4.10pm. 6.50pm. 9.25pm. midnight (Fri/Sat only).

How To Make An American Ouilt 1 15) 1.20pm (Fri—Sun only). 4pm. 6.40pm. 9.20pm.

Last Of The Dogmen (PG) 1.50pm (Fri—Sun only). 4.40pm. 7.15pm. 9.50pm. Up Close And Personal 1 15) not Sui: 12.40pm (Sun only). 3.40pm. 6.30pm. 9.10pm. I 1.30pm (Fri only); Sat: 3pm. 5.45pm. 8.50pm.

NOW And Then (PG) 2pm (I'Ii-Stllt only). 4.30pm. 7pm. 9.30pm.

From Dusk Till Dawn 1 18)-1.40pm. 7.10pm. 9.35pm. I2.()5111111I“l‘i/S;tl only). Spy Nard (PG) 1.10pm (Sat/Sun only). 3.10pm. 5.20pm (not Sun). 7.20pm (not Sun).

Primal Fear1 l8) 3.50pm (not Sat/Sun). 7pm (not Sat). 9pm (Sat only). 10pm (1101 Sat). 11.45pm (Sat only).

Fargo ( 18) not Thurs: 2.50pm (not Sat/Sun). 5.10pm. 7.25pm. 9.40pm; Thurs: 2.50pm. 5.10pm. 10.15pm. Copycat ( 18') 4.50pm. 7.35pm (not Thurs).

A Vampire In Brooklyn 1 15) not Thurs. 2.20p1n(Sat/Sun only). 10.10pm. 12.30am (Fri/Sat only).

The Birdcage 1 15) 9.45pm. Trainspotting (18) Fri/Sat only. 12.20am. Toy Story (PG) Sat/Sun only. 12.20pm. 2.30pm.

Executive Decision 1 15) Fri/Sat only.

1 1.50pm.

Dunston Checks In (PG) Sal/Sun only. 2.50pm.

The Rock ( 15) Thurs only. 7pm. 7.40pm. 9.40pm.

Babe (U) 12.50pm (Sat/Sun only). 3pm (Sun only).

Jumanii (PG) Sat/Sun only. 12.30pm.

I UCI Olympia Mall. liast Kilbride. ()13552 49622 (recorded information: 0l3552 49699). [D]. Access/Visa/Amex

/Switch booking line: 0990 888 990. 24 hours (service charge 35p per ticket). £4 (£2.90 before 4pm). Child/()AP/UB40:

£2.50 all day.

The Juror ( 18) 1.20pm. 4.05pm. 6.45pm.

9.30pm. 12.05am (Fri/Sat only).

Lasth The Dogmen (PG) 2pm. 4.40pm. 7.15pm. 9.55pm.

Secrets And Lies ( 15) 3.25pm. 9.05pm. Dead Man Walking (15) l2.45pm. 6.25pm. midnight (Fri/Sat only).

Up Close And Personal (15) l.30pm (not Sat/Sun). 3pm (Sat only). 4.20pm (not Sat). 7.05pm. 9.50pm.

NOW And Then (PG) not Tue: 1.50pm. 4.30pm. 6.50pm. 9.15pm. 1 1.40pm (Fri/Sat only); Tue only: 2.30pm. 5pm. 7.30pm. 10pm.

A Vampire In Brooklyn (15) 7.20pm. 9.45pm (not Thurs). 12.15am (Fri/Sat only).

Executive Decision (15) not Thurs. 9pm. From Dusk Till Dawn (18) not Sun: 2.05pm (not Sat). 4.35pm. 7pm. 9.40pm.

12.10am (Fri/Sat only); Sun only: 3.30pm.


Fargo ( 18) 9.20pm. 1 1.30pm (Fri/Sat only).

Primal Fear ( 18) 6.30pm.

Spy Ilard (PG) 12.25pm (Sat/Sun only). 2.25pm. 4.25pm.

Toy Story (PG) 12.40pm. 2.50pm. 5.05pm.

Jumanii (PG) Sat/Sun only. 10.30am (Sat only). 1.30pm. 3.55pm.

Trainspotting (18) 1.45pm (not Sat/Sun). 4.15pm (not Sat/Sun). 6.35pm (not Thurs). 11.55pm (Fri/Sat only).

Babe (U) Sat: 12.35pm; Sun: noon. 2.05pm.

Donston Checks In (PG) Sat: 12.10pm. 2.20pm; Sun: 1.15pm.

The Rock (15) Thurs only. 6.35pm. 9.15pm. 9.45pm.

I WMR FILM CENTRE Bank Street. Irvine.

01294 279900. £3.20 (Child £2.20; OAP Sun—Thurs only - £2.20). Family ticket available.

Sense And Sensibility (U) Fri/Sat. Tue—Thurs: 8.15pm; Sun 7.45pm.

Now Alli Then (PG) Fri/Sat. Tue-Thurs: 2.30pm (Sat only). 6.30pm; Sun: 6pm. Toy Story (PG) Sat only. 1pm.


