hyperspace realm programming 7 7:5; breakbeats into lightspeed .etconfigurations but spanned the

multiplicit headstates of the genre chasing light into dark. love into anger. smooth strings and heart-tending songs into rough. distraught and dysfunctional instrumentals. Listen to 'Angel’ and you’re in dreamy. sumptuous and celestial territory. whereas ‘This Is A Bad‘ takes you into the darkside. the world of eerie basslines. What makes Goldie such a perfect representative of the world of drum ‘n' bass is not only his ability to map its many moods. but the very fact that his tracks have provided the blueprint. the inspiration. the prototype models for many of the varied manifestations of 1996 jungle.

Timeless. Touring. Bjork. That pretty much sums up the last twelve months for Goldie. Timeless the album is now

morphing into Tittle/ms the film. a

project Goldie is working on with his

flatmate Gus. ‘lt’s a script we‘ve written. an hour and a half long. about a ten-year-old kid who becomes Father Time. It’s a really deep plot and there’s a lot of evaluation in it . . . of characters. the way people view each other. what the ghetto is. what class is. and about colour and integration too.’

Touring kicked off when Goldie took to the main stage at Glastonbury. to some rather mixed critical reactions. ‘You go out

and you do it. and you do make a few mistakes.’ he acknowledges. ‘Chords get stuck. different things get triggered. I mean. Glastonbury was in at the deep end. but at least I had the bollocks to go out there and fucking do it.‘ His subsequent Metalheadz tour of the country was a resounding success.

Then. of course. there’s the 8 word Bjork. His glinting copper eyes fix me with a resolute stare: ‘You can’t ask me about that. I don’t wanna get into that area because that’s my personal life. I’m fed up with people prying into my personal life. We go out. yeah. that‘s what we do.’

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‘I get stopped every week by people asking me why I’m not playing in Scotland - angry Scottish people! I’m not gonna be doing circus tricks or anything, but we’re just gonna do a good show.’

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Goldie: the celeber face of drum ’n’ has:

So it‘s back to the music. His next album. he says. will be entitled Saturn ’5 Return. and it’s about the seven year astrological cycles we all experience. At 30. he‘s just been through one of his biggest ones and reckons it was a bit like having a baby. 'No one's gonna understand the next album,’ he says wilfully. ‘no one’s gonna understand it at all. Sometimes I think technology’s allowed me to go a bit silly.’ He plays an excerpt from a new track. But it doesn’t seem disjointed or avant-garde. it sounds beautiful a surging arrangement of cello chords which well up like tears and flow right out the window, melding into the inner city panorama beyond the glass.

Back to more immediate matters. and we’re talking about why Goldie’s never managed to make it north ofthe border. T in the Park sees his long awaited live Scottish debut. ‘I get stopped every week by people asking me why I’m not playing in Scotland - angry Scottish peOple!’ he laughs. So what can we expect from this first live Scottish set? ‘To be converted to drum ’n’ bass.’ he nods intently. ‘Festivals are always a time to get together with people and have a laugh. We’re gonna come up. have a good time and do what we do best . . . it’s gonna be a good show. I mean. I’m not gonna be doing circus tricks or anything. but we’re just gonna do a good show and come up and ’ave it.’

Goldie presents Metalheadz in the Dance Tent on Sun I4.

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