertising. PR. confident of the drink's appeal. ‘The M. H," (“mm m [HIM/MHZ“, um, p rescent

(Ilusgmt. Edinburgh

0131-225 5685

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W 701d Fishmarket Close GLASGOW. SCOTLAND p ' Edinburgh

4 5 5 This superb Scottish restaurant has becn the recipient of G T. w n I E M lunch and dinner many awards for excellence since being established in R o A D Monday to Thursday all day W7 l. The newest award is a Michelin Red M. an award

e 0 I 4 I Friday and Saturday never before bestowed on a Glasgow restaurant. Sundays dinner only 357 I038 MICHELIN RED M, 1995 telephone 0131 225 5428 12 Asmou LANE 1.: 01414134 8007

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