July. . .

227 55.11. Mon-Sat, 9.30am—6.30pm; Sun, noon-5pm.

I Tovrer secures 217 Argyle Street, 204 2500 (major concerts only).

I Queen’s-lla11"8ololflce.C1erk Street. Edinburgh, 0131 668 2019 (major concerts only).

BY THEPIIQIE ' I'T'lcketoeetre 227 5511.

I [loyal 332 9000 (venue ~' concerts-only). '

Tickets'are also available from . Ticketlzink outlets. . llQVEllTlCKE‘I’S

I Whole Shebmg All concerts at the McEwan’s Old Fruitmarket and Intercity Cafe Bar, Fri 28-Sun 7, £150:

I Weekender A11 concerts at the McEwan’s Old Fruitmarket and Intercity Cafe Bar, Fri 28—Sun 30; Fri 5—Sun 7, £50 each.

[The W 23 Royal Exchange Square, 221 7080.

I Bar 91 91 Candleriggs, 552 5211.

_I Bill’aplar Charing Cross Tower Hotel. 10 Elmbank Gardens. 221 1000.

DATES a ,l-elaclrtrlats 36 Bell Street. 552 5924.

. , .e“:‘Il.aeoeneAabergeHolidaylnn. I 313W -lnlerl;atioeal Jazz runs from‘Ffiday-e28 June to Sunday]?

" [bourbon Street 108 George Street. 552 0141.

;. F IjBlIlinCK Hotel 106 Brunswick I. .. .. '2 Street,5520001. I:TheTlcltet Centre 60 Candi ggs.)

552 8587.

161 West Nile Street, 332 0110.

[The Breehonse 18 John Street, 552 3801.

I‘Cate ltoyal Theatre Royal. Hope Street. 332 1370.

I City Hall Enter by Albion Street. 227 551 l .

I Cottiers 93 Hyndland Street.

357 5825.

I The Flre Station 33 Ingram Street. 552 2929.

I lasgow Iloyal Concert Hall 2 Sauchiehall Street, 227 5511.

I Intercity Cafe Bar City Hall, enter by Bell Street, 227 55 l 1.

IMchulll’s 40 High Street, 552 2135. I McEvrae’s Qld Fruitmarket Albion Street, 227 5511.

I Marriott Hotel 500 Argyle Street, 226 5577.

I Paddy o’orlen’s Dream 20 Candleriggs. 552 8717.

I Pizza Express 151 Queen Street.

221 3333.

I'Prleces Square Buchanan Street.

I P S Waverley Anderston Quay.

227 5511.

Ian Theatre 98 Ingram Street, 552 3489.

I Theatre lloyal 282 Hope Street,

332 9000.

I no. Theatre Ber 36 Pamie Street.

G:R:A:S:S R:O:0:T:S



G3 6UR

0141-353 3278




I Bobby Wellins Ramshom Theatre. 9pm. £5 (£3.50). A curtain-raiser for the festival. featuring last year’s composer in residence. with the David Milligan Trio.


I Jazz Meets The Symphony Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 7.30pm. £19—£4.50. See picture caption.

I Martin Taylor’s Spirit at Django/Claire Martin and Her Trio McEwan‘s Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £12(£10). A Linn Records double-bill. with jazz singer Claire Martin showing off her distinctive phrasing in the company of her excellent trio. and guitarist Martin Taylor parading the latest developments (including a new CD) in his Spirit of Django band.

I lllverboat Shuttle P S Waverley. 7.30pm. £15. Sail doon the watter to a

traditional jazz accompaniment.

I Chick lyall Quartet Ramshom Theatre. 9pm. £4 (£3). Pianist and composer Chick Lyall isjoined by Phil Bancroft (saxes). John Speirs (bass) and Iain Copeland (drums).

I John Critchirtson - Art Thernen Quartet Intercity Cafe Bar. 10pm. £6. Originally scheduled as Ronnie Scott. the date is now filled by two of his longest serving collaborators instead. pianist Critchinson and saxophonist Themen. with Dave Green (bass) and Tristan Maillot (drums). I nob total and Sue Hawker Pizza Express. 10pm. £5. Singer Sue Hawker is deftly accompanied by guitarist Rob Koral.

I Strange Fruit 96 McEwan's Old Fruitmarket. 10.30pm. £10. See Clubs.

I Q S Murray Quartet Bourbon Street. 8.30pm. Free. Newish band with sax and trumpet front line.

I Moio Pep The Brewhouse. 9pm. Free. Blues.

I Violet leighton Paddy O‘Bn‘en's Dream. 9pm. Free. Jazz singer.

I laura MacDonald Quartet The Apartment. 9pm. Free. Saxophonist.

I Dissen’tangoed Bar 9|. 9.30pm. Free. Jazz funk.

I Fred Quimby Quartet McChuiIl's. 10pm. Free. Scotland's only eight-piece quanet

I Robert Henderson Duo Cafe Royal. 10pm. Free. Trumpet-led duo.

I Bobby Wishart Quartet Cottiers. 10.30pm. Free. Leading Scottish saxophonist with his regular band.

I late Night Jazz Club Marriott Hotel.

