I Postcards From The Edge (Channel 4) 8-8.30pm. The final programme in the Broke! series of innovative documentaries. sees award-winning photo-journalist Nick Danziger concentrate his lens on a group of former shipworkers in the once thriving town Barrow-in-Fumess. and a young crofting family in the isolated Highland community of Skerray.

I SAS - The Soldier’s Story (Scottish) 9.30-10pm. The secret world of the SAS revealed in a seven-part documentary series. This episode shadows the six- month selection process. where blokes who've watched too many James Bond films allow themselves. among other things. to be mercilessly hunted down by dogs and soldiers in a forest for a whole week.

I Men Behaving Badly (BBC 1) 9.35—l0. lOpm. New series of the new- laddish sitcom starring Martin Clunes. Neil Morrisey. Leslie Ash and Caroline Quentin.

I NYPD Blue (Channel 4) l0—l0.55pm. A wrongful suspect in a homicide case refuses to implicate his guilty brother. and Martinez and Medavoy go searching for clues on the mysterious murder of two drug users.

I Stanley Kubrick: The Invisible Man (Channel 4) 10.55pm—midnight. The life and times of the controversial filmmaker best known for the stylised ultra-violence of A Clockwork Orange. The documentary acts as a prelude for a season of Kubrick films. See preview.

I Up Pompeii (Scottish) 1 1.20pm- lam. Classic British farce in which Roman slave Lurcio unwittingly gains possession of a list of people who are conspiring to bring down the Emperor Nero. starring Frankie Howard. Patrick Cargill and Michael Hordem.

I Killer’s Kiss (Channel 4) Midnight—1.15am. The Kubrick season kicks in with the intriguing second feature budget-movie he made in New York. Jamie Smith is the boxer who falls for a mobster's mistress with highly unsavoury consequences.


I Brest Crimes And Trials iii The Tvreetieth Century (BBC 2) l2.05-12.30pm. Using archive footage. this edition of the series looks at the evean which led up to Al Capone becoming the undisputed Godfather. Particular attention is paid to the St Valentine's Day Massacre, possibly the one single event which precipitated his rise.

I The Big Country (BBC 1) 7-7.30pm. Dougie thond and Jenni Falconer try to unravel the case of Miss Whiplash at a Murder Mystery weekend in Stirling before heading off to Aberfeldy for a spot of white-water racing.

tare...» tits 6qu 4, Fridays

Kitsch ’n’ sink drama with Postcards From The Edge, Channel 4, Mon 24

I Future Fantastic (BBC 1) 7.30—8pm. Gillian Anderson. aka Agent Dana Scully ofX Files fame. presents this new series that attempts to look into the future with the help of top scientists. Given the extraordinary advances made in this century. is it possible that children will ever be born on Mars?

I Savannah (Scottish) 8.30—10pm. Feature-length pilot episode of a steamy saga set in the American Deep South. On the eve of her wedding. wealthy socialite Reese Burton meets up with her two best friends. but below their apparent cameraderie lies a complex web of passion and deceit that will result in murder.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) lO—10.30pm. Roseanne places Dan on a strict regime of diets and exercise which he seems to be following until Roseanne finds a candy wrapper in his pocket.

I The Friday Night Armistice (BBC 2) l0—l0.30pm. Armando lanucci. Peter Baynham and David Schneider shamelessly lie to officials, exploit the rich and famous and think nothing about wreaking havoc in other people’s shows. I Jack And Jeremy’s iieal lives (Channel 4) 10.30—11.05pm. Jack Dee and Jeremy Hardy assume the identities of Antoine Antoine and Vincenzo Jean-Claude Arkwright. the celebrity chefs of Glitterati’s. London’s swankiest hotel.

I The Killing Time (Scottish) 10.30pm-12. 15am. A small-town sheriff plots the ultimate crime of passion and finds the perfect foil for his actions when an unhinged young man comes to town masquerading as the new deputy. As if all that wasn’t enough. it also stars Kiefer Sutherland.

