T in the Park


Main Stage

I Pulp A band that needs no introduction. save to say that they are in a different class.

I Black Grape Ryder and his goons rap and roll around the stage. Some new material would be nice. although it‘s doubtful how well ‘England‘s lrie‘ will go down in Strathclyde Park.

I Cast Former La‘s man John Powers fronts up a tune-based combo that fits in smoothly with the prevailing ethos for chart-hound bands.

Kula Shatter

I Slam [Us Local boys turned superstars. 0rd and Manic 3mm pleachers Stuart. lay down the hard house.

I Manic Street Preachers Back as a threesome . I Eadhlin Tri h) 1”, t. H. g , g , after Richie‘s unsolved disappearance. the boys have I 3'5 TCC'l'C *C'lhillitll“ Wh" 1W “ulsmg WW“ I N mango .p,f virgin-n U IL.0[|;T.IOUBN,S; Ccnw' proved with their last album and tour that they can Will] thi" Pllllk/DOP/dm‘“ it'llill‘c‘ilnlmmli g u, d (. ' ttdfritfuiifif {-3 ml ,rwh In still hack it in the passionate grandeur stakes. - I "'9 waflfladies Quirky SWCdiSh guitar hCI'OCS 11110 "$0 iin‘ 3, . it :1” t K. tuber?“ L‘O Jung L m er I Ricky Ross The former Deacon Blue frontman Pitt'l-lilttc 111‘:th diggers. 2‘18""! Saul" l." k ‘tmdlypt . y b f h goes his own way. His new single. ‘Good evening I Mansun Scowling lads with guitars who are Ed": .,h u, {fwd bu" _‘"‘ Junk L Him 0 Tom! 6 Philadelphia'. is out now by the way. struggling to break through to the indie B-list. I Rug: fgfégdc'ogi" _ I The Saw Doctors Mainstream folk-inspired I Super Furry Animals Yet more Welsh nutters. This - U” ‘1 m” invitation to shuggle from the sawbones. lot manage to cram more ideas into one song than I Bare Naked ladies Good time Canadians keen on many "limilgt‘ i" 11" album . a spot of ‘acoustic hip hop' and ‘speed wood‘ (Their I Filmy A” girl blind Wh" P'il)’ 0" the “Wk ChiCk ..Aighan.wmgs Magicrm' ka comes), Of Mr descriptions). image. Or should that be reclaim it'.’ G'cg Dun" . , . , , _ I Shakespear’s Sister Siobhan Faltey gears up for I Urusei Yatstlta Stalwarts of the Glasgow sccnc . Puybsta' memo“ W" "m" W" d's‘urb'"g some more hormone-drcnched pop. demonstrate the versatility of feedback and high 'y'lc" . . . . I Whipping Boy Dublin-based four-piece who are volume drones. I “Wm” Long “'"c ‘T‘d'c me" Who 566'" ‘0 be carving a deserved niche for themselves with their gmung somcmww m kN' . on-stage intensity and brutal yet heartfelt lyrics. D T t . Ian Mime.“ and the Anemia The IC'Clc works I Placebo ()ddball up and coming trio who blend ance en "m" "0“ '."“' "w" """3' . . . indie guitars with a deliberately androgynous lead I lTJ Bukem Progressive drtttn 'n' bass frorn the I “walls” Excellent “mtamrs 0' a “me known Singer. brcakhcm hon-m. Mancunlan combo called ()asts or something.

I No Doubt American ska/pop blenders.

I Goldie Presents Metalheadz For the first time Scotland gets the chance to sample the original king of the jungles futuristic material.

I Lionrock Justin Robertson straddles the dub/techno crossover.

I BT ()ne of the few dance innovators who can actually play a real instrument in a live set and kick


I Kula Shaker Currently riding high in the charts with ‘Tattva'. this cheekboned quartet mix psychedelia with retro glam. I Octopus Euphoric pop. I llut Bizarre female singer/songwriter from down south. I lilon Bombers Cheltenham four-piece inspired by I Paul Oakentold See above. VIEW“ T": B93123"; T“; Dal'j‘mg: 3“?" “cm” I Nicolette Former Massive Attack singer cuts her " um‘ pro u“ y "n 0w Ly' Ir is om now' , ,, , . , , . . H A separate Talent Stage will highlight the cream or own was. One to watch. one suspects. . the Scottish mus c scene. . r l, 2.".- J x


NME Stage

I Cocteau Twins Journalists struggle to find enough synonyms for the word ‘ethereal‘ and the band effortlessly produce a myriad musical versions of the word.

I Teenage Fanclub The Bellshill boys have been

holed up recording a new album which will . doubtless be getting an airing tonight. t t l n g t e r e I oogstar Keanu Reeves and band will be assuming

. . . .. -. - , . , . ,, .. ., Hamilton is closer at around ten to fifteen minutes tam???“ lr-‘i YW'I- Jig-“hf? GLAt W UTTLE g walk. There is one train about every 30 minutes . .. . . p dy 0t (00 0113,. U A fleet of buses thl run from Buchanan Street Bus between Hampton and Glasgow Queen street, guys? Station to the T in the Park site all weekend. R

“may ‘2 July (scmcc m the camps“ Only) Access to the festival and campsite is offJunction 6 of Buses leave at noon unttl ltlpm. every hour on the the M74_ From Norm and Central Gringo“, lake the M8 hm" west to Junction 8 then on to the M73 which joins the

Saturday til/Sunday 14 Jul! M74. From South Glasgow. take the M74 South. From ° Glasgow Buchanan Bus Station to Festival Site Edinburgh, take the M8 west to junction 8, (hen pn to “99' Rink C1" Park)? 91"""3Pm dCPfl” “WW W“ the M73. signposted Carlisle. which joins the M74. The """Ulcsi 3-6P'" depa" every 30 "‘l'WlCS- festival will be signposted on the motorway from 0 Festival Site (bus stance iri main car park) to around two miles away_ Look out for signs as you 91:18ng (George squareli 9P'll—midnighl 9Vny approach Junction 6. and take the Hamilton direction ttve minutes. for parking at the festival site. and the Motherwell

Monday 15 July direction for parking at the campsite. From Campsite (north end of Strathclyde Park) to Glasgow (Buchanan Street): 6am—l0pm every hour. Festival Ill/irrnmrl'mr Hut/inc: 07000 I [3/14. Tin the

floats; £2.50 fur a day Mum to the festival Sim; Par/t- Radio will he Intuit/casting until Wednesday 24 for a rcujrn [0 [he Cmnpgitg [iron] GlangW. Jilly rm A.\' well UK music (llidoltetvs (’f’he

slurs. the station will also he Imuulcuxrmg regular

—5 traffic it nlulet'

Strathclyde Country Park is within walking distance of " I "

two railway stations - Hamilton and Motherwell.

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