1 lptn. Free. For many. this is the essential festival experience. and it can get pretty crowded. Fionna Duncan and her trio are the house band. and there is a fair chance of catching some of the festival's big names in unbuttonedjamming mood.


I Youth Jazz oay Ramshom Theatre. 10am—4pm. Free. Showcase for the next generation.

I McCoy Tyner Trio with Michael Brecker McEwan‘s Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £14 (£12). See preview.

I oana Gillespie The Brewhouse. 9pm. £6. Powerful blues singer.

I Theo Travis Quartet Intercity Cafe Bar. 10pm. £6. One of the best of the current wave of British saxophonists. with David Gordon (piano). Rob Statham (bass) and Marc Parnell (drums).

I Eddie Severn Quartet Pizza Express. 10pm. £5. Edinburgh-based trumpeter features his own material in this band. I Jan Ceilidh Ramshom Theatre. lOpm—lam. £5 (£3.50). A heavyweight jazz-folk line-up here. including multi- instrumental wiz Martyn Bennett. the Bancroft twins. and various members of Capercaille. Caledon and Shooglenifty, I James Morrison Hot Horn Happening McEwan’s Old Fruitmarket. 10.30pm.


Ill ' i - altoas Chip


This superb Scottish restaurant has been the recipient of many awards for excellence since being established in 1971. The newest award is a Michelin Red M. an award never before bestowed on a Glasgow restaurant.



Tot 0141-884 .007

£10 (£8). The flashy Australian multi- instrumentalist makes his festival debut with a seven-piece band featuring trombonist Mark Nightingale and our own Brian Kellock on piano.

I Mitchell and Medboe Cottiers. 2.30pm. Free. Bass and guitar.

I Violet leighton Bourbon Street. 3pm. Free. Jazz singer.

I George Penman‘s Jazzmen Bourbon Street. 8.30pm. Free. Traditional jazz.

I Q S Murray Quartet Bar 91. 9.30pm. Free. See Fri 28.

I Turn Mclllven Quintet Blackfriars. 10pm. Free. Boppish. trumpet-led young band.

I Hermon X McChuilI's. 10pm. Free. Latin jazz.

I Mitchell and Medboe Cafe Royal. 10pm. Free. Latin jazz.

I Hung Drawn Quartet Cottiers. 10.30pm. Free. Imaginative saxophone quartet.

I late Hight Jazz Club Marriott Hotel.

1 lpm. Free. See Fri 28.


I Youth Jazz Orchestras McEwan’s Old Fruitmarket. 3pm. £5. Cross-border co- operation or will it be competition? —- with the Wigan and Strathclyde orchestras sharing the spotlight.

I nay Brovrn Trio McEwan‘s Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £12 (£10). The magisterial bass playing of Ray Brown is one of the wonders of modem jazz. and should spur the excellent Benny Green on piano to even greater heights. with Greg Hutchinson weighing in on drums.

I Jan On A Summer's Evening Princes Square. 7.30pm. £10. Traditional (and a bit of mainstream) jazz with the stellar Great British Jazz Band and the Zenith New Orleans Jazz Band from Australia. I Sun Alliance Young Jazz Musician oi the Year City Hall. 7.45pm. £5 (£3). The Sc0ttish final of a prestigious new national competition.

I Steve Hamilton Quartet Intercity Cafe Bar. 10pm. £6. The Scottish pianist is coming on in leaps and bounds. as his playing on Tommy Smith’s Beasts Of Scotland album demonstrates.

I The Buzz Ramshom Theatre. 10pm. £5 (£3.50). Improvising musicians hook up with dance grooves. live sequencing. and other hip stuff.

I John Goldie The Fire Station. Noon. Free. Jazz guitarist.

I Steve Alford Quintet Princes Square. 2pm. Free. American saxophonist.

I John Goldie Cottiers. 2.30pm. Free. As above.

I Morph Paddy O’Brien’s Dream. 3pm. Free. Guitarist.

I Andy Mitchell ouo Bourbon Street. 3pm. Bass and guitar.

I lady Sings The Blues The Brewhouse. 4pm. Free. Three ladies - Lorna Brooks. Fionna Duncan and Violet Leighton.

I Madeleine Macoonald Brunswick Hotel. 8pm. Free. Singer.

I Fred Quimby Quartet Bourbon Street. 8.30pm. Free. See Fri 28.

I Jan Cotech dancers and 11.1 The Apartment. 9pm. Free. Jazz dance.

I Blackiriars Collective Blackfriars. 10pm. Free. Modern jazz.

I Higel Clark and Evan Vernal McChuill‘s. 10pm. Free. Guitar and bass. I late llght Jan Club Marriott Hotel.

1 1pm. Free. See Fri 28.


I raeme Wilson Trio Bill's Bar. 12.30—2.30pm. Lunchtime sounds from saxman Wilson and his backup duo.

I Bob Berg Quartet McEwan’s Old Fruitmarket. 7.30pm. £12 (£10). See preview.

I 88C Big Band Theatre Royal. 8pm. £10—£16. Slick and well-disciplined band in the classic mould. with some fine

' charts.

22 e List 28 Jun-11 Jul 1996