KIRK LAKE is a man of many collaborators. as well as something of a Jack-of-all-trades. After several short stories were published. including one in the impressively titled 'Ier-Iina Pagan anthology. Lake released an albtrrn of stories. 50 You Got Anything Else. with soundtracks provided by alternative types like Zion Train. Sonic Boom and Boo Radleys‘ songwriter Martin Carr. J ust to prove he has got something else. Lake is not only writing a novel and producing comics. but is now touring to promote a new mini albtrrn. The Black Lights. ‘lt was meant to be a single but there was so much material I thought I‘d better release it before I got bored ofit.‘ says Lake. whose Glasgow date features his regular ‘thug jazz' band. They also feature on the album. alongside electronic experimentalists DMX Krew and instrumentalist Roy Montgomery. ‘You can‘t describe his stuff without sounding all new agey. but it‘s kind of landscape stuff.‘ How would he describe the end result then“? ‘lt's kind of literate rock.‘ he says. ‘but without the choruses.‘

Kirk Lake plays King Tut's, Glasgmr' on Fri 2/ June.

GIRL 6 is a telephone sex operative in Spike Lee's new comedy starring the delectable Theresa Randle who made blink-and-you'd-miss’em appearances in previous Spike joints. Jungle Fever and Malcolm X. Written by a former phone sex worker. the film requires Randle to blow hot and cold down the phone while the dollars are sucked ol'l' gullible punters‘ credit cards. ‘lt was .mmmu saucy.‘ she says of the experience. which required her to read the. er. manuals of real phone sex companies: rule one is that every girl is white and blonde.

Girl 6 opens at the Cameo, Edinburgh on Friday 2/ Jane.

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ROBERT BURNS is the latest young blood to leap aboard the Scotlit bandwagon, but we’re confident his poetic talent will stand the test of time. In an unified display of support, the National library, Museums and Galleries of Scotland have banded together to create Pride And Passion - a celebration of his ‘life, times and Legacy’ in the form of original manuscripts, paintings, artefacts, imagery and sound - which can be seen in Edinburgh before it transfers to Ayrshire, where it seems the young contender was raised.

Pride And Passion is at The Royal Museum of Scotland, Sat 8 June-Sun 15 September.

The List’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

. i I Sport: World Bowl In a complete turnaround from last year‘s performance. the Scottish Clayrnores staked their claim to host the World Bowl with a commanding start to the season. With a l()() per cent record at home. can Scotland win one of American Football's top titles'.’ illrrrrav/ie/rl. Iz’rlinlmrgh. Sun 23.

I Music: Everything But The Girl Now that the recent single ‘Missing' and album ll’alking llbanrled has given them a new lease of life. Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt take their patented bedsit worries otrt on the road. New fans and old can discover how the dour-laced lyrics and dancelloor backing translates to a live format. .S'eeleatm'e. (ilasgmr' Rayal ('anr'ert Ila/l. Sun 23.

I Film: Beautiful Thing Not only beautiful. btrt a rare thing too: a working-class British movie with a strong gay theme that doesn't take the soapbox approach. ()ptirnistic. btrt honest in tone. it’s a low budget gem. See prer'ierr'. Limited general release

jrarn I’ri 2/.

I Dance: Rambert Dance Company The llK‘s oldest dance company. celebrates its 70th birthday with an exciting programme of old and new contemporary dance pieces. including the world premiere of a new work by Christopher Bruce. .S'eejeature. festival 'I'lteatre. lit/lttbttlg/I. Well 26-bit! 2‘).

I Books: Quentin Crisp Literary wit and gay icon. (‘risp tetriporarily leaves his adopted ivlanhattan home fora visit to Scotland to promote his latest diaries. li’exirlent Alien. with an appearance at Pride Scotland on Sat 22. See lea/are. I ’uhlis/terl by Harper( 'a/ltns. [I 6. ()9.

I Art: Craigie Aitchison Splashes of rich colour greet the eye in this much deserved retrospective which celebrates the artist's 70th birthday. The work. verging on the abstract. ranges from portraiture to landscape to still life. Gallery 0/ Mar/err: Art. (i/(ts‘gulr; until 8 Sept.

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