A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Jonathan Trew.


I Murder Most ilorrid (BBC 2) 8.30—9pm. Dawn French plays a not-so- grirn reaper whose chosen one stubbornly refuses to die in the final episode ol'the comedy series written by Ian Hislop and Nick Newman.

I Dancing in The Street: A Rock And Roll ilistory (BBC 2) 9-—l0pm. New series tracing the history of rock 'n’ roll from its roots in the Mississippi Delta to the present day. The first episode looks at 50s America and includes interviews with Little Richard. Bo Diddley. Sam Phillips. lke Turner. Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis. See preview.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) l()—l0.3()pm. Dan manages to upstage Darlene by having a heart attack in the middle of her wedding. btrt DJ saves the day by administering some First Aid he learnt at school. Jtrst an average day in the Conner household then.

I Jack And Jeremy’s Real lives (Channel 4) 1030-! 1.05pm. Jack Dee and Jeremy Hardy play the completely guffy aristocrat brothers whose bizarre adventures this week include taking TV cameras behind the scenes at a haunted castle called Barbara ( veddit).

I Tough uys (Scottish) l0.40pm—12.35am. Two noton'ous bank robbers played by cinema‘s own tough guys Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas plan one last heist. on the same train that proved their downfall 30 years before.

I The High life (BBC 2) 11.15—1 l.45pm. The Air Scotia crew are in for a bumpy landing when Captain Duff attempts to tie his shoelaces midfiight. and there's a case of small-business espionage involving the secret formula for a new biscuit in the last in the current series of the outrageously cheesy comedy.


I Grandstand Euro96 (BBC I) 12.20—5pm. Crack open the beers (like you haven’t already) and get a taste of the Wembley atmosphere before the rivals clash for the 108th time in football history (kick off 3pm). Dougie Donnelly and Willie Miller provide the pre-match build- up including items on previous great


‘orrce more into the stratosphere, deer frleed.’ Astronauts, Cbqu 4, lien 17

I As a wann-up for the Scotland versus England game on Saturday afternoon,

Channel 4 is staging its own partisan popular culture clash. After arguing about which country produced the best Bond (a matter of fact rather than debate, one would have thought) and whose national dish is the more unpalatable (two-nil already), both sides come together long enough to slag off the Welsh. Representing Scotland in the purple heather comer is ionner Absolutely comedian and llational lottery ball-boy Cordon Kennedy, while England fields They "rink It’s All over presenter flick Hancock. The supposedly impartial referee is Father Terfs Dermot Morgan, but let’s hope we can rely on a bit of Celtic solidarity.

Scotland v England is on Fri 14 June at 11.05pm on Channel 4.

Scotland/England clashes while Jock Brown and Billy McNeill offer words of wisdom as the game gets underway.

I Saturday live (Scottish) IO—l lptn. Lee Hurst hosts a late-night feast of stand-up and live music. This week‘s guests include Harry Hill. Alan Parker. Neil Mullarkey. Tony Hawks. the newly groovy Everything But The Girl and Norwegian band Strijka.

I The Goodbye Girl (Channel 4) lO.30pm-l2.30am. Richard Dreyfuss stars as an aspiring actor who falls for his reluctant New York dancer flatmate in this 1977 Oscar-nominated Neil Simon comedy.

I llomicide - life On The Streets (Channel 4) 12.30—l.30am. The narcotics division make their biggest bust in Baltimore history and serious trouble flares up in the local drugs community.

I Columbo (BBC 1) 2.55-4.10pm. Columbo and his crumpled mac solve another mystery.

I lig And Zag’s Dirty Deeds (Channel 4) 5.05—5.35pm. Professional beautiful person Elle McPherson has been robbed of some sentimental photos picturing her as a particularly ugly baby and fears blackmail as a motive. but the furry pair are on the case and have Ru Paul in their sights as chief suspect.

I Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Channel 4) 7—8.40pm. Howard Hawks’s classic feelgood musical starring Marilyn Monroe. Jane Russell and Tommy Noonan is the first in a new season profiling Monroe and four other Hollywood greats: Kirk Douglas. Cooper. Quinn and Caine.

I Travelog Treks (Channel 4) 8.40—9pm. The ever-animated Pete McCarthy globetrots his way to Florida Keys and soaks up creative vibes in the place where Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his best works. He's not much cop in the annual Hemingway look-alike contest though.

