I the Princess And The Pea Sat 22 Jun. 2pm. Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre. 8-10 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 33‘) 6l85. £3 (£2). Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre hoist their rod puppets on stage once again for this enchanting Hans Christian Andersen fairytale.

Film I A little Princess (U) Sat 22 Jun.

l.45pm. Glasgow Film Theatre. l2 Rose Street. 332 8l28. See film index.

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KIDS mim-

Events are listed by city, then alphabetically by activity. Kids Listings compiled by Kelly McMenamin.

I Richard Brassey Fri l4 Jun. l0ant.

s v _ _ k _; j _ g " Dillons. 174—76 Argyle Street. 248 4814. . . -. K- . .5 ~ ~~ . Ages 7—8 year olds. Come along for a fun r ' ' morning with Nessie The /.()('/l Nuts

Activities And Fun I SINGING Ill THE RAINFCREST Sun 16 Jun, 2pm/4pm. Free. Macnobert Arts Centre, MW)!” (00% ’53-?9lgm‘ '0‘"? ‘1 Scum“

. . Stirling, 01786 461081. No, they’re not delegates at a surreal chefs convention, but language“ With HUW ltd/"71k C him/"(Hive I Minlbeast 33'3" SUD )6 1W musical runsters Tiebreak Theatre Company and they’re creating one hell or a noise “)“0”. £399). Pl“S INS 0' gums“ Pr 17-68 3-3-30Pm Cl'illtlcnd VIS'WS Cc'!““~ In the leafy grounds or the University of Stirling. As well as playing unusual 11”“ balloon-“-

Mugtlmk C‘m'l‘ry P 11”“ Cral‘g‘l'l'u" Roadv instruments from around the world, this courageous crowd will he wrestling man- Nr Mllngm'w. 95‘} 910‘?- l-C‘ 5 “PFC m“ eating spiders, dealing with ant armies and summoning up an extraordinary \‘JCC hCilSlICS ZITCI] t lCCllllg [00 lllllOl‘OUS. this afternoon. so you and the expert guide *— Activities And Fun can net at close look at the tiny countryside rm Children Ora“ ,1, ,. r I , .- . , 1 k a , . ges. Will performances )oo . O . ,1 / ‘_ . Cl.eatures you normally miss. and wmkshGpS in the Big up Circus Tent, The Envrronment and Its Rhythms Sat I5 :‘Ogiclgegll‘or étoyal liljufisyfinplol a new show from Axis Dance. sorcery Jun. 2. l5pm (5—8 years); 3.30pm (8— l2 2", _‘ ,“m‘ Lr‘l‘k“ttr_“t:l‘il”'i _' A' from Magic Bob. books and CD-ROM’s years). Free. Cottier Theatre. Dowanhill ““ "L'mmm‘ ‘3 5 “r " “L”

. . . on the lieadiscovery Bus. a great new Street. A workshop for children of all gogbyfiro'fie' :3“ ligu'h 2152'“; "19 ACtIVltles Fun 5mm, {mm No Fit State Circus. plus abilities exploring movement. percussion l :39 kalll 3““ l--_ J‘llllru-éL P11}; 1"“ ‘l I Scotland Yard Adventure Centre international storytelling. puppetry, and the visual arts. witg growtr-rulpsA _ 00 ‘l “'“m‘l 5- u” “n' Summer Festival Sun lo Jun. noon—4pm. museum tours and lots mom Contact encouraged [010m in. ontact 1e rts is ~ - , _ ,

SYAC. King George V Park. Canonmills. Clair-c Findlay on 886 l‘)‘)7 for further Magic on ‘)43 I489 to book. 557 8 l‘)‘). See photo caption. details. or see the Festival brochure. "ea" 0' the (my Si" '5 Jun- . Rim—d" it]. ‘_ 52:) 521:: “L. "l‘ ( l Old rown Cala Day Sat l5 Jun. After I Pony For The Weekend Kelbttrn l 13'11-3-309111- “'1”de BIIPE'S‘ Church H‘lr, :1; i] {‘g‘l’l'r““k’i Zing R‘f'lli'l'l‘gfy you‘ve followed the procession from the Country Centre. Sat/Sun until 33 Jun. Cresswell Street. 33‘) 1588. Ll. Ages \Lo‘riglm‘ :f‘m 8‘flfi‘véllr 6m“ 'l‘l-IOM Grassmarket at l lam. tnake your way up Ever fancied owning your own pony'.’ 7-l2- Bflng PileC‘l lllllCh. Gallic-S and I . ‘. 'p' _ t k "t ‘: fl”. '

to one of the following venues where 8 Well at Kelburn Riding Centre. eight to .SlOflC-S'lOOklng 8‘ Ill“ local ‘f'l\"r""m“"l- ElgerJP‘lyJ will:rah:"If:Flimnflrnx fun day awaits you. St Patrick’s Green: sixteen year olds cart do just that. From Inparltcular the River Kelvin. . .‘ l. 3T“ *(‘yg‘l ' c_‘ I I"; L Sidesliows and bouncy castle. noon—lpin. mucking out and feeding to grooming and Sherry Kids Show Sat 22 lint. l lam. l'llul’l‘l If”) "Hm" "’1 ‘TP 0“ l.30--2pm. 3—3.30pm; lan Turbitt's riding, for two whole days [)obin's all Cottier Theatre. Dowanhill Street. 357 135"“ “it‘d”! ‘0 )‘mng PLOPIL today- l’uppets. l— 1 .30pm. The Bananaman. yours. Contact Anne Williamson on 3868. £2.50 (f. 1150). Ages-3—7 years. Ph‘m‘ ‘0 hmt‘ 4 PL)“-

