V I saw you gold Kafer rnit Lo nummerschild. Ich habe f'tir ein und halbjahre in deine gegend gewohnt. Lust auf kaffee? Box No U/28 l/l.

V I saw you party at Essex [)rive. Jordanhill on Saturday 18th May. You: Atillio Lombardo lookalike. I danced to Gypsy Kings. but saw only you. Could we play ball? Box No U/28 1/2.

V I saw you at a Brian Kennedy concert. Malmaison and at the Clydebank Go-karts. Fancy another spin? Box No U/281/3.

V I saw you Laura. playing cards in the Living Room. l/6/96. I‘d love to see you again. maybe talk about lntlia? David. Box No U/281/4.

V I saw you Mark. chemical engineering student in Berties.

l l/5/96. We gave you and Colin a lift to Clerk Street. I don't have a boyfriend. I saw you again. 25/5/96. And again? Fiona. Box No U/28l/5.

V I saw you Change At Jamaicas. 4am. 2/6/96. Me. male. red top. tartan trousers. eating bangers and mash. You. male. grey knitted jumper. blue jeans with friends: winking? ()r was it a twitch? Box No U/281/6.

V I saw you in the Horse Shoe Lounge. upstairs. Monday 27th May. I spoke to you at the bar. You were in corner with a friend. 1 know your face. Please write. Box No U/281/7.

V I saw you in Glasgow Street in a great suit. You have red hair and an eye for design. You look like you could really dance Ceroc. From down south. Box No U/281/8.

V I saw you sad. short blonde in green goddess jogging suit. rollerblading down Sauchiehall Street. What‘s wrong. nothing going on in your life? Fancy some coffee and cake? Box No U/281/9.

O I saw you I see you quite

often. dark haired woman. always in red. I'm intrigued! Copperhead man in black are you? Coffee across in the Filmhouse? Not far to walk? Box No U/28I/lO.

V I saw you outside St James Centre. sunny Wednesday. You tall. dark. Keanu lookalike. wearing football shorts. Had to check my dribbling. Wanna score orjust foul in my box. Me saucy female predator. Box No U/28 1/1 1.

V I saw you Dundee Station. 1/6/96. Me: blonde. tartan skirt. You wanted my number although I 1ive(d) in Yorkshire. l‘m coming to Glasgow soon. Meet up in Queen Street Station? Box No U/28 l/l2.

V I saw you Club Mercado. 19/4/96. You: Arlene interior designer. Me: Friar Tuck lookalike?! With crappy jokes. We showed each other our tongues and feet. Let‘s reveal sotne other body parts! Box No U/281/l3.

Stunningly attrac- tive long cool lovely Blond would like to meet men and women of all shapes, sizes, creeds and colour.

The new Blond Beer from Caledonian is avail- able on tap in Whighams and the Filmhouse. Day and night.

V I saw you orange in a sea of grey. Orange sweater. orange bag. sexy neck. 3/6/96. 9am. Queen Street Station. You missed your train. I missed an opportunity? Box No U/28 l/l-l. V I saw you and said so last month. I‘ve found out since that I shouldn‘t have looked at you like that. Sorry for the discomfort. Still. llattery's flattery. whether from man or beast. Box No U/28l/15.

O I saw you David. I got the wrong number! If you know him. I still remember his Highlandjumper! Contact me? Box No U/281/16.

V I saw you Penny in Cher. Jules. l/6/96. You: curvaceous. ‘commonwealth treasure'. Me: fun fart-alot dyke. You do funny things to my insides. Is this love or indigestion? Box No U/281/l7.

Edinburgh Elli 11E

To REPLY To A BOX NUMBER ALL You HAVE 10 no rs ADDRESS voun lET‘l’ER re:

The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly in the TOP LEFT-HAND CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. fyou send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies. but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW 61 2J2

V I saw you Wed 29th May in gym at Bellahouston. 6pm-ish. Me: slim. green T-shirt. blue trackie bottoms. You: slitn. dark shorts and T-shirt. Let's work out together next time! Box No U/28 l/18.

V I saw you barmaid. Brewery Tap. June 2nd. Sunday. You tall. slim. short hair. absolutely gorgeous. Me white shirt. short blonde hair. small specs. bottles Czech Bttd too shy to catch your eye . . . ? Box No U/281/l9.

V I saw you leaning from yottr car window to shout how big my burn is. as l cycled through Byres Road/Great Western Road Cross. You've met my bum. I'd like you to meet my list. Box No U/281/20.

V I saw you Mojo's. 2/6/96. Angel with curly fair shoulder length hair who brielly sat across frotn me (orange trousers. silly silver shirt). I didn't believe in love at first sight until Sunday. Box No U/281/21.

V I saw you Mark. Negmiants. Friday lllth May. You from London and wearing red shirt. Didn't make it to City Cafe on Saturday night. Please get in touch! Box No U/280/18.