I eaadasss TV (Channel 4)

l 1.05—l 1.35pm. Ice T and Andrea Oliver ponder anew the more spectacular manifestations of black culture.

I Beat Specials (Channel 4) 1.55—2.55am. Echobelly and Reef strut their stuff in the studio.


I Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (Scottish) 6.05—7.45pm. Rick Moranis endears himself to his wife in less than thoroughly convincing fashion in this special effects feast.

I Oklahoma! (Channel 4) 6.35—9. 15pm. Classical musical with an Oscar-winning Rodgers and Hammerstein score.

I The Sliilllllg (Channel 4) lOpm-12.15am. The season of Kubrick films continues with Jack Nicholson taking up the role of a particularly nasty big. bad wolf threatening to blow down the bathroom door in order to get at his wife and spooky little kid who has a penchant for chanting ‘murder' backwards.

I 2W1: A Space Odyssey (Channel 4) 12.15-2.50am. More Kubrick in this landmark sci-fi movie.


I Barry lyndon (Channel 4) 9ptn-12.20am. Roistering ahoy as the Kubrick season continues apace with this screen adaptation of Thackeray’s novel about the picaresque adventures of its fortune-hunting lrish protagonist.

I The Clive James Show (Scottish) l0—lO.45pm. More wry chuckling over the follies of our brother man and his television compared to the mighty excellence of Brit TV.

I A Band Called Treacle (Channel 4) 2.05-2.30am. The misadventures of a fledgeling all-girl band on the road are recorded for posterity.


I NB (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. The Scottish arts listings programme details the week’s forthcoming highlights.

I For liicher, For Poorer (Channel 4) 8—9pm. Repeat showing for the Cutting Edge documentary which examines the rituals of matrimony through the eyes of three very different couples and asks whether money. class and tradition are essential to a successful wedding.

I Foreign legion (Channel 4) 9- 10pm. Bizarrely. given their fearsome reputation. hundreds of young men apply to join the Foreign Legion every year. Needlees to say. only a handful are accepted for training and only a portion of them go on to become Legionnaires. This programme

mm m: autism II no Shining, cutter 4. Set 22

follows in the increasingly ragged footsteps of one recruit from the UK.

I Postcards From The Edge (Channel 4) lO-l 1.55pm. When a drug-addicted actress nearly dies from an overdose. she is ordered to live with her alcoholic ageing mother. Mike Nichol‘s dark comedy provides a parade of characters that satirise life amid the film folk who live in the Hills.


I Human Jungle (Channel 4) 8-8.30pm. The penultimate programme in the series which aims to discover how man has adapted to and adapted his own environment. looks at what it takes to scare us now that many of our primal fears are irrelevant.

I Foreign legion (Channel 4) 9-l0pm. Completing the two-part look at the legion which started yesterday. the cameras follow the troops on active service into the Amazon.

I Clive James In Postcards From iiong Kong (Scottish) 1040-] 1.40pm. The Australian heads East on what appears to be a completely football-free night.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 5.10—5.40pm. Top Scottish chart action and chat from the larger than life duo of Mari and Euan.

I Eufo96 (Scottish) 7.20—9.30pm. The semi-finals are on if anyone is still interested.

I American Gothic (Channel 4)

lO-l lpm. Sheriff Lucas Buck takes revenge for a slight by Carter Bowen. and Caleb finds his science project has become a battleground between Buck and Dr Crower.

I The Naked Truth (Channel 4)

ll—l 1.30pm. First of what looks like being a wonderfully tacky comedy series. A high-flying photo-journalist fails on hard times after divorcing her millionaire newspaper mogul husband and has to tout her trade at the bottom end of the market. Her first assignment is to snap a celeb at the gynaecologist.


I Up The Chastity Belt (Scottish)

ll. lSpm—lam. Frankie Howerd stars in this antithesis of all that isn‘t politically correct. it may not be big. smart or clever but it will be funny.

as The List 1427 Jun 1996