WIllOllA llYllEll had plenty of boys panting in the days when she was a slacker screen icon, but she’s never been as widely accepted by female audiences. In How To Make An American auilf, however, she’s at the centre of one of the most impressive actress line-ups ever assembled. As a young woman pondering a marriage proposal, her character, Finn, receives the wordly advice of a range of wise elders including ~ Anne Bancroft, Ellen Burstyn, .Ji Maya Angelou and Jean 5 {1 Simmons. ‘For the first few

“7;, weeks, I literally could hardly .mu’ speak,’ says llyder. ‘When

it you’re surrounded by these "1’ women who are like national

mfg treasures, it’s better than any

“[0; ,‘j acting class.’ (Alan Morrison)

“blah; llow To Make An American Quilt goes on general release on Fri

iii: 14 June.

s r “t PRIDE SCOTLAND will be

clutching gay men and lesbian women to its bosom in Glasgow this year, after the success of last year’s debut festival in Edinburgh. With Glasgow’s gay scene increasingly out and proud, expect much frivolity. But that’s not all, according to Pride chairman Duncan llothersall: ‘Make no mistake about it, marching through the streets is a direct political act. When we stand together we have the chance to assert our places in society.’ Falsies are positively encouraged, however.

Pride Scotland is on Saturday 22 June. See Days out for details.

SUPERSTAR are Bellshill contemporaries of Teenage Fanclub who have singularly failed to live up to their name. despite a promising start several years ago with the optimistically titled Creation mini-album Greatest Hits. But things started to go wrong when the quartet were swallowed up by SBK Records (EMI America) for whom they recorded a pleasantly retro album which slipped out unnoticed in the US and didn't even manage a domestic release. ’We did a month tour of the US college crrcuit - when the colleges were on holiday.‘ remembers Superstar mainstay Joe McAlinden. 'That summed up SBK for me.’ Given a merciful release from the contract. McAlinden built the band up from scratch again. recruiting former Soup Dragon Jim McCulloch on guitar. In the interim he has been composing music for forthcoming Prime Cuts television short Hard Nut and writing for ex-Beautiful Southerner Briana Corrigan. Meanwhile. Superstar are preparing to record a new album which they will release themselves this time. ‘I like to think of Superstar as a project I've been working on for the past howevermany years.‘ says McAlinden. ‘Superstar as it was then is not Superstar as it is now. I‘ve been striving for the ultimate band and now I’ve got it.‘ (Fiona Shepherd)

Superstar play K ing Ta! 3-, Glasgow (in Sat 22 June.

2 The List l4-27 Jun I996