Wheels of fortune

The Obree Triangle tnay sound like a

particularly spooky episode of the X-Files.

bttt in fact it‘s the secret formula behind one of Scotland‘s greatest hopes of earning gold for the UK in Atlanta. Ayrshire cyclist Graeme Obree has his bikes custom-built to shape his own frame and give him the freedom to mimic a sprinter‘s knee movements. resulting in extra power.

His new cycle designed by Hotta to the tune of t.‘ I 25000 is his key to success in the pursuit and the road time-trial events. where he will be up against Miguel lndurain and fellow Brit Chris Boardman. Not that you should expect any Coe/Ovett-type public brawling which. to some. soured the I980 Moscow Games and. to others. heightened the drama. When Boardman took the pursuit gold in I992. Obree was back home raising his glass to the victor. ‘I think and sincerely hope that Chris has a good Olympics.‘ offers Obree. ‘For myself. with Chris not defending his pursuit title. I think that’s my best chance of a gold medal.’

Having had more than his fair share of run-ins with the cycling authorities and being a critic of the media for their lack of coverage of his sport. Obree has often come across as an outsider with the world on his case. He still regards the governing body with a touch ol'disdain ‘They send me messages through their plebs from their ivory towers‘ but is relieved to be working with sponsors Scotoil. who have given him the freedom to concentrate on his riding. ‘I tend to have this image of being my own man.’ he admits. ‘l wouldn’t fit in the army. I don‘t think. but I‘m happy to be working within this team.‘

Obree may be the current UK and World pursuit champion. bttt in Atlanta. the ultimate prize will be within his grasp. (Brian Donaldson)

Graeme ()bree begins his bitlfor Olympic glory in the 4000/" individual pursuit on Wednesday 24 July.

Graeme Ohree hopes that Olympic success comes in cycles

The main events

Avoid getting left behind as television begins its marathon coverage of the 271 events making up the Atlanta Olympic Games.

The List offers a selection of highlights so you can tune in and catch the best of the action.

Because Atlanta is five hours behind GMT, certain event the place in the early hours lift time, but are listed on the ‘Arnerlcan’ day and date. Men's event are signalled (m), women’s (w). All listings and times are for float unless otherwise stated. Times and event may alter due to unforeseen circumstances. There’s also no guarantee that the Brit will he in the finals.

Fri 19 I Opening Ceremony Olympic Stadium. Atlanta. l.30am.


I Swimming I00m freestyle (w. with Commonwealth champion Karen Pickering). 400m individual medley (w. with l984 Olympic medallist Sarah Hardcastle). 200m freestyle (tn). From l2.30am.

I Hockey Britain v South Korea (w. British women's team's opening game). lam.

Sun 21

I Judo Half-heavyweight (m/w. with Barcelona medallists Ray Stevens and Kate Howey). From 2.30pm.

I Cycling Road racing (w). 4pm. I Swimming 200m freestyle (w. with Karen Pickering). 100m breaststroke (w). From l2.30am.

Mon 22

I Swimming 400m freestyle (w. with Los Angeles silver medallist Sarah Hardcastle). l00m freestyle (m). From 12.30am.

Tue 23

I Hockey Britain v Holland (m). 2pm.

I Swimming 400m freestyle (tn. with European silver medallist Paul Palmer). 4x 100m freestyle relay (tn). From 12.30am.

Wed 24

I Gymnastics Individual artistic (tn).

I Judo Lightweight (m/w. with Danny Kingston and Barcelona silver medallist Nicola Fairbrother). From 2.30pm.

I Cycling lkm time trial (m. with Shaun Wallace). 4.20pm.

I Swimming 200m breaststroke (m. with Barcelona bronze medallist Nick Gillingham), 200m individual medley (w). From 12.30am.

Thurs 25 I Gymnastics Individual artistic


I Judo Half-lightweight (m/w. with double world champion Sharon Rendle). From 2.30pm.

I Cycling individual 4000m track pursuit (m, with Graeme Obree). From 5.40pm.

I Swimming 50m freestyle (m. with Commonwealth champion Mark Foster). 800m freestyle (w. with Sarah Hardcastle). From l2.30am.

Fri 26 I Athletics i00m - first round (m. with Linford Christie and Ian

Mackie). 4pm.

