T in the Park

like Suede In a church and then someone wrote “they think they sound like Suede in a church”. We don’t think that, someone else did. It just gets totally out oi proportion and beiore you know it you are Suede and you are in a church.’

Formed In Aberdeen In 1992, the live-piece are now on their third name having ditched Suniish and Garland, with iouniiiths oi the original line-up intact. llumours that they ate the initial drummer are probably cobblers. As well as being a Swiss location, Geneva also contains alcoholic properties, being as it is, a type oi gin. What can it all mean?

‘It looks good written down and i like the split between the vowels and consonants,’ explains Graham. ‘There’s nothing deeper than that. I don’t think the name is important, it’s just one oi those things you have to do. I’d much rather write a song than think up a name.’

Check out some at their well-craited eiegies to the beauty oi the guitar and in between screaming ior more songs, demand to hear Keith Graham’s lien impersonation. Quite uncanny. (Brian Donaldson) Geneva play the NME sage on Sat 13.

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li Geneva’s press to date is to be believed, the record-buying public is soon to be in the presence oi something rather special. 0n the evidence oi demos and live shows with Suede and The Bluetones, reactions have been nothing short oi multiple orgasmic. ‘They are iucking unbelievable . . . These are some oi the best tucking songs ever written,’ irothed Select. ‘Geneva are blowing us away. You’re next,’ positively gushed a Melody Maker scribe.

Bassist and lien And Stimpy lover, Keith Graham is not allowing himseli to be thrust onto a wave oi seli-congratulation. ‘I never thought that anything we’d do would get any sort oi interest so it was a total shock,’ he remarks. ‘There are some things which annoy us. Our iirst piece said we sounded

Geneva: not a small Swiss city

' " ' the Glaswegian Gallaghers have been cleaning 0 . up on the college circuit with their archetypal ‘it's the next best thing to the real deal' full-on performance. In many cases. it's probably a better. capturing the spirit of the early Oasis lie-lagging amend smetn of afsgmeefulsti" eeteh shows when a pair of binoculars was not a gig- and [mope’ Dubs“; veeaust peop|e unawares, seemingly going requirement- Sarah Blackwood is learning at odds with their summery In addition to mastering each newly-released to eppyeelete the Mend et duh rhyme, |eyered track in record time and tailoring their set to [mummies of heme. She gutters and silky smooth mirror the most recent Oasis concert. there are just wishes she had one. ‘|’m meets. But it somethlng other ways to mimic the Mancunian maestros. not [lying enmre at the seems contrary, that spurs Joe McKay (or Liam Malone in his Gallagher moment, [est fleeting Item meekweed en. ‘|t’s need guise) has had to sprout a beard in recent one p|eee te enetheystn exp|eflne the dept side to months. ‘but that was good for me because I explains, re|et|ehshtps, [tee {actuating ; don't like shm'ing' Since returning irom tours sublect.’ - w s. . "I I M 9 So the facial fuzz is intentional, and the brass of seendeheyle and Europe in A pelseheI high point was 0 av 3' 9 [ea "9' and string section for T in the Park looks set. May, the me have been performing on GeedMemlng There are two types of tribute hand: those who but the breakdown of the PA and subsequent working separate” [eeerdine With Richard And Judy, a just want to approximate their favourite band's evacuation of the stage at their most recent memes, and coming togethey shew Blackened loved to back catalogue and sod the l‘ripperies. like The Glasgow gig was not a deliberate attempt to to play the odd gig, watch when sklving-o" [rem Australian Pink Floyd Show. and those who go emulate the Ban'owland fiasco of December 94 alsgmeefu], their debut Art ce||eee, “they were going beyond the sonic accuracy and adopt the entire when a stroppy Liam lost his voice and refused elhum yeleesed |est summef, “Alright Sarah?” and I’m persona right down to mannerisms and accent. to return to the mic. has moved a recent with thlhklhg “Oh my Gee!" But It wanting you to believe you could be watching ‘Even the crowd are acting like an Oasis shemtte, sustainth ther wee a fight laugh that:th the originals Bjorn Again being the original crowd now. throwing things on stage.’ says momentum and spawning wanted to he|e Susan Brooks (in a manner of speaking) and the best in this McKay. ‘They’re doing the Oasis crowd mm hit stages, In the kitchen but she category. tribum Blackwood admits their weren’t on that day.’ No Way Sis fall into the second category and. Next step: a boom in buskers doing acoustic hectic sehethueh‘ the u“ n Bleemeed’s breed with the escalating need to invest in camping No Way Sis numbers. (Fiona Shepherd) and abfoad means she's stm “emu” some; cosy. equipment in order to purchase an Oasis ticket. No Way Sis play the K ing Tu! 3' Stage on Sun I4. "he 3 kid I" a sweetie shop comfy, he; dreams are more when it comes to the unnerving. ‘Last night I D . - g r a c . _ recreational pop Iiie. ‘hly dreamt that i was at a party I mum gave me a lecture with Princess ill and SIM, around Dublin,tubeprettywell-knofiigfillgfgéggggfgi yesterday. She said: “You’ve lust the three oi us. it was ' looking iora f": his: got to calm down on your absoluter mad and then my film MINES: W‘fli‘"; M it ;. drinking young lady.” But you mum woke me up last beiore 581ml planned.’ " ' :3, j, g, -. go to all these parties and it got interesting.’ lio drink “WWWWW Will“ Willi ., " there’s iree booze, so it’s taken then, i suppose. 9"“ h“ h‘ m" _ . . ' really hard to stay sober and (Deirdre Molloy) "Wm “wmmm”“*" I bori ' n bsta I In mast: immediately oiieredtobe his” "9° " ’P ‘V "9 9" w t. . - " ~ The ominous and wry lyrics on Sun 14. llubstar: looking relaxed about success

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