O I saw you Terrance with Darren in CC's. We met and spoke for a time to you. Left with a friend. Let’s meet again. David M. Box No U/282/1.

U I saw you looking at maths equations before Fargo in the Cameo on Cinema 100 Day. If you fancy someone to talk to before the film. contact me. Box No U/282/2.

U I saw you finishing the Dunfermline half marathon. You: an athletic guy with hairy legs in shorts and running vest. Fancy something less energetic with a guy cheering you in the home straight‘? Box No U/282/3.

U I saw you north side of George Square. evening 17/5/96. You: girl wearing long. pretty skirt. Me: green jacket. black jeans. Beamed a smile. you beamed it back! Can we smile again. perhaps? Box No U/282/4.

V I saw you in Littlejohns. Stirling. 1/6/96. 8.15pm. Blonde. with your mother? Me: with student son. We arrived same titne. you smiled. we connected. but I didn’t speak. What a fool! Let‘s talk. Box No U/282/5.

O I saw you black curls crossing the bridge over the Kelvin (Wednesday 5th June). Me. blond waves. coming the other way. Our eyes met. Can 1 see you again? Box No U/282/6. 01m you very close up. Richard. medical student at Edinburgh. Let me blow your nose again. you evol bastard. Box No U/282/7.

9 I saw you Bon Accord. 3/6/96. You: sitting near bar. occasionally looking at me: short hair. at bar. Both with a friend. Your smile was sooo charming. Fancy a pint. just you and l? Box No U/282/8.

. I saw you 13/6/96. delivering The List in HMV. Edinburgh. You long. curly locks; me tall. dark and handsome. Let me feel your long hair tickle my stomach. Interested? Box No U/282/9.

Q We saw you in a crowded buyers’ office! Us: dressed in black with red badges. You: ‘cam-ly’ cynical in black with red socks! Happy birthday. ‘Giant Robo' bad guy!! Box No U/282/10.

9 I saw you Craiglockhart Hill. sun bathing. Sunday 16 June. 5.30pm. You in a state of undress. me state of distress (with wee dog). Let’s sunbathe together somewhere quieter! Box No U/282/l l.

9 I saw you Vicky? Birthday party at the Cabin. Again at Jon’s party in Partick. We talked then you kissed me goodbye. How about a hello kiss? Box No U/282/12.

0 I saw you Cafe Kudos. Monday 10th June. You: wearing glasses. with friend. Me: same. Were you looking? I’d like to meet you properly. Box No U/282/13.

O I saw you 9.30am Edinburgh to Glasgow Queen Street train. 13/6/96. You: beautiful girl with long blonde hair. dressed in blue with grey T-shirt (got on at Falkirk?) Me: guy in T-shirt. scruffy. across from you. Box No U/282/14.

0 I saw you in Edinburgh’s Flip. 17th June. You have glasses. short hair. ripped jeans and you bought American mail clothes. We’ve exchanged glances and I’d like to know more! Box No U/282/15.

0 I saw you Sat 15. 2pmish. Princes Street Gardens. opposite esplanade. You: white shorts. dark hair. Me: shorts. T-shirt. checked shirt around waist. I was waiting for a friend. You were watching me as I looked back walking away. Box No U/282/16.

9 I saw you sunbathing in the Meadows. 2pm. 16 June. reading The Eagle Has Landed in your spotty bikini - fancy a gamble? Box No U/282/l7.

9 I saw you Again! Yes. it’s you. Jim. that beautiful polo geezer. You walked passed Cheynes hairdressers on 15.6.96. Did you see me? 1 hope so: 1 have an obsession! Box No U/282/18.

V I saw you Master of motivation. Mr Mambo in Cuban heels. Now ‘I’m Caught In A Trap‘. Oleanna isn’t an issue anymore. so how about some ‘Pillow Talk' on my return in September? Box No U/282/19.


The list Classified, 14 High Street or at the CGA Edinburgh EH1 11E

350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW G1 2.12

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the 1’0? LEEToIIAIIo court.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don’t stamp the replies. but do write the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

0 I saw you in the canteen (PG Secondary male - Moray House). I love your wild curls. your Mediterranean tan and too frequent disappearing acts from the canteen. We’ve made eye contact. Would you like to meet sometime? (From a canteen admirer) Box No U/282/20.

V I saw you future Turkish film star. First bored in the Garage. second as I worked and third. warmed up in the Volcano. Let’s meet properly before the shooting starts. Box No U/2t52/21.

Blond (new in tOWH) Scottish origin, European outlook, would like to meet men

and women with a taste for the better things in life. Blond

exterior disguises a pas- sionate dark heart. The new Blond Beer from Caledonian is available on tap in Ryans and The Bailie. Day and night.

0 I saw you Blackfriars Street. chucking out time Thursday 20th June. You were on the deck. banging your head off walls again. How’s about letting me feel your bumps. Box No U/282/22.

9 I saw you First night of ‘Sharp Shorts’. first time in yonks. Festival Theatre to Leith. you sure do get about. But what‘s that on your head? A wig? Box No U/282/23.

v I saw you EH1 on Wed. |9th June. You. afternoon Stella fan. me. to shy too say hello. but I’d love to study your maps with you some time. Box No U/282/24.

