The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of th- fortnight ahead.

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I Comedy: Jenny Eclair The I995 Perrier Award winner, who rejoices in being possibly the most foul-mouthed woman in Britain. makes her Paisley debut. with her observations on the subjects others might leave unsaid. Paisley Town Hall. Thurs 4 July.

I Theatre: Blithe Spirit Noel Coward‘s colourful life-beyond-the- grave comedy can be expected to

OAK’S BARK, the Glasgow-based multi- cultural collaborative group oi artists and perionners, make their mark on the Centenary ot Cinema with Silent

Installation at The Arches. Classic and “Cate the Lyceumxg cum"er “mammary mm images, was vivacrous but sure-footed approach. quadmphonlc sound and computer See preview. Royal Lyceum. animation, are projected on 100 Edinburgh. Thurs 4-Sur 27 July. reflective columns in the rear tunnels ot I Film: Dead Man Cult director Jim "'3 "nua- "'9 installation "39" Jarmusch goes back in time with becomes the site tor a one-off evening

Johnny Depp in this meticulously

trtv SAVAGE brings a surreal touch ot glam mfgggdgfgm “53$; mfg.” paced. beautifully shot existential

to the drab world Iitilih the walls ot and m. "canon o, sl’lom and Western. See preview and review.

Weetworth Detention Centre in the stale “momma” mm scam Cameo. Edinburgh front Fri 5 July.

:m'figng°;"&hx‘°“$9 Silent Installation isat The Arches, I Art: Thomas Florschuetz

m ' 9 '9 a Glasgow, Saturday Monday 14 July; the Photographs of pink flesh and hairy '9’ W“ o“ ' mp 0"" "an" ‘1' Silent Bark perlonrrance and opening I' b b the G rman artist who

sharp-tongued Scoeser tlnds her sell doing mm a, 7 30 F M 5 J , 'm S Y .e .

WI battle with the tough prison officer ' Pm a” a, u 7- photographs his own body in abstract.

known 88 ‘The FM’, played by Maggie Disconcening yet strangely beautiful.

Kirkpatrick. i'itlI “if! frocks emerge from Stills. Edinburgh, tutti! Sat 2 7 July.

the Wentworth laundry press might be I Music: Tina Turner The crowned

“0M limb 5” W Ple- b V g h queen of raunch and roll slaps on the

Prisoner Cell Block II: The Musical is at the Festival Theatre, Edinburgh from Mon t-tr'at 5 Jul.

lipstick and backcornbs her hair before taking to the stage for an evening of upfront rocking with the occasional ballad thrown in. The tour is called Wildest Dreams after her latest album. See preview, Murrayfielcl. Sun 30.

I Theatre: Happy Days Myra McFadyen plays Winnie, half-buried in sand, in Samuel Beckett’s painfully funny study of numbing habit. Stewart Laing directs and designs.

See review, Traverse Theatre. Edinburgh, until Sat 30.

TIIE GODFATIIEB has a cast list that reads like a who’s who of post-war American cinema: Brando. Pacino, Caan. Keaton, Duvall. Add in the Oscar-winning sequel. and De Niro muscles into the family. Classic slabs of American cinema from the 705. this pair of gangster epics not only tells the violent and compelling story of one family’s loyalties and betrayals. but acts as a history of 20th century America through immigrant eyes. Television screenings can’t even hope to do justice to the scope of Francis Coppola's masterpieces; so when you're told that both The Godfather and The Godfather Part ii are due for cinema re- releases in new pn'nts. well obviously it’s an offer you can’t refuse.

The Godfather plays the Edinburgh F ilmhouse from Friday 5 July; the sequel takes over on Friday 2 August. Both films play the Glasgow Film Theatre in September.

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