V I saw you at the Science Festival Pizza Lecture. We chatted. You were the aromatherapist cttm linglish lecturer. ()Id fart waylaid me as we were leaving and I lost you. Box No Li/28ll/I‘).

V I saw you along the bar at the Bailie. 18/5/96. You green blouse. black jeans. Me grey shirt. glasses. We looked. we smiled. Let the prove I know more words than ‘busy‘! Box No U/28()/2().

V I saw you beast that stalks or is it kitty that cowers'.’ Mark. why haven't you written? l'd promise not to bite. but I can't. It's no fun unless you play. Love rogue. Box No [3/280/2 I.

V I saw you Paul. Norwegian. studying naval architecture. Met late Friday 17111 May. We talked (Monty Python). kissed. Call me. J. Box No U/28()/22.

V I saw you self-confessed sceptic at the Susan Jeffers talk. Waterstones. 16/5/96. Feel the fear and do it anyway ~- blue skies are there for the making. Box No U/28()/23.

V I saw you ctttey chef at Maison Hector. Tttft or ttot you’re still the best thing on the menu. Forget dinner with Hector and come and have a bite on me. Yum yum! Box No U/28()/2-l.

V I saw you TIllll'StIily. dancing with the Beltane puppets at Eden. I'm not 8ft 10in bill would ya dance with me next time they play that mental drumming track? Box No U/28()/25.

V I saw you again!! My fluffy wuffy sheep. Just when I thought it was over. you appeared on a hill off the A9. Please meet me at midnight. outside the Clachaig. 25/5/96. Snogtas‘licl Box No U/280/26.

v I saw you Roger (3 Feb). Me: drunken. kilted Scotland fan. You: friendly guy. good conversation. Fancy a drink? Did 1 leave something? Please write. Box No U/280/27.

V I saw you 11 Sept. Butlins. Yott: blonde. hated Gama. with two friends. Me: alone. brown hair. leather jacket. jeans. yellow shirt. Will you tnarry me? Box No U/28()/28.

0 I saw you Robb R. last summer. July 7th. West lind. lixperienced something wonderfully special. unique met again - you promised to call. still waiting! Sounds crazy. bttt I've missed you I A. Box No [.1/280/29

V I saw you Diana-esque. 082-1 Hyndland train. Wedding ring? .‘vle. blonde tongue-tied. be still my beating heart. Give me a sign. read T/It’ [.i.vr( 1’) I'm yours. Box No U/28()/3().

V I saw you outside Fopp Records. Byres Road. 18/5. You long brown hair. blue denim. black leggings. black boots. talking to friends with pram. Me in black. ()ur eyes met. Please write soon. Box No U/280/31.

V I saw you the girl in the green leather coat. on successive Tuesdays at Buccleuch Place. I thoung you wore loose clothing because you actually liked it! You're embarking on an artistic life let me know when you've amassed a few etchings. Box No L’/2\‘()/3~l.

0 I saw you at the Roscoe Red launch. ()ltl Fruitmarket. 21/5/96. You had a listful of dollars; I was the man with no name. Go ahead. pink-face. make my day . . . Box No U/280/35.

V I saw you at Henry J. Bean's party. You like my hair and fancy ‘Sex On The Beach‘. Bloody Mary! that‘s a bit sandy. How about a ‘ Slow Comfortable Screw‘ until the ‘Tequila Sunrise"? Box No U/28()/36.

V I saw you Tall. dark and handsome. Bespectacled bookseller in Waterstone’s (East End Edinburgh branch) 22/5/96. Me. girl with brown curls hovering beside film section. Too shy to talk sorry! Box No U/280/37.

V I saw you Mr Philips near the High Street. You‘re very quiet ~- how do I turn you on? Box No U/280/38.

V I saw you on Thursday 16th May all over Glasgow delivering T/it’ List. Are you the new delivery girl? I hope so! Deliver to me and I'll subscribe. Box No U/28()/39.

V I saw you in the pub once. Apparently yott saw me too. I can't remember - l was blind drunk. Want to refresh my

memorv? Box No U/28()/-l().

V I saw you smiley than in ()ddbins. Bruntsfield. wearing a bag on your head. having a bad day (car trouble) and forgetting my Marlboro's. Fnough room in your bag for two? Box No U/280/41.

V I saw you Surtees. man with speckley beard. Were you real. or was it my imagination‘.’ Wardrobe girl. Box No U/280/32.

V I saw you last at Broughton I’lace over a standard security. You: sexy lnverclyde solicitor. Me: hapless home-buyer. Can I register my interest? Box No lI/380/43.

V I saw you in the bashed Punto. Yotr dark and lovely. Me handsome devil. Let me do the work on your chassis. Box No U/ZSO/Jl

V I saw you in the City Cafe at lunchtime. Yott: tall and gorgeous with orange hair. bttt a bit smelly. Change your clothes and I'll share a plate ofchips with you. Box No U/280/44.


Until further notice,l SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.


N The List 14-27 Jun 1996