the pub on Friday nights. I Chicago Hope: the Support (BBC I) TUESDAY 9

9.30- l0.20pm. The American hospital I True Statics: Gordonstoun (Channel 4) drama returns for a new series with one of 9—10.55pm. Documentary about the boys the most ttnlikely plots ever unveiled on school and the rigours therein.

screen. Particularly timely given the current

I Frasier (Channel 4) |()—l0.3()pm. The antagonism between the schoolies and the

radio psychologist broadcasts his youth of the local ttm n. ministrations over the airwaves in a new

sir \ it ‘» . s. . r e e ~ «. WEDNESDAY 10 r t 4",)! t. , ,. , - . I olive Anderson Talks Back (Channel 4) , _ _ _ _ _ I I f - r f I Chartbite (Scottish) .‘. 10 5.40pm. l-ull \ ’«' - L \ rundown of the Scottish charts action. I Gun Power USA (Channel «ll 9— Illpm. Second of a three-part look at America's obsession with firearms and the numerous problems which this throws tip.

I American Gothic (Chann it 4) 6 l()—l lpiii. Sheriff Buck is implicated

I pa." Manon (Channel 4) |()_.|().3()pln. when the skeletons of two 'l‘rinity citizens

li).3()-l I. ltlpm. A compilation of some of Anderson's best interviews including the one where Jeffrey Archer is asked whether or not there is any beginning to his talents.

Merton's second series gets another are discovered in a house he owns. Caleb. airing. however. is having iiiglitiiiarcs about I "nee comm»; mue (Channel 4) digging tip his own grave to uncover a lt).3()pm—-l2.20am. The first filiit in a h”""”)"”‘e' SCCWl- ,v A s . trilogy by the late. acclaimed Polish I The flakedfiuth Willis“ 4) A " " director Krzysztof Kieslowski. Loosely H" I 130?”)- th “‘l‘ l‘lli’lllill'ill‘ll‘f" lull?” On a mission iroin ootl: Michael Patio and Maggie Smith in The Missionary, mutant),ng [he memes 0f the Ham}, on hard times is sent in C(H't‘i' a \Clc‘nltsl Channel 4, Thurs 11 Revolution. the trilogy of (tn-cc colours. who has the frozen sperm oi bins and is . s- - - - ~ v n v - ~. . .‘ v- ~ looking fora suitabl ilittlll‘i' fir lll‘ Wayne and Morag may have been seeing i‘lllllS. the independent British liliii 'Fd- “hm ‘1”?! Nu“. '“u‘lhm “k "1N5 0' (Nmfmom ‘mm “film Ki; L a little too tnuch ofeach other. company that played a large part in Wt”)- ,Ltlllsll'l) find brl’ll‘tllil’t’d- Tht . p ~ I The Unknown Soldier (BBC 2) revitalising the British film industry. “'k’g) '5 bell‘g 5mm" W'l-‘CU'UWW (“'0' 11 9.30—l0.20pm. Field Marshal Sir Douglas I SAS - The Soldier’s Story (Scottish) mergeXultrccatt'ctchks. _ Haig is known as the ‘Butcher Of The 9.30—lOpni. A seven-part documentary I 9 “35‘5"” "f (5"‘llll3lll‘ . I The Missionary (Channel 4, Somme'. For 60 years. he has been series which ventures inside the secret ' l-ml’m“l - M“- Yth )Nh- '1 3 W" 0" o_ Hygspm fun]ch “mu.” m, and satirised as the worst caricature ofthe world of the SAS. 1‘ “it’ll-5‘1"“ “"193: 1")“ .VW Cit" Pl'ilt‘llFilll)’ 3.1;”ng Michael pufm as a Clmfg}.lmln British officer class the donkey general I Men Behaving Badly (BBC I) 'CL'“ “mm l‘" “‘"d bl” “w ""NNL‘ who returns to England in With after ten who sent thousands to their deaths in the 9.35-|().()5pm. Gary shows his true “("9 WC" 1' SW" 5““ “Ullndllile- you”. as u lnissn,n‘m.y in Ann.” and hm m mud of Northern France arid Flanders. colours yellow while Tony fantasises find funding {m u "lie-mm rm- mum This programme looks at Haig‘s that Deborah and her girlfriend might be 7 women in the l-Iast lintl of London, achievements in a different light. more than just good friends. . I i I 5A3 The soldier’s Story (SQ-"mum I American Gothic (Channel 4) I OED: Sunshine With Scattered Showers 3 {3915:3le Simm “it”: (tilt-1:251 4) «no 40pm. Fascinating insight in“, W. l in. When discovers l Ill. PlCFS COTbVIl _ 'H. .' i. .‘ ()I. [h ' world} [HUSI i|jl ' fighting “mtg ()1' Buck Eras involved with her childhood has t'ike)n on the lllCtCBi'tHOQlC'll ' (‘ra'lult‘s‘lmn “' PM" H3” 5 "0"91 “mm P “Ll-KL alul'ific mot” (,7 m1}, “Lil . t.‘ '.")' h'- - all} s ; :T-‘ friend just before her death. she comes establishment single-handed. He doesn't N‘thlil' :‘V‘Ll'ui‘l l.‘ lluzif‘.“ I‘lhE II b V wwwm}. and mc mm” M ml. km... close to reliving the tragedy herself. just question their method of forecasting :‘LI""‘1“.“U"“§‘3> [m {I 1‘” Tlml‘l] t‘ui'l: “m .. , t . s a z " z I The Halted Truth (Channel 4) he proves his point by betting against 313:2 “1:. “k t)“ "in 3 l l 1—] l.30pm. More paparazzi high-jinks them each month. So far he's been :w in}! "1:1 8'.th (S. “ink m‘m‘ UK in an episode with the cracking title: winning art average of£2()() a week from 5" am" in“. Tarnmms And "8:33 ' ‘Bald Star In Hot Oil Fest.‘ William Hills and still the UK '

