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CLIVE BARKER long ago left behind his horror origins the magnificent Books OfBlood short story compilations and the Hellraiser movies for a more expansive realm of the imagination. In

The firing Unify Hoppers are at the Festival Theatre,

Edinburgh, Wednesday 10 July.

novels such as Weavewarld, lmajica and The Great And Secret Show. he redefined the fantasy epic. tackling the big questions about death. spirituality. love and power within a distinctive context that has become more acute as the millennium approaches. in his latest book. Sacrament. Barker comes back down to earth. literally. The hero is the world’s most famous wildlife photographer. who through his work witnesses the gradual extinction of rare species. and through his personal life as a gay man - also sees friends and acquaintances dying off. Barker’s characters have frequently had ambiguous sexualities. and this is the first time the writer has ‘come out'. as it were. in print. All in all. this makes Sacrament Barker‘s most personal novel, and one that offers a deeper emotional level as well as a gripping story and moments of dazzling imagery. (Alan Mom'son)

Sacrament is published by HarperCollins on Monday 8 July. priced £15.99.

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2 The List 28 Jun-ll Jul 1996