Centre. Iidinburgh: Cameo. [l(‘l. Strathclyde: l’(‘l (‘lydebank

I Fiction And Other Truths ( IS) (Aer'lyri Weissriran/I.yrine li‘l‘lllc. Canada. I095) 56 mins. A docririientary on the life and work of lesbian writer Jane Rrrle (author of Dr'u'rlt ()f 7714’ Ilmrr) frorii the directors of Fur/ridden Lut'r‘. An articrrlate look at the struggle against censorship and Mc(‘arthyisrii. Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. lidinburgh: Filrrihouse.

I The Flintstones (1‘) (Brian Levant. I'S. IOO-I) John Goodman. Rick Moranis. lilizabeth Perkins. Rosfe O'Donnell. 93 mins. l‘red is promoted to an execrrtive post at the quarry. but only as a stooge for his boss‘s corporate rip-off. The movie keeps to the T\' series' prehistoric parody of modern suburban life. adds bright and chrrnky sets and a post-yuppie morality tale ori greed that doesn’t quite sit iiglit. and comes out a little plot-heavy. (‘cnll'uli (‘annon.

I French rivist (hr-rm Mum/tr r IS) (Josiatic Balasko. l’r‘ance. l‘)‘)5) Victoria Abril. Josiane Balasko. Alain (‘hahar l()S mins. When her van breaks down outside the house of a conventional couple. cigar-choriipirig brill dyke Balasko brings a new variation of the meriage-a-trois into the lives of Abril and ('Iiabat. A narrghty. fun and engagineg I‘rench sexual farce. filled with dyriariiie characterisatioris. (ilasgow: (ilr'l'. Fife: Adam Smith.

I From Dusk Till Dawn ( IS) (Robert Rodriguez. US. I996) George (‘looriey. Harvey Keitel. Quentin Tarantino. l()S miris. For its first third. this Tarantino-scripted movie is a suspenseful kidnap thriller as two killers on the run ((‘looney and 'I'arantirro) hole rrp with three hostages in a Mexican strip club. Then the tone changes into an sfx-heavy vampire western as the clientele spring fangs. Repetition abounds in a messy. tedious affair that's neither scary nor funny. (ieriei'al release.

I Get Shorty ( IS) (Barry Sorrrrerrfeld. l'S. I‘IIIS) John 'I‘ravolta. Danny DeVito. (Eerie Ilackmari. Rene Russo. II() mins. l.oan shark (’hili Palmer ('l‘ravolta) shifts from Miami to LA arirl. being a movie buff. decides to get into the film business. With its sharp dialogue. quirky characters and offbeat humour. this is probably the best adaptation yet of an lilmor'e Leonard novel. Travolta shows his true star quality he‘s as cool as milk and as deadly as a rattlesnake. Iidinbrri‘gh: Cameo. l-‘ife: Adam Smith.

I Girl 6 ( IS) (Spike Lee. llS. I996) 'I‘her'esa Randle. Isaiah Washington. Spike Lee. l()7

mins. A struggling actor takes a job as a sex line operator and begins a journey of self-discovery. Lee‘s best depiction of a female character since his debttt. She's Gotta Have It. is more down to a star-making performance by Raiidle than his attempt to empower the modern woman. The storytelling is sloppy and the film is boring for sizable periods. See review. lidinbiir'gh: (‘ameo I olengarry Glen Ross ( I5) (James Foley. l'S. I992) Al Pacino. Jack l.eriiriion. lid Ilarris. Alan Arkin. IOO mins. The combination of l-‘oley's camera and Mamet's dialogue makes for verbal choreography in this hard-hitting. word-heavy account of the bonding and back-stabbing in a US real estate office. The cast are rriagnificeiit. Pacino and Lenimon outstanding. l'nderrated director l-‘oley does wonders to break oirt of the stageplay format. Not easy going. but an unforgetable achievement. lidiiihurgh: Iiilmhorrse.

I The Gorbals Story (P(i) (David McKatie. Scotland. l‘)5()) IIoward ('onrieII. Betty Henderson. Russell Hunter. 74 mins. Robert Mel.eish's play holds a vital place in the development of a Scottish tlieatrrcal tradition examining national working-class identity: the film. less so. In flashback. an artist i'erirembers the pressures of tenement life that almost drove him to murder. Roddy McMillan's turn is excellent. Iidinbrrrgh: l‘ilmhouse.