WEEK TWO Friday 21 -Thursday 27

See under Week 1 for details of ticket prices, opening hours, facilities etc.

Please note: All Cannon and MGM cinemas, apart from the MCM Parkhead, are in the process of transferring to ABC cinemas.


Details are provisional phone cinema to confirm programme and times.

I CANNON Clarkslon Road. M uirend. 633 2123.

Up Close And Personal ( l5 ).

Now And Then (PG )

From Dusk Till Dawn 1 18).

Money Train 1 l8 ).

Possibly opening. replacing one of above: The Rock (15).

I CITY CENTRE DDEDN Renfield Street. 332 8701.

Trainspotting 1 l8 ).

The Birdcage 1 15 1.

Copycat 1 18 ).

Primal Fear ( 18).

Spy Rard (PG ).

From Dusk Till Dawn 1 l 8).

Now And Then (PG).



Up Close And Personal 1 15). Secrets And Lies (15). Possibly opening. replacing one of above: The Rock115). See also Glasgow Lates. I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. Hillhead. 339 4298. Provisional programme phone cinema to confirm times. 1. The Rock (15) Fri/Sat: 1.30pm. 4.15pm. 7pm. 9.45pm; Sun—Thurs: 1.45pm. 4.45pm. 7.45pm.

2. Copycat ( 18) 1.55pm. 4.55pm. 7.55pm. See also Glasgow Lates.

I MGM FILMCENTRE Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592.

The Juror ( 18).

Now To Make An American Ouilt (15). Fargo (18).

Up Close And Personal ( 15).

A Vampire In Brooklyn (15).

Possibly opening. replacing one of above: Beautiful Thing (15).

I MGM PARKNEAO The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343.

The Juror ( 18).

Now To Make An American Duilt (15). Now And Then (PG).

Up Close And Personal (15).

From Dusk Till Dawn (18).

Spy Hard (PG).

Primal Fear 1 18).

A Vampire In Brooklyn 1 15 ).

Saturday Kids Club (£1):

Loch Ness (PG).

Possibly opening. replacing t\\'() of above: An Eye For An Eye 1 l8 ).

The Rock 1 15).

See also Glasgow Lates.


I2 Rose Street. 332 8138. FRIDAY 21

Screen 1 closed until August for refurbishment.

Leaving Las Vegas 1 18) 3.45p111.8.30pm. SATURDAY 22

2. A Little Princess 1U) l.45pnl.

Leaving Las Vegas 1 18) 3.45pm. 8.3opm. The Confessional 1 15) 6. 15pm.


2. French Twist 1 18) 12.15pm. 8.30pm. Jazz Documentary (PG) 2.30pm.

The Confessiona1115)(».15pm.


2. French Twist ( 18) 2pm. 8.30pm.

2. The Confessiona1115) 1.30pm. (1.15pm.

I Confess (PG) 4.15pm. 6.30pm. TUESDAY 25

2. I Confess (PG) 2pm. 8.45pm. French Twist (18) 4.15pm.

100 Days Before The Command ( 18) 6.30pm.


2. 100 Days Before The Command ( 18) 2pm.

I Confess (PG) 4pm. 8.45pm. Heavenly Pursuits 1 15) 6.30pm. THURSDAY 27

2. I Confess (PG) 1.45pm. 8.45pm. Eat Drink Man Woman (PG) 3.45pm. o. 15pm.


I CITY CENTRE OOEON Renf'reld Street. 332 8701.

Fri 21/Sat 22:

Phone cinema for details.

I GROSVENOR Ashton Lane. 339 4298. Fri 2l/Sat 22:

1. The Rock ( 15) 9.45pm.

2. Swimming With Sharks (15) l0.30pm. I MGM PARKIIEAO The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343.

Fri 21/Sat 22:

Phone cinema for details.


Details are provisional - phone cinema to confirm programme and times.

I CAMEO Home Street. 228 4141.

1. Beautiful Thing (15) 12.45pm. 2.50pm. 5pm. 7.10pm (not Sun). 7.30pm (Sun only. with Jonathan Harvey P.A.). 9.25pm (not Sun) and late.

Dead Man Walking (15) Sun only. 1.30pm and Leaving Las Vegas ( 15) Sun only. 3.45pm.

2. Fargo ( 18) 1.35pm. 3.50pm. 6.35pm. 9.1)5pm and late.

3. Girl 6 ( 18) 12.35pm (not Sun). 5.20pm (not Sun). 6. 10pm. 8.45pm.

See also Edinburgh Lates.


From Concept to Sale

Creating a Saleable Story, Compelling Dialogue and Characters The Business of Hollywood Screenwriting as Career


This information-packed 2-Day seminar covering all aspects of launching a career in mainstream movie writting is taught by Michael Hauge. the best selling author of Writing Screenplays that Sell

JUNE 22, 23 I996

. Arches Theatre, Glasgow


0 0171 287 3833 FAX 0171 439 2243

The List 14-27 Jun 1996 37