. I saw you The hot dog of my dreams. You looked good enough to eat May 1?. Box No U/282/25.

O I saw you Tall. dark. handsome and looking somewhat wet behind the bar at the Arches. Let’s get together and I’ll introduce you to my hairdryer. Box No U/282/26.

O I saw you in Nicolson’s last Saturday night at 9.30pm. You were with a drop dead gorgeous blonde girl in a blue dress. but you are pretty cute yourself (long hair. beard. yellow linen jacket). Will I see you there again soon? Box No U/282/27.

0 I saw you on the Meadows last Sunday. You were on the swing. You seemed to be having a good time. Can I join you next time? Box No U/282/28.

U I saw you in the Caribbean across the landing! What were you wearing on your bottom half? Box No U/282/29.

. I saw you Hyde Park Sunday 16th June. You were lost Scottish football fan —1’ll show you the way home. Box No U/282/30.

9 I saw you but I didn’t see your navel. You’ll never get a tanned tummy like that. And I won’t be flattering you so much. Box No U/282/3 I.

O I saw you at the car boot sale. Greenside Place. 23rd June. You weren’t going cheap. but I wanted to snap you up. Are you a collectable item? Box No U/282/32.

9 I saw you gold Ka‘fer mit Lo nummerschild. lch habe ftir ein und halb jahre in deine gegend gewohnt. Lust auf kaffee? Box No U/28 1/1.

9 I saw you party at Essex Drive. Jordanhill on Saturday 18th May. You: Atillio Lombardo lookalike. I danced to Gypsy Kings. but saw only you. Could we play ball? Box No U/281/2.

. I saw you at a Brian Kennedy concert. Maltnaison and at the Clydebank Go-karts. Fancy another spin? Box No U/281/3.

9 I saw you Laura. playing cards in the Living Room. 1/6/96. I'd love to see you again. maybe talk about India? David. Box No U/281/4.

U I saw you Mark. chemical engineering student in Berties.

1 1/5/96. We gave you and Colin a lift to Clerk Street. I don’t have a boyfriend. I saw you again. 25/5/96. And again? Fiona. Box No U/281/5.

0 I saw you Change At Jamaicas. 4am. 2/6/96. Me. male. red top. tartan trousers. eating bangers and mash. You. male. grey knitted jumper. blue jeans with friends: winking? Or was it a twitch? Box No

U/28 l/6.

0 I saw you in the Horse Shoe Lounge. upstairs. Monday 27th May. I spoke to you at the bar. You were in corner with a friend. I know your face. Please write. Box No U/28 1/7.

V I saw you in Glasgow Street in a great suit. You have red hair and an eye for design. You look like you could really dance Ceroc. From down south. Box No U/281/8.

. I saw you sad. short blonde in green goddess jogging suit. rollerblading down Sauchiehall Street. What's wrong. nothing going on in your life? Fancy some coffee and cake? Box No U/281/9.

0 I saw you 1 see you quite often. dark haired woman. always in red. I’m intrigued! Copperhead man in black are you? Coffee across in the Filmhouse? Not far to walk? Box No U/28l/10.

V I saw you outside St James Centre. sunny Wednesday. You tall. dark. Keanu lookalike. wearing football shorts. Had to check my dribbling. Wanna score or just foul in my box. Me saucy female predator. Box No U/28l/1 l.

U I saw you Dundee Station. 1/6/96. Me: blonde. tartan skirt. You wanted my number although 1 live(d) in Yorkshire. I'm coming to Glasgow soon. Meet up in Queen Street Station? Box No U/28l/l2.

9 I saw you Club Mercado. 19/4/96. You: Arlene interior designer. Me: Friar Tuck lookalike?? With crappy jokes. We showed each other our tongues and feet. Let's reveal some other body parts! Box No U/28 1/13.

9 I saw you orange in a sea of grey. Orange sweater. orange bag. sexy neck. 3/6/96. 9am. Queen Street Station. You missed your train. I missed an opportunity? Box No U/28 1/14.

U I saw you and said so last month. I've found out since that I shouldn’t have looked at you like that. Sorry for the discomfort. Still. flattery‘s flattery. whether from man or beast. Box No U/281/15.

. I saw you David. 1 got the wrong number! lfyou know him. I still remember his Highlandjumper! Contact me? Box No U/281/16.

V I saw you Penny in Chez Jules. 1/6/96. You: curvaceous. ‘commonwealth treasure’. Me: fun fart-alot dyke. You do funny things to my insides. Is this love or indigestion? Box No

U/28 1/17.

0 I saw you Wed 29th May in gym at Bellahouston: 6pm-ish. Me: slim. green T-shirt. blue trackie bottoms. You: slim. dark shorts and T-shirt. Let’s work out together next time! Box No U/28 1/18.

U I saw you barmaid. Brewery Tap. June 2nd. Sunday. You tall. slim. short hair. absolutely gorgeous. Me white shirt. short blonde hair. small specs. bottles Czech Bud too shy to catch your eye . . . ? Box No

U/28 1/19.

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Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.

“The List 28 Jun-ll Jul 1996