I Hackers ( I2) (lain Softley. l'S. I005 r Joniiy Lee Miller. Angelina Jolie. l‘isher Stevens. l()5 mins. Top hacker Zero (‘ool ( 'I‘r'urris/mrririe's Jonny Lee Miller) is the new kid in town who stumbles onto riiega-cybercrime with his new mates. becoming the fall guys in the process. Softley's well-built teen movie grins along the infobahn with beatbox pounding. exuding cool from every frame and dismissing the very idea of the computer nerd. The theme of kids getting one over on the elders is anarchic for Hollywood standards. even if backing is seen as a victirrrless crime. (ilasgow: (irosvetior.

I La Ilaine ( IS) (Matthieu Kassovrrl. l‘rance. IQOS) Vincent (‘assel. Ilubert Kouride. Said 'I'aghiiiaoui. SS riiiris. This edgy. black-arufw hite portrait of racial tension and police brutality on a run-down estate orrtside Paris w on tweritysoiiiethiiig Kassovit/ the Director 's l’r we at the l‘)‘)5 Cannes Film l‘estival. 'I'hree ethnically mixed lads come up against the cops

when one of their pals is hospitalised after a raid.

l'rgent. compelling filmmaking that's as punchy as a blow to the head. Iidinbrrr‘glr: (‘ameo.

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4 July . 8.00pm o £8.00 (£5.00 conc.) GUITAR SEASON

Great acts including Gordon Giltrap and the Jim Mullen Quartet.



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10’s ; Guru ROCK KARAOKE itli

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An extensive programme of community events including Magic Bob Library Tour and a great two day Children’s Festival.

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I The Ilarvest ( IS) (David Marconi. l’S. l‘)‘)3) Miguel PCI‘I’CI'. l.eilarii Sarelle. llai'vey l-‘ierstein. ()7 mins. ()rre of the most pOtent and enduring urban myths is that of the man who wakes up one day to find that he's missing a kidney Sircli is the fate of sometime screenwriter (‘liailre who's on a research trip in Mexico. meets an enigmatic beauty ariid soon finds himself involved with a ring of organ harvesters lidrriburgh: l'illllllfllhc‘.

I Heavenly Pursuits r m ((‘hailes (iorriiley. I‘K. I‘ISo) Toni ('oritr. lleIeri Mirieri. D;r\rd llayrriari. l)a\c Anderson. (‘orrtr is at hrs charming best iii this (ilasgow comedy He begins to believe there may be something to this miracle business after he iecmers from a brain turnorrr. Lightly amusing and wellacted satirical saga. (ilasgow: (il‘T

I flow To Matte An American Ouiltr l5) (Jocely n Moor house. l'S. NOS) Winona Ryder. Anne Bancroft. Dermot Mulroney. I l(i riiiris. A multi- generational cast of wonderful Ariiericaii actresses in additrori to Ryder and Bancroft. there's Izlleri Burstyii. Kate Nelligari. Jean Simmons and Samantha Mathis -- appear in a riirrltr-gerieiational women‘s ItIii\ re When Ryder ponders over a mart rage proposal. advice on love and men is foitlicoriiriig from her leiiiale relatives. l'nl'oittriiately. Ilollywood has knitted up this pattern before. (ilasgow: M(I.\ls. Iidiribuigh: Dominion. MUM, l'(‘l. Stratliclyde' l'(‘l ('ly'debank.

. I Confess ( l5) l.'\lllk'(l Hitchcock. l TN. l‘l5 8) Montgoriiery ('lift. Karl Maldeii. 05 mins Quebec priest ('lrft hears a confession from a riitii‘deicr. but discretion and duty leads him to become the prime suspect. At last Hitchcock's study on the nature of guilt is available iii a sharper print. (ilasgow: (ll-T

I Jazz Documentaries (P6) 180 mins. Bert Stem’s In: (M A Sir/timer '\ I)(l\ features pcrforriiaiiccs at the I‘ISS Newport Jan ~l‘estival by ('huck Berry. Mahalia Jackson. l.ouis Arriistrorig and Theloriius .Morrk. Jean Bach's A (ir‘r'rr! l)rrv In I/rrr/r'nr is an e\ ocatryc documentary chronicling the day in the same year when photographer Art Kane asserribled a congregation of jazz luriirnaries for a photo call in New York. (illlcspic. Mirigrrs. Monk. Blakey'. Rollins. Young. Mulligan. Basic and friends all trrrned out in the unfamiliar morning light. and were capttrred on the home movie camera of bassist Milt llilton, Also in the piogiaiiiriie area trio of jail slioits. (ilasgow: (iI'T.