I Cold lazarus (Channel 4) 9—10.15pm. The frozen head of long-dead writer Daniel Feeld (Albert Finney) gets the last laugh when it emerges he’s the one transmitting his own memories in the final episode of Dennis Potter’s egotistical but excellent surreal future fantasy.

I The Clive James Show (Scottish) lO—l0.45pm. The sharp-witted affable Aussie presents another round of humorous TV and video outtakes from around the globe and chats to guests Eddie lzzard and Peter O'Toole.

I White Palace (BBC 1) l0.35pm—l2.45am. Susan Sarandon. James Spader. James Alexander and Katy Bates star in Luis Mandoki's tale of widowed yuppie Max Baron and his apparently ill-matched love affair with burger bar waitress Nora.


I ND (Scottish) 7-7.30pm. Sally Gray and Angus Coull present the Scottish arts and listings programme.

I Astronauts (Channel 4) 9- 10pm. Compulsive viewing kind-of-a- programme that takes a rare behind-the- scenes look at the training experienced by the crew of a space shuttle, draws to a

close as the Endeavour crew heads for space with a TV camera on board.

I The liing Di Comedy (Channel 4) lOpm-midnight. Robert De Niro. Jerry Lewis and Sandra Bernhardt star in Martin Scorsese's early 80s tale of celebrity worship featuring an obsessive would-be comedian who engineers the bizarre kidnap of a chat-show host.

I A Fistful Of Dollars (Scottish) 10.30pm-l2. 15am. Clint Eastwood is the Man With No Name and badly in need of a shave. in Sergio Leone‘s classic spaghetti western.


I Supermarket Sweep (Scottish) 9.25—9.55am. One to stay in bed for. Dale Winton hosts the cult trolley-(lash of a shopping quiz in which excitable contestants (wouldn't you be?) compete for £2000 each week.

I EllioSG (Scottish) 7. l0—l()pm. Scotland‘s final game in Group A: Switzerland at Villa Park. Catch the boys while you can. Plus highlights of the England/Holland clash.

I liuman Jungle (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. The programme that thinks we‘re awfully clever to have adapted so well to the modern urban world. scratches its head and ponders as to why we‘re so adept at using technical equipment for the first time; how we immediately find what we want from packed supermarket shelves and how taxi drivers memorise so many routes through a city?

I Cardiac Arrest (BBC I ) 9.30—l0pm. Liz is beginning to crack under the pressure and DeVries makes a last ditch attempt to sort out his sex life in the highly watchable hospital drama.

I Murder one (BBC 2) 9—9.45ptn. Bornstein allows Jessica Costello‘s diary to be used in court. much to the embarrassment of her well-to~do clients. and Julie drops a bombshell during her testimony.

I Missing (Scottish) 10.40pm— lam. Excellent emotional political drama in which an all-American father travels to Chile to find the son who disappeared in the 1973 tnilitary coup. Starring Jack Lemmon. Sissy Spacek and Melanie Mayron.

I Sean’s Show (Channel 4) ll.35pm—l2.05am. Sean has met Trudy and is ready to settle down. But Trudy wants a baby. and fast. is the lovable lad ready for fatherhood? And what's Vinnie Jones doing in his flat?


I BBC Design Awards (BBC 2) 7.30-8pm. Janet Street-Porter presents the next round of contenders for the BBC‘s prestigious design awards. This week the judges cast their eyes over beer posters. pop-up books. lottery cards and cosmetics packaging.

I Absolutely Animals (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. The animal-mad magazine programme comes in for another series with two brand-new presenters. Wendy Turner (younger sister of Anthea but don’t hold it against her) and pet vet. Mark Evans. This week Wendy's off to meet vampire bats in Vera Cruz. Mexico while Mark checks out amimai exploitation in Florida.

I American Gothic (Channel 4)

10-1 lpm. Sheriff Buck tries to influence Caleb's custody hearing and the mirror given as a wedding gift is having a strange effect on Dan Trulane's new wife in the scary new cult series.

I Bad Boys (BBC 1) 1010—1 lpm. Excellent new Scottish comedy-drama series from the prolific pen of the writer of Rab C.

I Chart Bite (Scottish) 12.10-12.40am. The bouncy Scottish chart show moves from its teatime slot to make room for more Euro96.

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