The truth I: In There"

Upcoming at the


The Tartan Amoebas

playing live in the Edinburgh store at 6pm on Thursday 20th.

Mitch Pillegi 81 Nicholas Lea of Til. X-FIOO

signing copies of

’File 3 - Abduction’

in The Argyle Street store in Glasgow, at 12.00 noon on Saturday 22nd and in the Edinburgh store

at 12.30 pm on Monday 24th.

The Felsons

playing live in the Edinburgh Store, at 6pm on Thursday 27th and signing copies of their debut album

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11 PM? Sfffet Edinbufglf “65”?” _ |25 Princes Street, Edinburgh 0l3 l-220 2230 Telephone (0131) 333 1897 Facsnmile (0131) 333 2903 Argyle Street, Glasgow 0 | 4 I _22l

Unfortunately, the Tom Robinson appearance advertised in the last issue of The List will now not be taking place.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. . . Yep. It’s almost that time of year again, when half the world descends on Edinburgh in search of that elusive good time. And if it’s laughs they’re after, they‘ve come to the right place.

Those chirpy chaps at Perrier recognised this some sixteen years back when they instigated the now legendary Perrier Award for comedy. Finding the funniest act in town though is no mean feat, which is where you. dear reader, can help. Two readers of The List are required to join the ten-strong panel ofjudges to ensure that every gag. quip and punchline is in with a chance of winning.

It ain’t easy though. You‘ll be on call round the clock to check out some fifty shows between I l - 25 August and. what’s more, be

expected to have an opinion on them. The work’s unpaid but. hey. at least the tickets are free. and you'll get to get your mitts on an

entire crate of quality champagne to help you recover. There’s bound to be some dehydration involved along the way. so you'd best stock up on some Perrier too. the healing propensities of which are renowned in such instances.

lfyou fancy putting a smile on your face. write us a 250 word letter. positively dripping with sparkle and shining wit. telling us exactly why it should be you who will be leaping into the fril)“

[i'.!II-II.‘LIJ§E;ICI£II Once your missives are penned, forward them along with a daytime telephone number to: PERRIER PANEL, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 lTE. Entries to arrive by Thursday 11 July.

,0 ’CK or mt rRtNG‘

16 The List l4-27 Jun l‘)‘)()