I Jonas Mekas Films Tlllt'L‘ films by lltc acclaiiried New York underground frlriimaker. whose work rs currently on exhibition at Stills (‘raIIer'y‘ iii Iidiribur'gh ~ Sr rum I’m/ii The Life (it :lrn/i llirr‘lrnl. Sr'r'rrr'v [9mm The Life ()f (ir'mler' .l/urir'rrnrui arid l/rr/r/rv li’r/‘I/rr/rrv .lu/Ill /.('IIIIUII. lidiribui‘gli: l‘ilriihouse.

I .lumanii (1') (Joe Johnston. l'S. I095) Robin Williams. Jonathan llyde. Kristen Dirrist. l()l iiiins. Trapped for 30 years in a Jungle board game. Alan Pairiin (Williams) is released only when two rirrxlein-day kids throw the dice themselves. But they also unleash a .stariipede of monkeys. crocodiles. elephants. rhinos and other unfamiliar beasts rnto small town Ariierica. The story manages to get beyond its repetitive limits with a brilliantly original central idea and post- Jrrrusiir' l’urk computer effects that make it state-of-the-art cinema spectacle. (ilasgow: ()deon. MGM Parkhead. Iidrrrbrzrgh: (‘ameo. l'(‘l. Str'athcly'dc: l'('ls.

I Jurassic Parkhal’ti) (Steyeri Spielberg. l‘S. l‘)‘)3) Sam Neill. l.aura l)erii. Jeff (ioldblum. A grorrp of scientists are invited to give their approval to a tlieriie park filled with genetically engineered dinosaurs. but the grant reptiles are soon running amok. l'iisurpassed computer effects ensure that the dinosaurs themselves are terrifyitigly believable (moreso than the I’(i certificate would suggest). but by the halfway point. it's more or less a chase movie is itli superior technology. lidinbur‘gh: (’ariieo.

I The Juror r IS) (Brian (iibsori. t's. room Demi Moore. Alec Baldwin. Joseph (iotrloti- l.evrtt. I IS rrirns. Srrrgle mom Moore gets called irp l'oi'yury dirty on a big mafia murder trial. but is blackiriailed by mob hitiiiari Balrlwirr irito voting ‘iiot guilty". Another trawl through the cliches of a wry tired formula. w itli only

Baldw iri's‘ curiously sy iiipathetic villain to be recoriiirieiided. (ieneial release.

I Kids ( IS) (Larry (‘lark. l‘S. NUS) l.eo Fitzpatrick. Justin Pierce. (‘hloe Sevrgriy. 93 mins. Photographer (‘lark brings a gritty yet hip approach to his portrait of urban youth overdosed on sex and drugs. Verbally. but not visually. explicit. the film is as bleak as it gets. as IIIV positive Jennie spends a day tracking down arrogant ‘vir‘giri surgeon" Telly. Serious issues are touched on in an uriadoriied fashion. but it's up to rrs to disctrss a way to find the solutions. lidinburgh: l'(‘l. Borders: Pavilion. Strathclyde: (‘aiinorr

I last I" The nogmen (P(i) (Tab Murphy. I'S. I995) Tom Bererigei'. Barbara Ilershey. Kurtwood Smith. M? niiiis. Booty borrrity