I Athletics Javelin first round (w, with Tessa Sanderson). 9.30pm. I Athletics Triple jump first round (m. with world record holder Jonathan Edwards). 1 1.10pm.

I Athletics 400m first round (m. with Roger Black and Du'aine Ladejo). Midnight.

I Swimming l500m freestyle (m. with Paul Palmer and Graeme Smith). From I2.30am.

Sat 27

I Rowing Coxless pairs (m/w. with Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinset). 3pm.

I flowing Coxless fours (m. with Jonny and Greg Searle). 4.20pm.

I flowing Single sculls (m/w. with Peter Haining). 5pm.

I Athletics Triple jump (in. with Jonathan Edwards). llpm.

I Athletics Javelin (w. with Tessa Sanderson). 12.20am.

I Athletics 100m (w). 12.45am. I Athletics 100m (m. with Linford Christie and lan Mackie). lam.

Sun 28

I Gymnastics Floor exercise. pommel horse. rings. vault. parallel bars, high bars (tn/w).

I Athletics Marathon (w. with Liz McColgan). Noon.

I Athletics l00m hurdles - first round (m. with world record holder Colin Jackson). 3.45pm.

I Athletics 400m hurdles - first round (w. with Olympic champion Sally Gunnell). 4.30pm.

I Athletics Highjump (m. with Steve Smith and Dalton Grant). llpm.

Mon 29

I Gymnastics Floor exercise. ponunel horse. rings. vault. parallel bars. high bars (tn/w).

I Athletics Long jump (m).

12. l0am.

I Athletics 400m (w). 12. l5am. I Gymnastics Floor exercise (w). l2.30am.

I Athletics 400m (m. with Roger Black and Du‘aine Ladejo). 12.35am.

I Athletics 1 10m hurdles (m, with Colin Jackson and Tony Jarrett). l.lSam.

I Athletics l0.000m (m). 2.55am.

Tue 30

I Pentathlon Final event (m. with Richard Phelps). Midnight.

I Softball Final (w). Midnight.

Wed 31

I Cycling Road racing (m. with Chris Boardman). l.30pm.

I Table Tennis Singles (w). 9.30pm.

I Athletics 400m hurdles (w. with Sally Gunnell). l2.40am.

I Athletics 800m (w). 1.35am. I Athletics 800m (tn). 1.50am. I Athletics 100m hurdles (w). 2. l0am.

Thurs 1

I Badminton Singles (trtlw) and mixed doubles. 2pm.

I Table Tennis Singles (m). 9.30pm.

I Soccer Finals (w). llpm.

I Hockey Finals (w) l2.30am. I Athletics 200m (tn. with John Regis). lam.

Fri 2

I Tennis Singles (w). doubles (m). 3pm.

I Athletics Shot putt (w. with Judy Oakes). ll.55pm.

I Baseball Final. Midnight.

I Athletics Long jump (w). 12.15am.

I Hockey Finals (m) 12.30am.

I Athletics l0.000m (w). 2.30am. I Diving Platform (m). From 3am.


I Cycling Time trials (with Chris Boardman. Graeme Obree and Yvonne McGregor). From 1.30pm. I Tennis Singles (m). doubles (w). 3 m.

I Volleyball Final (w). 6pm.

I Boxing Light. light-fly, bantatn. welter, middle. heavy. From 6.30pm.

I Soccer Final (m). 8.30pm.

I Athletics 4x100m relay (w). Midnight.

I Athletics 4x 100m relay (m) l2.20am.

I Athletics SOOOm (m. with Rob Denmark). l.40am.

I Athletics 4x400m relay (w. with Sally Gunnell). 2. l5am.

I Athletics 4x400m relay (m. with Roger Black). 2.40am.

Sun 4

I Athletics Marathon (m. with Paul Evans and Richard Nerurkar). Noon.

I Equestrian Individual jumping (with Michael Whitaker). From 3pm.

I Gymnastics individual rhythmic (w). 6pm.

I Volleyball Final (m). 6pm.

I Boxing Fly. feather, light-welter. light-middle. light-heavy. super- heavy. From 6.30pm.

I closing Ceremony Olympic Stadium. Atlanta. 2am.

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