LISA l’AllSlill is perhaps the only grown woman in Britain who can use the phrase ‘well wicked’ without embarrassment. Perhaps that’s why she’s a top Radio 1 M. It you like her on the airwaves, you’ll love her live appearance with the Radio 1 Roadshow, which stops oil in Edinburgh this fortnight. Headline acts already continued include west coast dancetloor diva Mary ltiani and tartan techno outtlt 05X, with wann-up trom teen tearaways 911, plus Gemini, TSII and liew City State. llot wicked, perhaps, but certainly bordering on naughty. The Radio 1 Roadshow is at The Meadows, Edinburgh on Fri 19 Jul, 10.30am—12.30pnr.

HAIRY MARY is a character whose tresses say it all. Fighting her way through more perils than Penelope Pitstop ever encountered, she always arrives without a hair out at place. Mary is one oi the characters in Parade, a new till-page magazine containing work by Mary‘s creator Craig Conlan and tour other comic artists. ‘At the moment people don’t buy this stutt because they don’t know it exists,’ says Bettie Flynn, organiser ot an exhibition oi work by the live artists, who hopes the magazine will capture the public’s imagination. Whatever happens, Parade delinitely won’t be a one-oil. ‘They’ll delinitely do one next summer,’ says Flynn. ‘0r sooner it they can get together.’ See also Art preview, page 59. Parade is available now at £2. 50. The Parade exhibition is at Java Internet Cafe, Glasgow, until Sun 4 Aug.


BRYAN ADAMS is back on tour. with a new album. [8 77/ I Die. The Who may have hoped to die before they got old but Mr Adams seems determined to chase his adolescent years

into the grave. His latest lyrics centre on the over-riding concern of poor unfortunates at that difficult age namely sex. This penchant is best illustrated with a handful of song titles: ‘The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You'. ‘Let s Make A Night To Remember‘ and. saving the best for last. ‘(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear.‘ A sobering thought in the cold light ot‘day and a terrifying one for the dead of night.

That said. Adams‘s album sales number more than the population of Scotland. so he can't be all bad.

Bryan Adams" planned Cluxgrm' gig at [brat has been changed In two nights al the SEC C all Sun 2/ and Man 22 July.

See advert an page 491mm” detail.

2 The List 12-25 Jul 1996