hunter Bereriger discovers an arrowhead in the Rockies. takes it to academic Ilershey. and discovers a Native Ariieircan tribe untouched iii the riiouritarris for over a century. The avoidance ot ziegatn e stereotyping reduces the (‘heyeiine to benign. eco friendly cyphers and the rest of the iiiaterral is also pretty Iiackrieyed See review lidrrrburgh‘ ()deori. l'('l Strathclyde: ()deotis. [I 'Is I leaving Las Vegas r t S) r Mike I'iggis. ('3. I005) Nicolas ('age. lilrsabeth Shire. Julian Sands I It) turns. Sacked from his rob. Ben (Cage) drives to Vegas w itli the sole intention or drinking hiriiself to death. but during his descent comes across hooker Seia (Shire). another lrisI soul. Iiiggis‘s neon-drenched movie captures the irresponsible euphoria and mental pain of alcoholrsrii from a subrectrye view point. w Iiile the astonishing per forriiarices by the leads help it transcend the srrrface tawdiiriess and delve deep riito underlying eriiotioris. (ilas‘gow: (il-‘l‘. Iidiiibuigh: (‘ameo I A little Princess ( P( i ) (Alfonso ( uarori. l'S. I005) lilearror Bron. |.iam ('urinrngharii. l.resel Matthew s 0,7 ririris. Yorrrig Sara is forced to Icay e Iiei privileged life in Indra for a New York girls' boarding school when WWI breaks out. Things turn for the worst. however. when her father is reported irirssrrig-rrraction and. pciirirlcss. she is subjected to the cruelty of scliooltiiistress Miss Miricliiii A llli)\ re with a sense of real magic and love of storytelling. that is bearrtiftilly designed and intelligently acted. (ilas‘griwi (il-‘I'. lirfe: Adam Siiirtli. Stiathclyde: ()deori Ilariiilton. I Living In Oblivion r I5 ) r‘I'om tirt‘rllo. I'S. I005) Stey e Busceriir. ('atherrrie Keener. Dermot Mulroney. ‘IS riiins. The boom keeps getting into the shot. the male and female stars are sleeping with each other. the smoke iriachirie's on the blink. the dwarf objects to his typccasting . . . all of the nightmares of low budget fihiiriiakiiig seem to have descended upon the head of Nick Reve (Busceiiii). I)i(‘il|o's hilarious follow-up to .lu/i/rrrv Sun/e has a very cool cast. who all bring a lruriiari touch to their" roles. This isn’t just for film buffs. it's for anyone w ho has struggled to achieve soriiething iii a group situation against the odds. Iidinburgli: ('ameo, I Loch ltess ( l ' ) (John llendersori. l'S. NOS) Ted Danson. Joely Richardson. Kristy (iraharii. l()() mins. An Ariiericari scientist comes to Scotland to disprove the existence of Nessie. but is charmed by the place and the people. So far. so Local Hero. Brit in its later stages. this family movie leaps into action. keeping you on the edge of your seat. Better than you might expect. but not reriiarkably special. (ilasgow: MGM I’arkliead. ('errtral: (‘annon Strathclyde: (’aiinon. I The Midwile's Tale ( lS) (Megan Siler‘. l’S. NW) 75 mirrs. A lesbian mum tells her daughter a bedtime medieval fairytale which brings together a love story and subplots about witch- hunts. Beautifully shot. tlirs historical romance takes lesbian cinema into ariibitous. uncharted terrain. Lesbian and ('ray I‘ilm I‘estrval. (ilasgow: (iI'T Iidinburgli: I'ilriihoirse. I Money Train ( IS) (Joseph Ruben. I'S. I005) Wesley Snipes. Woody Ilarielsorr. Robert Blake. l()i imiis. Two buddy transit cops are great pals until they fall for the same woman. get fired. their team rrp to rob their boss's train loaded with millions in fares. Woody's on poor form. the patter 's tedious and the admittedly spletidid 'rirriaway traiti' climax takes too long in coming. (ilasgow: (‘anriorr (‘eritralz ('annoii. liife: MUM Stratlielyde: ('ariiion. I Murder In The First ( l5) (Marc Rocco, l'S. l‘)‘)5) Kevin Bacon. (‘hris‘tian Slater. (iary ()Idniaii. I I7 mins. After three years of mental torture iii solitary confinement. Ilenri Young (Bacon) kills the fellow inmate who landed him there. The case looks pretty one-sided until tyro lawyer Slater reckons that it's really the harsh Alcatraz adriiiriistration that's guilty and pills the IS prison system on trial. A well-riieaning (but at times over—eiriphatic) movie. with career-best pcrforriiaiiccs frorii the two leads. Life: New Picture House. I My Girl 2 (P(i) (Iloward Zieff. l'S. l‘)‘)3) Anna (‘hluriiskyz Austin ()"Brien. Dan Aykroyd. Jariiie ('uitis. ()S mrns. While off at her uncle's for the suriimei'. \‘ada ((‘Iilrimsky) researches the life of her deceased mother for a school project. This sequel to I‘NZ's surprise hit opens the story out a little and still manages to be sweetly nostalgic and painfully honest - in a young teen sense at the same time. Not to everyorie's taste. but an riricomirionly touching coming-of-age storv. Iiife: MGM.

I My life With Antonin Artarid ( IS) rot-mm

Mordillat. France. l‘)‘)3) Sarrii Frey. Marc Barbe.

Julie Jezequel. 00 mins. The final years of poet- pliilosopher Antonin Artaud are seen through the eyes of one of his disciples. himself an aspiring poet who's split between his wife and junkie girlfriend. The perfor'rrianees are top notch. but the film is rlialogrre heavy and only partially succeeds in pulling off the task it sets itself. See

32 The List l4-27 Jrrn I996