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'l‘elephone: 0131-5515 2.111 0131 229 7884 . 0 James Grant 0 Kevin McDermott 0 Horse and Angela 0 Kenny Ball

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0 The Felsons - Terry Neason 0 Lorna Brooks

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and lots more surprises.....

Free entertainment every night in the Poosie Nansie’s Bar Tent

Brochure and tickets: 01 41 774 0259

Tickets also available from the Ticket Centre

0141 227 5511

The Fiftieth Edinburgh Festival Fringe

llth-3lst August 1996

Programme available NOW.

Get your copy now from outlets across Scotland or by sending three first class stamps to:


Glasgow Fair


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe - Out there somewhere


14 The List 28 Jun- 11 Jul 1996