in the Park

The line ups

T in the Park, Scotland’s biggest music festival, will bring 60,000 flocking to Strathclyde Park. These are the running orders for the event’s various stages. The timings are still subject to alteration and probably won’t be announced until the day. All stages start at noon on both days,

except the NME Tent which starts at

Stage at 11.45am on Sunday.

Saturday 13

Main Stage

I nadiohead Intelligent indie-rock that can fill stadiums. a rare beast indeed.

I Alanis Morissette Teen bubblegum popstar turned multi-million selling mirror for the concerns of a generation of twenty-somethings.

I The Prodigy Former Essex rave boys fuse technoid beats with punk attitude and dodgy haircuts.

I Foo Fighters Dave ‘Nirvana‘ Grohl fronts his own post-grunge mosh monsters.

I Space Currently riding high on the success of their latest single. ‘The Female ()f The Species ls Deadlier Than The Malc.‘

I Jesus lizard Thrash core chaos merchants fronted by the increasingly barking David Yow.

I Honeycrack Wildhean's splinter offshoot CJ. proves that he can rock along with his own pals quite nicely. thank you.

I The Supernaturals Sunny popsters from Glasgow made good and signed to Food. home to the mighty Blur. Their new single ‘Smile‘ is out now.

I Cecil Liverpudlian guitar merchants with riffs that can kill at fifty yards.

NME Stage

I The eluetones Big in Japan and not exactly unheard of here either. the boys from Hounslow ll y the Britpop standard.

I Bock Nutball American folkster whose lyrical leaps sometimes make you wonder just how his synapses are connected.

I Frank Black Former Pixies man continues to go his own way and muse about aliens while playing a guitar loud and fast.

Foo Fighters

‘14 The List 12-25 Jul I996

l2.15pm both days and the Main

Beck I Mazzy Star Downbeat vehicle for the gorgeous voice of husky chanteuse. Hope Sandoval. I The Gyres Blantyre's bad boys of rock 'n' roll shake their fringes and join in the Oasis adulation. I llorthern Uproar Much like the above but younger and from down south. I Stilt Dolls Welsh power pop pups. with a predeliction for frightening quantities of booze. air their new single ‘Happy Shopper.‘ I oorky’s Zygotic Mynci Mushroom addled mayhem and some songs in Welsh from a band whose state of mental health causes much chin stroking. I Geneva While the band would hate the comparison. Geneva really do sound like ‘Suede in a cathedral.‘ It‘s that bloody good.

Dance Tent

I letttield Strong contenders for the best live dance band in Britain title.

I Chemical Brothers Dark. hard beats from the duo from Planet Dust.

I Dave Clarke Tough. fierce techno from the maker of Red.

I The Aloot Dean Thatcher’s boys have a reputation for partying hard that will go down beautifully and come up even better.

I Rob A Dub DJs Underground house and techno from under the curry house in Paisley.

I Definition Di Sound Soul influenced dance duo. I Bub A Dub [Us See above.

I lamb Up and coming junglists.

I D] llarri Sub Club regular.

I Audioweb Dubby/dance rhythms with soulful vocals that demonstrate the occasional ragga influence. strangely.

I DJ Billy Kiltie Limbo man.

I 4th Dimension House.

King Tut’s Stage

I The Divine Comedy The world‘s smoothest romantic gives a demonstration to the effect that you don‘t have to have long hair and strangle a guitar to be cool.

I The Cardigans Bubblegum pop.

I lush The one time also-ran shy boys and girls of

Alanis Morissette

Crazy Gods or Endless Noise indie have got nasty and consequently sold a bucket more albums.

I lleavy Stereo Glammed tip guitars that whiff slightly of the 70s.

I Drugstore Shimmering songs of bittersweet life will brighten up your late afternoon.

I Rare John O'Neill. ex-Undenones and That Petrol Emotion man. has put together this new band to blend dreamy vocals with beats and bursts of guitar.

I Compulsion Mosh-U-Like punkathon from the lrishmen.

I Crazy Gods Di Endless Noise Recent winners of the madder than most competition which we‘ve just invented.

I Mundy Young sitiger/songwriter from Dublin who has recently been signed to Columbia.

I The Daisies ()xfordshire four-piece picked up a reasonable amount of airplay with their melodic first UK single. ‘If I was Barry White'.

A separate Talent Stage will highlight the cream or the Scottish music scene.