Cook-a- noodle-do!

There is a noodle bar in Glasgow. Rory Weller slurps his way to the bottom of the bowl.

Gerry Wan has been a restaurateur for 26 years. responsible for many of the Far Eastern restaurants in Glasgow. From the Peking Inn to the Canton Express. he has consistently been involved with new moves in exotic cuisine.

He has now got a new project underway: Glasgow‘s first noodle bar. He had seen places like it in Japan many times before but wasn't convinced that there was a place in the market for them here. It was only when he saw the success of the wildly popular Wagamama noodle bar in London that he realised the concept would work at home. ‘Glaswegians are a little more adventurous in their tastes and have always been very responsive to new ideas,‘ reckons Wan.


Situated at the far end of Sauchiehall Street. the Glasgow Noodle Bar sits opposite the Canton Express. one of Wan‘s former enterprises. A pair of IOft chopsticks rapped in neon noodles boldly announce its presence. while inside the decor is simple and subdued. The kitchens and self service counter are at the far end of the restaurant and just to make things simple everything is a set price of £4.50.

Although noodle bars like this are usually associated with Japan. Wan has included spicier Chinese dishes as well. with half the menu being dedicated to each of the disciplines. Four types of noodle are on offer: two rice noodles; the fat wormy m/on and the flat broad Ito/on. the egg Ilour chow main and the green bean rcrmiwlli all served with different types of meat or vegetables. For the more adventurous they also have two specials hoards. one in English and the other in Chinese. but they aren‘t the same. 0n the English board you’ll find meals like Shanghai noodles with shredded pork or Beijing noodles in chilli black bean sauce. The really special specials are kept to the Chinese menu as Wan thinks they may be a little too alien for the untrained European palate. Dishes here include pickled chicken feet. marinated pig belly. pickled pork shank and pigs trotters.

Traditionally. noodle bars are social

centres as well as places to get something to eat and Wan is hoping that his establishment will achieve the same kind of atmosphere. He‘s applied for a 24 hour license and has visions of insomniac students and tired taxi drivers settling down over a coffee 'till the wee small hours. Wan is confident about the future and hopes his next move will be to open another noodle bar in Glasgow. possibly. in the West End. maybe one in Edinburgh and

Glasgow Noodle Bar: lldon wan one

ultimately to work towards a UK-wide chain of noodle bars.

Even with his ambitious plans Wan doesn’t see himself as a businessman, just someone who is happy in his work. ‘l'm lucky because I still see it as a hobby. running a restaurant, entertaining customers. serving dishes that taste wonderful.‘ he explains modestly.

The Glasgow Noodle Bar is (11482 Sauchiehall Street. 333 I883.


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