Meteorological Office are sceptical about (sunfish) Hills—til I'mp'?" 1 h‘cdnml' “:6

4 his Claims. myths. the facts and the songs from the . man who used to parade some of the ntost

I Summer Holiday (BBC 1) 7—7.30pm. 5 outrageous threads ever seen on stage.

The holiday programme focuses on

Portmeirion. the village designed and I is It Legal? (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. When 8

built by the remarkable Sir Clough a photocopy of a naked bottom finds its

Williams-Ellis. who painstakingly way into an important client's mail and I NB (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. The Scottish

researched the world for exceptional the office manager is sent to track down arts listings programme presents the

buildings and brought them back to this the culprit. it can only mean one thing. lowdown on the highs of Scottish culture.

wooded peninsula in North Wales.The The series was written by the same guy I It I Were Prime Minister (Channel 4)

village is most famous for being the who did Men Behaving Badly. 8---8.3()pm. New series in which people in

location for the cult series The Prisoner. I Jennifer‘s Comedy Zone (BBC 2 ) the public eye state what they would do if

I Faulty Towers (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. 9—l0pm. Saunders and French choose two they were in power.

Bob Waters. uncrowned king of episodes of their all-time favourite I The Final P385398 (Channel 4)

Blackpool‘s tour operators. has decided to comedy shows for broadcast. Tonight. we 9— l0.30pnt. Concluding episode of a

expand his horizons to Moscow. Needless get One For)! In The Grave and I Love drama started yesterday.

to say that having been promised a Lucy. I The Sex Hunters (Channel 4)

‘gleaming city of happiness‘. the I Friends (Channel 4) 9.30—l()pm. More 10.304 1.10pm. Six lads in a caravan

Muscovites are not entirely satisfied. twentysomething exploration of explain to the cameras what exactly they

I Time Bandits (Channel 4) 9—l i.l0pm. relationships and navel gazing for people want from their holiday. Needless to say

Terry Gilliam’s surreal comedy fantasy is who would like to have the saute kind of this is not one of the most uplifting know about the man and his wardmbe. shown again as a tribute to Handmade friends in real life but never make it out to examinations of the human spirit. Scottlsh. 5"" 7

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