2.3()—3pm. Hyndtord Close: lan Turbitt's (“475 563544 for details, Anna Banana.Srlly Cynthia and Gentle

Puppets. noon—I2.3()pm. 2—2.30pm. Jack lead you in a tnorntng of lively songs

3.30—4pm: The Bananaman. 12.30—lpm; Theatre and audience participation. I Jumantt (PG) 8r Jurassic Park (PG) Sun Museum ofChildhood Traditional Games. . Singing In The aaimmest Sun '6 Jun. I I Can’t Paint Miss! Scotland Street l6 .lun. l.30pm/3.25pm. Cameo. Home 2.30—3.30pm. Tweedale Court: The 1 mm m Free M,1CR0bu.l Am Ccmrc School Museum. 22) Scotland Street. 42‘) Street. 228 4 I4 I. A double-bill of Bananaman. l.30—2pm. gflflmg ($1786.46Hml. Sec pm“) i I I202. A series of workshops run by compufer-generated fun. See film index.

caption ' Glasgow School of Art students. to accompany tlieir'current exhibition created with pupils in local schools. Age

ACtiVities And Fun groups are in brackets. although these are

. Paisley Festival g.“ 1’) Jun_(, Jul Tmq flexible to allow siblings to attend: large _, ... - ,. .. “. .T“ . . .3 - -.‘ Scale Workshops IS Jun. 2—3.30pm year s hstnal features a host of acttvrties (8—12); Illustration and Sunni“ '6 Jun. 2.15—3.45pm (8—12); Clay Workshop 22 MEDM‘ EDUCATION m Jun. 2—3.30ptn(8—l2); Printmaking 23

manna: . . . a _ _ . - ACt|V|t|es And Fun Jun. -.l5 3.45pm (4 7)

Media Summer S h l C 00 s I West End Festival l5—23 .lun. Various

June 29th ' 12th 1 996 Venues. Info: 0l4l 946 2452. Nine days I the Adventures 0t Pinocchio Fri I4 0 Make a creepy video or 0' ill" and "0"“ "1 Glasgow's WCS‘ E'l‘L Jun. 9.30am: Castlemilk Community

radio programme on location “minding: ' Centre. l2l Castlemilk Drive. Castlemilk. in Creyfriars Kirkyard 'Ftemationa' cm'd'en’s nay 53‘ '5 Jlm- 634 2233; l.30pm: Birgidale Complex. l0 ' Cottier Theatre. Dowanhill Street. Giant Stravanan Street. Castlemilk. 63| |l6|.

(Ages. 10 - 14) , Pmduui‘ms hold a day Of W‘WkShOPS. Both free. Ages 8 and over. Don‘t miss .7!“ . - "' 6 Find out about a career In starting with the chance to learn your last chance to see Visible Fictions ' the media, become a radio traditional French songs and nursery bewitchjng new take 0n the Classic I Scotland Yard Adventure Centre journalist for a week. rhymes in ‘h‘ench For Fun‘. l()—l lam. £2. fairytale of the little wooden boy with a summ" Festival 8": '16 Jun' noon-3'2“ (Ages _ yCIIl'S; it lilUlll-CUllUfal SliOW Wllh propensity for fabricatton_ Kluggeluge arkéCa‘nonm , . Re-Iive the tale of Tam songs and stories from around the world I Mr Bones Summer Special Sat l5 Jun. 557 8199- 9 Adventure 8" m , . CilllL‘d ‘Tfllklllg Drutn'. 2p"). Scottish Mask and Puppet Ccntrc_ calculates he" lun'fflled years in O Shame" usmg art, danC9, l l-303m-l1l5pm. £2.50 (5|.50). 4-8 8—l0 Balcarres Avenue. Kelvindale. 33‘) gums? “$97.3: and W summtell'i drama, music & multimedia. years; and a Latin American dance ()l85. £3 (£2). A es 3—8. The amazing Mr 33 a '9 - ll .ngfamme 0 . '9 (Ages 8 - 12) W"'k5hop ‘ngg‘lc and Gl28'0'- Bones‘ Travelling Puppet Theatre invite music and amenammem- insulin“ 3 A Book now on l2.45—l .30pm. i? (one Child and one you to come along and sing seasonal jazz band, the Beltane dances and “'8' il(lllll)/£3 (1W0 children and CDC fldUll). songs. games. and bcgt of all. throw Gates, ca'e, and 93m”, Should (Office mm“) to aged 5. Phone Giant on 334 2000 to some custard pics! ["9339 "Wynne-

. 80 The List l-l-27 Jttn l‘)‘)6