The Clothes Show

By popular demand. Clothes Show Scotland returns to Glasgow's SECC this summer from Thurs

. , i 3.; 't‘" " a) .h‘. V... ll—Sun l4July. Followrng last yearsdebut event. g mu. . the winning combination of top designers. live - ' r , if). . II"‘+I~\.~”¢> . .

catwalk shows. popular high street names and massive shopping bargains will ensure that there's only one place to be over the four days.

Major attractions this year include a brand new London Designers Club, the Designers I Pavilion and the Hair and Beauty Theatre. We have ten pairs of tickets to give away for .

: Thursday I l July to the lucky clothes cognoscenti who can answer the question below. If you don't win tickets then you'll have to stick your hands in your pockets and buy it . - ;'.' . some. in which case phone the Ticket Hotline on 0141 248 9999. ' 7 ' .r. ‘3'

Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

Who wrote the theme tune to The Clothes Show?


Answers on a postcard by Fri 5 July. Include a daytime contact number and mark them: n CLOTH COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


The first six people to hook tor/arrive at ' (whichever comes ilrst) any Basement Jazz u w e I s e r u V a r events at the Bamshorn Theatre during the Jazz Festival will get their ticket tree. See listings for

Did you know that the original Budweiser Budvar is in fact a deans, Book In advance by u” mom Czech beer which has been around for over 700 years? Over meat“ on 0141 552 3439. Bung this “mo” 0' 700 years old and it is still winning every major taste test the 11;; us: may on u” “lam. world over! Often quoted as being one of the best lager-beers ever produced. even the Czechs. who are allegedly the hardest drinkers in the world. voted Budweiser Budvar ‘Beer Of The Year’ for I995.

Brewed to an ABV of 5 per cent. it’s an all quenching malt beer using carefully selected Moravnian Pilsner malt. the finest Saaz hops. yeast and soft water drawn from wells over 300 metres deep. It‘s available in 500ml bottles (around ii I .25) and 330ml bottles (around 99p). from supermarkets and off-licences as well as on draught in all good bars. clubs and restaurants.

For a chance to win one of five cases of 500ml bottles of the world classic Budweiser Budvar. simply answer the following question:

Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

Where does the original Budweiser Budvar come from? A) England B) The Czech Republic C) USA

Answers on a postcard by Thurs I 1 July. Mark them: BUOVAH COMP, The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, Elli 11E.

5;” ism.


"\ “.40.: *7

“‘ _ ;,' .I d .1 Wing", I, h . .v‘ r’liv r, V.“ n“ . IIIO WIIO' ‘L' t ' “m"‘°mm‘m°'“ ' . I, it". “I Mitzi-.1 , "ruy‘ . IS enm O OH .

‘0 E a *3 At 2.15am on the night of August 30. 1970 at the third and final "I 33 .5: isle of Wight Festival, The Who came on stage and proceeded to a ‘3 E raise hell as only they knew how. Aficionados reckon that it was the 3 '3 best performance of their career. Warner Music Vision have just > > E 1:: " released The Who ‘Listening To You Live At The Isle Of Wight o 5 § § Festival 1970 (£l2.99). The video contains a lot of footage which = g g was previously unavailable on video and includes the longest and a g- ? m\(£lst tcomptlete live performance of the. rock opera Tommy. g g r I caneanzstyvirtxfiscopies of the vrdeo to give away to the readers who "'0 mm mm Company In mum” with

In a $36 ' the Tron are offering two to" price tickets lor the = 3 Name The Who line-up at the concert. price of one to see Sean O’Gesey’s Cock-knead“ '" E z 1‘ Answers on a ostcard W l . k : W P, Dandy“ "I. "m’ 63 mnnu’ may" on

y me SW, a" fray ed 0 Ju'y Mar them m0 2 and Still 7 Jill”. This Odnlon 0' n”

along on the night.

e orseman n e 00

Notebook (in Cities V And Clothes

I Yowsa! Have we got a bulging bag of Artificial Eye goodies

i for the square-eyed among you. Five copies of both Jean-Paul I Rappeneau's The Horseman On The Roof and Wim Wenders’

: Notebook 0:: Cities And Clothes are up for grabs. Rappeneau’s : movie is a romantic swashbuckler starring Olivier Martinez as I a smouldering hunk and Juliette Binoche as an aloof but

I warm-hearted noble woman. Wenders’ film is a fascinating I exploration of authorship in the post-industrial age set in the fashion world of Japan. : To get the goodies answer this:

Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

E Name any other film Binoche has been in. i .. t .. : Answers on a postcard by Fri 12 July. Mark them: EYE COMP, The list, 14 High Street, r " .. r.- I

xfidlnhurgh, EH1 11E. ~ ~ ' will


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